Contributions from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

NABERS Pilot in Indonesia, July 2017
National Innovation Competencies and Interests in a Globalized World, September 2004 (File Size: 20 MB)
Natural Gas Market Reform in the APEC Region, 2003
Natural Gas Security in APEC, June 2017
The Need and Availability of Micro Finance Service for Micro Enterprise: Bringing Multi-Level Good Practices into Local Context, December 2005 (Electronically Republished in September 2008)
Nearly (Net) Zero Energy Building, November 2014
Negotiating Free Trade Agreements: A Guide, 2005
New Directions for APEC's Trade Facilitation Agenda 1999, 2001
New Directions for APEC's Trade Facilitation Agenda, 2000
The New Economy in APEC: Innovations, Digital Divide and Policy, 2002
The New Economy and APEC, October 2001
The New International Architecture in Trade and Investment: Current Status and Implications, March 2007
New Zealand: Electricity Retail Services Market Reform, May 2017
The Ninth Workshop of OMISAR (WOM-9) on the Application and Networking of Satellite Data, November 2002
New Energy Technologies: Measuring potential impacts in APEC, April 2005
Non-Tariff Measures Affecting Small and Medium Enterprises in the Asia-Pacific Region, June 2016
NTMs in ICT Products, April 2017