Contributions from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Safety Mail, 2004
Safety Net, 2002
SCCP Blueprint: A Window to the Future, August 2007
SCCP Blueprint, APEC Sub-Committee on Customs Procedures: Towards One Community - Meet the Challenge, Make the Change, November 2005
SCCP Blueprint: A World of Differences: Partnership for the Future, 2003
SCCP Blueprint: Meeting the Challenges of the Modern Business Environment, 2000
SCCP Blueprint: Promoting Trade Facilitation and Enhancing Customs-Business Partnership, 2001
SCCP Blueprint: Towards a Dynamic Community for Sustainable Development and Prosperity, September 2006
SCE Fora Assessment: Energy Working Group, 2018
SCE Fora Assessment: Group of Friends on Disability, 2018
SCE Fora Assessment: Human Resources Development Working Group, 2018
School Feeding in APEC Economies, July 2012
Scientific Workshop on Measurement and Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases in Livestock Systems for Green Production and Environment of APEC Members, December 2014
The Second APEC "One Village One Product" Seminar, October 2007
The Second APEC SAKE Workshop on Satellite Application on Fishery and Coastal Ecosystem (SAFE), Proceedings, October 2008
Second-Term Review of APEC's Progress towards the Bogor Goals: APEC Region, November 2016
Second-Term Review of APEC's Progress towards the Bogor Goals - Progress by Economy, November 2016
Sector Study on Environmental Services: Energy Efficiency Businesses, October 2017
Sector Study on Environmental Services: Environmental Damage Remediation Services, October 2017
Sector Study on Environmental Services: Renewable Energy, October 2017
Secure and Smart Container Development for Intermodal Transport, June 2011
Security Initial Equity Funding for Starup Companies - The Birth & Growth of SMEs in a Knowlege-Based Economy, May 2000
Selected APEC Documents 1999
Selected APEC Documents 1998
Selected APEC Documents 1997
Selected APEC Documents 1996
Selected APEC Documents 1995
Selected APEC Documents 1989-1994, February 1995
Seminar for Sharing Experiences in APEC Economies on Strengthening the Economic Legal Infrastructure, Publisehed Electronically in July 2007
Seminar on Implementation of Border Measures for IPR Protection, Final Report, July 2010
Seminar on Networking of the Agricultural Technology Transfer and Training December 2005 - Proceedings, Published in July 2006 (12 MB, 220 Pages)
Seminar on Sharing Experiences in Managing Fishing Capacity, September 2006 (Reproduced Electronically in December 2008, APEC)
Seminar on Supporting and Enhancing Capacity for Women Exporters, September 2006 (Printed in March 2007)
Seminar on Venture Capital and Start-up Companies 2003, Proceedings, (Published February 2004)
Seminar Outcome Report: APEC Seminar Series 2010 on Current and Emerging Trends in Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, December 2010
Seminar Proceedings - on Best Practices and Innovations in the Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics at the Primary School, August 2003 (Reproduced electronically in June 2007)
Seminar "Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities through Access to Telecommunications", June 2016
Seminar-Workshop on the Assessment of Good Animal Husbandry Practices (GAHP) in APEC Member Economies, October 2011
Seminar-Workshop on the Development and Strengthening of Food Recall System for APEC Member Economies, May 2010
2013 Senior Officials' Report on Economic and Technical Cooperation (Factsheet)
Seminar-Workshop on the Development and Strengthening of Food Recall System for APEC Member Economies, May 2010
Services and the Food System, May 2018
Services in Global Value Chains: Manufacturing-Related Services, November 2015
Services and Manufacturing: Patterns of Linkages, July 2014
Services, Manufacturing and Productivity, January 2015
Sharing best practices for seamless intermodal cargo movement. Phase 1. Physical infrastructure, November 2012
Sharing Experiences with the Management of the Avian Influenza H5N1 Threat Workshop, June 2007 (Published in November 2007)
Shaping the Future through an Asia-Pacific Partnership for Urbanization and Sustainable City Development, October 2014
