Contributions from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Handbook for APEC Independent Inventors, March 2019
Handbook on Automated Sphygmomanometers, July 2006, Published in February 2007
Handbook on Automated Sphygmomanometers, October 2005
Handbook on Community Based Tourism "How to Develop and Sustain CBT", December 2009
Handbook on Electricity Meters, March 2007 (Printed in May 2007)
Handbook on Electricity Meters, June 2006
Handbook on Mechanical Weighing Scales, November 2007 (Electronically Reproduced in November 2008)
Handbook on Metrology in Food Safety, Agricultural Products and Product Safety, November 2008
Handbook on Metrology in Food Safety, Agricultural Products Workshop September 2009 (Printed in March 2010)
Handbook on Metrology of Agricultural Products and Foods, February 2007 (Printed in January 2008)
Handbook on Prepackaged Goods, July 2006
Handbook on Prepackaged Goods Legislation for the Implementation of OIML Recommendation R87, August 2005
Handbook on Technology Commercialization Practices in APEC Economies, July 2018
Handbook on Traceability in Legal Metrology, 2004
Handbook on Training Course on Automated Sphygmomanometers, June 2008
Handbook on the Verification of Mechanical Weighing Scales, July 2008
Handbook on Verification of Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments: Part of the APEC/APLMF Training Courses in Legal Metrology, Published in February 2006
Harmonising Economic and Environmental Objectives of Energy Policy - Phase 1, 2002
Harvesting Currency: The importance of fisheries and aquaculture for APEC economies, November 2009
Heating Applications of Bio-pellet to Enhance Utilization of Renewable Energy in the APEC Region, November 2017
Helping Your Business Grow & Guide for SMEs in the APEC Region, 1998
Helping Your Business Grow: Guide for SMEs in the APEC Region, September 1997
High-Growth, Innovative Companies in APEC Economies: Support Programs and Policy Recommendations, August 2019
Higher Education Diploma Supplements Among APEC Member Economies, December 2010
Higher Education Learning Profile and Social Development in the Asia-Pacific, August 2012
How Can Environmental Regulations Promote Clean Coal Technology Adoption in APEC Developing Economies?, November 2007
How to Promote Business Continuity Planning to Mitigate the Impact of Disasters, Published 2014
The Human Resources Development Dimension of the Asian Financial Crisis: Towards the Definition of an APEC Response, 1998
Human Resource Management Symposium on SMEs, Volume 1, 1999
Human Resource Management Symposium on SMEs, Volume 2, 1999
Husbandry and Health Management of Grouper, 2001