Contributions from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Water Energy Nexus: Coal-Based Power Generation and Conversion - Saving Water, December 2016
Water Quality Criteria / Standards Adopted in the Asia Pacific Region, Phase 1 Report, August 2003 (Reproduced Electronically in August 2007)
Water Quality Criteria / Standards Adopted in the Asia Pacific Region, Phase 2, May 2005 (Reproduced Electronically in April 2007)
Water Quality Criteria / Standards Adopted in the Asia Pacific Region, Phase 3 Report, April 2006 (Reproduced Electronically in September 2007)
'Where It Stands' Defining the APEC Infrasturcture Agenda - Infrastructure Proceedings, 2000
White Paper: Development of an APEC Strategy on Sustainable Aquaculture, March 2009
Wide-Spread Implementation of Renewable Energy Projects in APEC Member Economies, 2000
Women, COVID-19 and the Future of Work in APEC, December 2020
Women Entrepreneurs in SMEs in the APEC Region, 1999

Set of Publications under "Women in Times of Disaster" Study:

Women-Owned Business in Cross-Border E-Commerce: A Diagnostic Toolkit, October 2020
Women’s Economic Empowerment and ICT: Capacity Building for APEC Women’s Entrepreneurs in the Age of the 4th Industrial Revolution – Seminar Highlights and Policy Recommendations, November 2018
Women's Micro-enterprise Trade Network Pilot, November 2012
Women’s SMEs: Conquering International Markets, March 2017
Working Towards the Implementation of Single Window within APEC Economies: Single Window Development Report, June 2007
Working Towards the Implementation of Single Window within APEC Economies: Single Window Strategic Plan, June 2007
Working Towards Sustainable Growth For All, 2010 Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Report to APEC Economic Leaders, Japan, Published 2010
Workshop "Best Practices on Educating Food Safety Standards to SMEs", May 2013
Workshop IV Report on Large Marine Ecosystems, November 2013
Workshop and Report on Implications of Bio-refineries for Energy and Trade in the APEC Region, November 2009
9th Workshop of OMISAR (WOM-9) on the Application and Networking of Satellite Data, Proceedings, November 2002 (Reproduced Electronically in August 2008)
Workshop on Application of Valuation Criteria in Advance Rulings in APEC Member Economies, September 2008
Workshop on Best Practices Sharing to Improve Application of the APEC Non-Binding Principles for Domestic Regulation of the Services Sector, May 2020
Workshop on Developing Government Bond as Monetary Policy Instruments in APEC Economies, December 2003
Workshop on Distributed Energy Resources Regulation and Rate Design, April 2020
Workshop on Electromobility: Infrastructure and Workforce Development, May 2018
Workshop on Experiences and Plans to Double Renewable Energy Utilization by 2030 in the APEC Region, August 2016
Workshop on Implementation of Valuation Advance Rulings in APEC Member Economies, December 2009
Workshop on Innovative Regulatory Policy Development: APEC Economies’ Approaches on Sharing Economy, July 2020
Workshop on Manufacturing-Related Services and Environmental Services: Contribution to the Final Review of Manufacturing-Related Services Action Plan (MSAP) and Environmental Services Action Plan (ESAP), November 2020
Workshop on Private Sector Emergency Preparedness, October 2011
Workshop on Strengthening Corporate Governance within Financial Institutions, May 2004
Workshop on Sustainable Fisheries Development in the Region, February 2006, Reproduced electronically in June 2006
Part 1, 83 Pages, 38 MB
Part 2, 127 Pages, 60 MB
Workshop on Sustainable and Inclusive Investment Policies within the APEC Region, October 2018
Workshop on the Relationship between Investment and Trade in Services in RTAs and Other International Investment Agreements, April 2007 (Reproduced Electronically in July 2007)
Workshop on Technological Challenges and Opportunities to Supply Flexibility to Electric Systems, April 2020
Workshop on Trade and Investment Inter-dependencies in Global Value Chains (GVCs): Are Policy Frameworks for Trade and Investment, such as Trade and Investment Agreements keeping apace? November 2019
Workshop on Understanding and Developing Risk Management Options for Market Access, October 2009

Workshop on the Utilization of the Agricultural Technology Transfer and Training Networking System, September 2006 (Printed in December 2006, Full Report, 407 Pages, 16 MB) covering:

  • Topic 1 from U.S.A.:
    a. A Brief Essay of Issues Related to E-commerce, the Internet and Developing Countries (Report, Presentation)
    b. SMS Gateway for Agriculture (Presentation)

  • Topic 2 from Taipei:
    Country Report of Taiwan (Report, Presentation)

  • Topic 3 from Japan.:
    Current Situations and Future Figure of Agricultural Information Network System for Farmers' Use in Japan (Report, Presentation)

  • Topic 4 from The Philippines:
    Modernizing The Philippine Extension Services Through ICT (General Requirements for Establishing Networking Systems at National, Regional, and Global Levels - The Philippine Mode (Report, Presentation)

  • Experience 1 from Indonesian Farmers
    Development of Organic Biofertilizer Production System (Presentation)
    Role of Technology to Improve Farmer's Capacity (Presentation)

  • Experience 2 from Japanese Farmers
    Active Application of Information Networks, Present and Future Prospect (Report, Presentation)

  • Experience 3 from Malaysia
    on the Utilization of the Agricultural Technology Transfer and Training Networking Systems in Malaysia (Report, Presentation)

  • Experience 4 from Taipei
    How We, Tenha Organic Farm, Use the Internet Resource? (Presentation)

  • Experience 5 from Vietnam
    a. Vietnam Agricultural Extension System and Services to Farmers - Presentation (Presentation)
    b. Farmer Livestock School (FLS/SLC) A Good Example of Delivery Training to Farmers (Presentation)

Workshop Report - Coordinated Research Initiative for the Implementation of Antimicrobial Resistance Control Strategies, March 2016
Workshop Report: Facilitating Trade through Updates on Food Safety Regulatory Standards of APEC Economies, February 2016
Workshop Report: Long-Term Reliability Study of Photovoltaic (PV) System Installation on Islands, July 2017
Workshop Report: Strategies to Address Non-communicable Diseases through Science, Technology and Innovation - Nutrigenomics Approach, January 2017
Workshop Report on Domestic Innovation Systems and Networks, November 2019
Workshop Summary Report: Integrated Energy System Planning for Equitable Access to Sustainable Energy for Remote Communities in the APEC Region Using North Sulawesi as a Pilot Project/Test Bed, November 2018
Workshop to Support the Development of National Lighting Design Centers in APEC Region, December 2013
Workshop Supporting Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Trade Facilitation through Standardization Activities, March 2017
World Travel and Tourism Council's Submission to the APEC Tourism Forum (2000)
World report for ITS standards - A Joint APEC-ISO Study of Progress to Develop and Deploy ITS Standards (ISO TR 28682), September 2007