Short Sea Shipping Study: A Report on Successful SSS Models that can Improve Ports' Efficiency and Security while Reducing Congestion, Fuel Costs, and Pollution, October 2007
Singapore's Report on the APEC Capacity Building Workshop on Trade Recovery Programme, November 2008
Singapore's Report on the APEC Symposium on Total Supply Chain Security, December 2006
Situational Review of the APEC SME Logistics Service Provider, November 2011
Skills for Success in Multinational Business, December 2010
Small Business and Trade in APEC - A Report Highlighting the Contribution of Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises to the Asia Pacific Region, 2002
Small-scale LNG in Asia-Pacific, September 2019
Small and Medium PV System Database in the APEC Region, November 2017
Small and Micro Enterprise Financing: A Tool for Mainstreaming the Informal Sector, June 2006
Smart Power Management for Self-Sustained Green Community in the APEC Region, December 2018
SME Guidebook (2000 Edition)
SME Internationalization and Measurement, March 2015
SME Market Access and Internationalization: Medium-term KPIs for the SMEWG Strategic Plan, June 2010
SMEs in the APEC Region, December 2013
SMEs, Competition Law and Economic Growth, September 2015
SMEsí Integration into Global Value Chains in Services Industries: Tourism Sector, August 2019
SMEs' Participation in Global Production Chains, February 2013
A Snapshot of Current Trade Trends in Potential Environmental Goods and Services, April 2012
Social Safety Net in Response to Crisis: Lessons and Guidelines from Asia and Latin America, February 2001
2006 Socio-Economic Disparity in the APEC Region: Summary
2006 Socio-Economic Disparity in the APEC Region
Socio-Economic Study of Impact of EU Nickel Compounds Classification on APEC, June 2012
Standards and Process-Based Approach to Enhancing Cybersecurity, June 2020
Start-Up Guide, Building Information Modeling, December 2013
Status Report on Consensus Frameworks in the APEC Region, December 2020
The STI Contribution to Policymaking on Natural Disaster Resilience: Better STI, Better Resilience, Better Competitiveness, April 2019
Stock Take of APEC Economiesí Existing Measures on Withdrawal of Subsidies in Cases Where There Has Been a Determination of IUU Fishing, July 2020
Stock-Take of Electric Vehicle Interface with Electricity and Smart Grids across APEC Economies and the Potential for Harmonisation, August 2012
Stocktake of Progress Toward the Key Elements of a Fully Liberalised Telecommunications Sector in the APEC Region, 2004
Strategic Approach to Sustainable Capacity Building: Meeting the Challenges of Regional Economic Integration in APEC, June 2011
Strategic Human Resource Management for Successful Foreign Direct Investment in APEC, April 2015
The Strategic Plan (Capacity Building in APEC Related to the Implementation of WTO Agreements), 2001
A Strategic Vision for International Cooperation on Energy Standards and Labeling: A Monograph with Commentary by International Experts, June 2006
Strategy for Large-Scale Implementation of Biogas Capture from Palm Oil Mill Effluent and Reuse for Renewable Electricity Generation, March 2017
Streamlining Export Certificate Requirements for Food Products in the APEC Region, May 2017
Strengthening Effective Response Capabilities among APEC Member Economies - Final Report, May 2008
Strengthening Economic Legal Infrastructure in APEC - Supporting Trade, Investment and Economic Development, 2002
Strengthening Health Security - APEC Symposium on Strategies to Control and Prevent Antimicrobial Resistance, May 2013
Strengthening Health Security in APEC, September 2012 (Published 2013)
Strengthening Human Resource Management System of SMEs for Facilitating Successful Trade and Investment in APEC, Case Book, December 2012
Strengthening Innovative Skills Training and Education for Increasing Workers' Inclusion in the Digital Age, November 2019
Strengthening Operational Aspects of APEC Energy Micro-economic Reform Phase II, 2001
Strengthening Operational Aspects of APEC Energy Micro-Economic Reform (Phase 3), 2002
Strengthening Regional Economic Integration, September 2007
Strengthening Rural Areas as a Contribution to Food Security in the Asia-Pacific Region, October 2019
Strengthening Tourism Business Resilience against the Impact of Terrorist Attack, September 2017
