Contributions from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

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Off Grid Electrification Option for Remote Regions in APEC Economies, December 2018
Oil and Gas Security Indexation 2017 Update, September 2018
Oil Supply Security and Emergency Policy in the APEC Region, September 2015
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Opening Economies Delivering to People: APEC Decade of Progress (Revised in 2001) and Investigating Globalisation through APEC Experience (Set of 2 Books)
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Options to Reduce Co2 Emissions from Electricity Generation in the APEC Region (Phase II), December 2003
Organic Agricultural Manual, October 2008 (Published in May 2009. APEC)
The Osaka Action Agenda, 2001 Update
The Osaka Action Agenda, 1995
Outcomes and Outlook 2019/2020
Outcomes and Outlook 2018/2019
Outcomes and Outlook 2017/2018
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Overview of the 2017 ESCI Best Practices Awards Program, April 2017
Overview of the SME Sector in the APEC Region: Key Issues on Market Access and Internationalization, April 2020
Overview of Trade Flows of Energy-Using Products between APEC Member Economies, 1998