Contributions from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Main Elements of APEC Leaders' Declaration, 2004
Managing Port Data via a Single APEC Port Community Platform, January 2020
Manual for Competition Assessment of Regulations in the Philippines, December 2019
Manual of Best Practices of Independent Power Producers, 1997
Manual on Good Practices to Improve the Supply Chain of Marine Products from the Subsistence Fishery Sector in the Asia Pacific Region, September 2016
Manual on Risk Analysis for the Safe Movement of Aquatic Animals, May 2004
Mapping Researcher Mobility: Measuring Research Collaboration Among APEC Economies, May 2016
Marine Ecosystem Assessment and Management in the Asia-Pacific Region Phase III Pilot APEC Large Marine Ecosystems, April 2012
Marine Ecosystem Identification and Mapping in the Asia-Pacific Region, October 2008
Marine Microorganisms: Capacity Building for a Broader Cooperative Research and Utilization, July 2012
Marine & Ocean Energy Development: An Introduction for Practitioners in APEC Economies, March 2013
Marine Science, Technology and Innovation Towards Science-based Management and Sustainable Use of Oceans and Marine Resources, February 2018
Market Liberalization and its Relationship with Market Structure, Conduct and Performance of the Food Processing Industry in ASEAN Economies, April 2008 (Full Report) covering ASEAN, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Viet Nam.
Mathematical Modeling Course in Mathematics Curriculim: Some Best Practices in APEC Economies, December 2012
Maximizing Energy Efficiency of Supply Chain Connectivity Through Improving Rail-waterway Intermodal Container Transport (RWICT) in APEC Economies, September 2014
Measures Affecting Cross Border Exchange and Investment in Higher Education in the APEC Region, May 2009
Measures Affecting Trade and Investment in Education Services in the Asia-Pacific Region, 2001
Measures of Competition Development in APEC, November 2012
Measuring the Impact of Regulatory Reform in the APEC Energy Sector, 2002
Measuring Students' Intercultural Adaptability and Constructive Interaction in Other Societies, May 2010
Meeting APEC's Infrastructure Challenge: Breaking the PPP Logjam, November 2010
Meeting APEC's post-crisis infrastructure challenge: Towards commonality in PPP infrastructure markets, November 2009
Menu of Options for Voluntary Liberalization, Facilitation and Promotion of Economic and Technical Cooperation in Services Trade and Investment Additional Elements, August 2003
Method and Criteria for Effectiveness Assessment of APEC/SCSC TF CAP Implementation, December 2006, Published in January 2007
Methodologies of Constructing the APEC TiVA Database for Better Understanding Global Value Chains in the APEC Region, November 2019
Methodologies Used in APEC Economies for the Measurement and Assessment of Economic Cost of Violence Against Women, Published 2018
Microbanking Development, Regulation and Supervision in the APEC Region, Chapter 2, 2002
Microgrids for Local Energy Supply to Remote Areas and Islands in APEC Region, November 2012
A Mid-term Stocktake of Progress towards the Bogor Goals, December 2005
Mine Closure: Checklist for Governments, February 2018
Mineral Exploration in APEC Economies: A Framework for Investment, November 2007 (Full Report) with case studies covering Australia, China, Indonesia and Peru.
Mining Industry Competitiveness, Published 2018
Ministerial Statement on Membership (Approved by APEC Ministers, Nov 1997)
Ministerial Decisions on Non-Member Participation (Nov 1997)
Models for Supporting Women's Micro-Enterprise Development: Best Practices and Guidelines Assessment and Recommendations from Phase III of a Four-Phase Study, March 2008
Multilateral Recognition Arrangement Readiness Project in Product Certification.  Final Report on Components 1 & 2 Training, 2003.
Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Conformity Assessment for Telecommunications Equipment (MRA): Training Program Design for Phase II Implementation, 2004
The Mutual Usefulness between APEC and TPP, October 2011