Strengthening Women Empowerment in Industry 4.0 through Digital Entrepreneurship Training, March 2021
Structural Reform Measures to Improve Women's Access to Labor Markets, Finance and Capital, October 2019
Structural Reform and Services, May 2017
A study commissioned by ABAC. Online Survey of Stakeholders: Views Regarding the Effectiveness of Broadband Adoption Policies in the APEC Region, November 2010
Study into the Nature and Extent of Subsidies in the Fisheries Sector of APEC Members Economies, 2000
The Study of Addressing Challenges of AMI Deployment in APEC, November 2012
Study for Final Review of Environmental Services Action Plan (ESAP), December 2020
Study for Final Review of Manufacturing Related Services (MSAP), December 2020
Study of APEC Best Practices in Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programs, May 2016
Study of APEC Economies' Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Notifications, August 2019
Study of APEC Economiesí TBT and SPS Specific Trade Concerns: An Analysis from the APEC Cross Cutting Principles on Non-Tariff Measures, November 2020
A Study of Employment Opportunities from Biofuel Production in APEC Economies, February 2010
Study of Non-Tariff Measures in the Forest Products Sector, 1999
Study on APEC's Non-binding Principles for Domestic Regulation of the Services Sector, January 2020
Study on the Application of Global Data Standards for APEC Supply Chain Connectivity (Phase 1), February 2017
Study on Competition Laws for Developing Economies, 1999
Study on Debt Collection Litigation/Arbitration in APEC Economies, 2003 (Reproduced Electronically in June 2007)
Study on Enhancement of Integration of Regional Value Chains in Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean, Published 2017
Study on Infrastructure Investment in the APEC Region, September 2016
Study on Optimal Use of Small-scale Shallow-draft LNG Carriers and FSRUs in the APEC Region, April 2020
Survey on the Readiness for Joining Cross Border Privacy Rules System - CBPRs, January 2017
Study on the Readiness of ECO Implementation in Cross-Border Trade in APEC Region, September 2012
Study on the Reduction of Energy Consumption and Prevention of Harmful Exhaust Emissions from International Shipping in the APEC Region, August 2014
Study on Single Window Systems' International Interoperability: Key Issues for Its Implementation, August 2018
Study on Systematic Solution for Promoting Capacity Building of Low-Carbon Town in APEC Economies, November 2016
Study Report of APEC Low Carbon Model Town Development Index System, February 2015
Study Report on APEC Environmental Services-Related Technology Market, August 2013
Study Report on Environmental Provisions in APEC Member Economies' FTAs/RTAs, November 2017
Study to Identify Best Practices in Processes From Transportation Arrival To the Presentation of Goods Declaration, October 2008
Sub-national Doing Business: Driving reform of local and regional business environments in APEC, May 2009
Submarine Cable Information Sharing Project: Legislative Practices and Points of Contact, March 2012
Successful Business Models for New and Renewable Energy Technologies, Report, October 2009
Successful Practices in HRD in the Workplace: Contributions from Labour, Management and Government, December 1999
Summary of Proceedings: Capacity Building Program for Trade and Investment Insurance Practitioners, 2002
Summary Report of the 2017 APEC TiVA Workshop, November 2018
Summary Report of APEC Public-Private Dialogue on Green Investment Policy, October 2018
Summary Report - APEC Workshop on Promoting the Development of Wind Energy, December 2013
Summary Record of the Electric Vehicle and Hydrogen Technology Policy Workshop, March 2018
Summary Report of The Public Private Dialogue on Renewable and Clean Energy Trade and Investment, October 2015
Summary Report of the Regional Workshop on Lung Cancer Prevention and Control, March 2020
Summary Report: Second APEC Low-Carbon Model Town (LCMT) Symposium, October 2020
Superiority of LPG: A Disaster-Resistant Energy Source, May 2017
Supply Chain Connectivity: E-Commerce as a Main Driver and Integration Tool, November 2011
Supply Chain Visibility Feasibility Study (Phase 1), February 2012
