Contributions from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Labor Market Policy Responses in APEC Economies to the Worldwide Recession, April 2010
50 Leading Companies for Women in APEC, November 2014
Lessons Learned in Upgrading and Refurbishing Older Coal-Fired Power Plants - A Best Practices Guide for Developing APEC Economies, October 2008
Leveraging Advances in Health IT to Prevent and Combat the Spread of Avian Influenza and other Infectious Diseases, August 2009 (Printed in January 2010)
Liberalisation of Air Services in the APEC Region, 1995-2005, January 2007
Life Cycle Assessment: Best Practices of ISO 14040 Series, 2004
Liner Shipping Competition Policy: Non-Ratemaking Agreements Study (Stages 2 & 3), November 2008
Literature Survey Developing Solar-Powered Emergency Shelter Solutions as an Energy-Resilience Tool for Natural Disaster Relief in APEC Community, May 2016
Long-Term Reliability Study of Photovoltaic (PV) System Installation on Islands, July 2017
Low Carbon Intelligent Operations for Textile Industry in APEC Economies-Project Midterm Report, August 2013
Low-Carbon Model Town - Phase 5 (Feasibility Study), November 2015
Low Carbon Town and Physical Energy Storage, November 2013