Contributions from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Facilitating Digital Trade for Inclusive Growth: Key Issues in Promoting Digital Trade in APEC, April 2017
Facilitating Electronic Commerce in APEC: A Case Study of Electronic Certificate of Origin, October 2011
Facilitating Innovative Economic Development of "Internet + Service Industry" in APEC Region, May 2017
Facilitating Trade in Information and Communications Technologies through Encouragement of Electronic Labeling Best Practices, November 2017
Fact Sheet: 2017 APEC Economic Policy Report
Fact Sheet: 2017 APEC Senior Officials' Report on Economic and Technical Cooperation
Feasibility of Accelerating the Deployment of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage in Developing APEC Economies, March 2014
Fifteen Role Models for Women and Girls in STEM, March 2018
Filling the Gap to Double Renewable Energy in the APEC Region, December 2017
Filling the Infrastructure Gaps in the APECís Developing Economies, November 2011
Financing APEC SME Innovation Workshop: Identifying Government Policies that Promote Venture Capital In-vestment in APEC Economies, August 2014
Financing Food Value Chain, June 2018
Final Implementation Report on APEC project "HRD 01 2014A - Systematic Design of Green Skills Development in TVET", January 2017
Final Project Completion Report: High Level Private-Public Forum on Cold Chain to Strengthen Agriculture & Food's Gloabl Value Chain, December 2015
Final Report: APEC Workshop on Information Sharing on Logistics Services, March 2014
Final Report: Low Carbon Model Town (LCMT) Project Phase 4 Feasibility Study, December 2014
Final Report: Symposium Enhancing Cooperation of Medical Rapid Response Teams in Case of International Disaster Response in APEC Economies, November 2012
Final Report for APEC Low Carbon Model Town Project Phase 2, Feasibility Study for Samui Island, Thailand, November 2012
Final Report for Workshop on Market-Based Improvement in Live Reef Fish Food Trade (LRFFT), April 2011
Final Report on APEC Seminar on Transparency in Procurement and E-Procurement, October 2006
2016 Final Report on Good Regulatory Practices in APEC Economies, August 2017
Final Report of the Technical Assistance Workshops on the International Implementation of the APEC Privacy Framework, October 2008
Final Study on "Studying Existing Financial and Policy Assistances for Microenterprise Development from Regional and International Institutions to Find out a Suitable Approach for APEC to Provide Support to Microenterprises", April 2009
First Anniversary Status Report: A Blueprint for Customs Modernization - Working with Business for a Faster, Better Border, 1998
First APEC Low-Carbon Model Town (LCMT) Symposium, February 2018
The First Decade Since Bogor - A Business Assessment of APEC'S Progress, 2004
Follow-up Peer Review on Energy Efficiency in Malaysia, November 2018
Follow-up Peer Review on Energy Efficiency in the Philippines, November 2014
Follow-up Study on the Impact of APEC Investment Liberalization and Facilitation, 2005
Food Industry Associations: Their Role and Value in Policy and Regulation, September 2016
Food Security Policies in APEC, September 2012
Fourteenth APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting, Ha Noi Declaration, November 2006
Fourteenth APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting, Hanoi Action Plan to implement the Busan Roadmap towards the Bogor Goals, November 2006
Fourteenth APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting, Statement on the Doha Development Agenda of the WTO, November 2006
Fourth APEC SOM Policy Dialogue on RTAs/FTAs, May 2006
Fourth APEC STAR Conference: Proceedings, 24-25 February 2006, Published in May 2006 (14 MB, 472 Pages)
Foreign Direct Investment and APEC Economic Integration, June 1995
Framework for Integration of Women in APEC, 1999 (Reproduced Electronically in October 2007)
Framework on Community Based Inter vention to Control NCD Risk Factors, August 2014

Franchising Opportunities in China, Japan and Singapore, April 2006 (Full Report, 313 Pages):

Free Trade and Investment in the Fisheries Sector of the Asia Pacific Region: An Economic Analysis of Tariff, 1999
From Income Generation to Patent Creation - Mapping out APEC Best Practices Guidelines For Industrial Clustering, 2003
FTAAP Capacity Building Workshop on Competition Chapter in FTAs/EPAs under the 3rd REI CBNI, October 2018
FTTAP Capacity Building Workshop on FTA Negotiation Skills on Competition under the 2nd REI CBNI, October 2017
The Future of Liquid Biofuels for APEC Economies, May 2008 (Full Report) covering Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, United States and Viet Nam.