Supply Movement Framework and Tools (Phase IV of Models for Supporting Women's Micro-Enterprise Development), February 2011
Supporting APEC SME Exporters: A Handbook of Best Practices, 2004
Supporting Continued Growth in Trade and Facilitation: End to End Review of the APEC Business Travel Card Scheme Final Report, October 2014
Supporting the Development and Implementation of Low Emission Development Strategies in the Transport Sector, July 2018
Supporting Industry Promotion Policies in APEC - Case Study on Australia, May 2017
Supporting Industry Promotion Policies in APEC - Case Study on Mexico, May 2017
Supporting Industry Promotion Policies in APEC - Case Study on Viet Nam, May 2017
Supporting Industry Promotion Policies in APEC - Synthesis Report, May 2017
Supporting MSMEs' Digitalization Amid COVID-19, July 2020
Supporting Potential Women Exporters: Report to APEC, 2004
Supporting the TBT Agreement with Good Regulatory Practices, March 2012
Supporting Women's Access to Global Markets: A Toolkit for Trade Promotion Organisers, Published 2018
Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment Capabilities in APEC Economies, November 2008 (Full Report) covering Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New ZealandPapua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, United States and Viet Nam.
Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment Capabilities in APEC Economies, October 2008
The Survey of Comparability and Benchmarking of Competencies and Qualification Frameworks in APEC Region (Pilot Area: Construction/Welding), November 2010
Survey of Countermeasures for Improving Road Transportation Safety in the APEC Region, 2003
Survey of Environmental Markets in APEC, 2001
Survey of Factors Influencing Demand for Metals and Energy, 2001
Survey of Information Exchange on Competition in APEC Region. Phase I, November 2012
Survey of Market Compliance Mechanisms for Energy Efficiency Programs in APEC Economies, May 2012
Survey of Motorcycle and Scooter Safety for Project: Compendium of Best Practices on Motorcycle and Scooter Safety, Published 2011
Survey of Policies and Programs that Promote Fuel-Efficient Transport in APEC Economies, May 2008 (Published in September 2008)
Survey of Regulatory Measures in Environmental Services, November 2016
Survey for Review of Chemical Management Regulatory Systems Worldwide, April 2020
Survey for Review of Chemical Management Regulatory Systems Worldwide - Summary, April 2020
Survey on APEC Trade Liberalization in Environmental Services, May 2010
Survey on Investment Liberalization and Facilitation - Obstacles to FDI in the APEC Economies: A Study based on the JMC Firm Survey, October 2007
Survey on Trade-Related Environmental Measures and Environmental-Related Trade Measures in APEC, 1998
Survey Report and Best Practice Guide for LED Street and Outdoor Lighting, December 2011
Survey Report on Infrastructure Sharing and Broadband Development in APEC Region, September 2011
Survey Results on the Use of Economic Instruments in APEC Economies, 1998
Sustainability in Building Construction (Commercial Buildings) - Efficiency and Conservation Survey, March 2011
Sustainable Biofuel Development Policies, Programs, and Practices in APEC Economies, November 2010
Sustainable Development of Tourism Destinations, March 2014
Sustainable Intermodal Transportation Network Using Short Sea Shipping: 2nd Phase of Short Sea Shipping Study to Improve Intermodal Efficiency and Reduce Pollution, Congestion, Fuel Costs and Green House Gas Emissions, December 2013
Sustainable Land Management to Enhance Food Production of APEC Members, January 2013
Sustainable Water Use and its Contribution to Food Security: Smallholders' Experiences and Recommendations, April 2018
Symposium on "Promoting Human Security in APEC: Development of e-Health Systems as a Tool for Management in the Health Area of APEC Economies", Published 2013
Symposium on Market Liberalization and its Relationship with Market Structure Conduct and Performance of Selected Food Processing Industries of APEC Member Economies, December 2007
Symposium On The Implementation Of Government Energy Efficiency Programs, August 2004 (Reproduced electronically in May 2009)
Synthesis and Proceedings of the APEC Seminar on Trade in Health Services, May 2010