Contributions from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Paperless Trading - Benefits to APEC 2001
Partnerships for the Sustainable Development of Cities in the APEC Region, April 2017
Pathways to Energy Sustainability: Measuring APEC Progress in Promoting Economic Growth, Energy Security and Environmental Protection, September 2010
Path to Inclusive Energy Transition in the APEC Region: How to Enhance Women’s Empowerment in the Energy Field, March 2020
Patterns and Prospects on Technological Progress in the APEC Region, 2005
Peer Review Assessment of Public Consultation as Used by Malaysia to Improve Regulation, May 2019
Peer Review and Capacity Building on APEC Infrastructure Development and Investment: Indonesia, October 2019
Peer Review and Capacity Building on APEC Infrastructure Development and Investment: The Philippines, May 2017
PEER Review on Energy Efficiency in Mexico, October 2017
Peer Review on Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reforms in Chinese Taipei, March 2017
Peer Review on Low Carbon Energy Policies in Papua New Guinea, November 2017
Peer Review on Low Carbon Energy Policies in Viet Nam, August 2016
Pensions and Annuities Seminar, November 2008
Perceptions on the Use of Non-Tariff Measures Within the APEC Region, June 2014
Permitting Issues Related to Carbon Capture and Storage for Coal-Based Power Plant Projects in Developing APEC Economies, September 2012
Phase 3 of Three-Phase Study on SME Internationalisation across APEC Economies, September 2011
Photovoltaic Communication and Cooperation Program, October 2015
Plans for Fuel Supplies during Disasters in Expectation of Nankai Megathrust Earthquakes, October 2016
Planning and Cost Assessment Guidelines for Making New Coal-Fired Power Generation Plants in Developing APEC Economies CO2 Capture-ready, March 2010
Plant Back Better Toolkit, April 2020
Policies, Legislation, and Initiatives to Promote Access to ICTs for People with Hearing and/or Speech Impairment, June 2018
Policy Dialogue on Fuel Economy Platform, December 2018
Policy Practice and Technology Applications - Experiences on Low Carbon Emission Operations in Chinese Taipei, November 2014
Policy Recommendations Report for APEC Economies: Towards Increasing Independent Inventors’ Success Route to Commercialization, March 2019
Policy Review for APEC Low-Carbon Model Town Phase 7: Krasnoyarsk City, Russia, October 2018
Policy Review for APEC Low-Carbon Model Town Phase 6: Mandaue City, Cebu Province, Philippines, May 2017
Policy Review for APEC Low-Carbon Model Town Phase 5 Final Report, June 2016
Policy Review for APEC Low Carbon Model Town Phase 4 - Final Report, January 2016
Pollution from Capital Urbanization to the Nhue River: Proposed Solutions, January 2010
Popular Book: The Role of Business Incubators in Developing Green Technology-Based SMEs, Published 2011
Potential Contribution of Small Pelagic Fish to Food Security within the Asia-Pacific Region, February 2013
Potential for Growth of Natural Gas as a Clean Energy Source in APEC Developing Economies, July 2006
Power Interconnection: Currents Status and Future Potentials, 2000
Preliminary Workshop: Review of Drug Development in Clinical Trials, March 2008 (Electronically Reproduced in July 2008)
Presentation and Summary Conclusions APEC Tourism Forum (2000)
Presentations of IPv6 Workshop March 2003: Bridging the Digital Divide, 2004
Proceedings of APEC Experts Meeting on Gender, Science and Technology, 1998
Proceedings of Capacity Building Seminar on Good Agricultural Practices in APEC, December 2006, Published in February 2007
Proceedings of First and Second Technical Workshops on International Implementation of the APEC Privacy Framework (Reproduced Electronically January 2009)
Proceedings - The International Seminar "Development of Engineering Professionals in APEC Economies", August 2012
Proceedings of the Seminar on Cooperation on Energy Labelling, November 2003
Profile of SMEs and SME Issues in APEC 1990-2000 (Published in 2003)
Profile of SMEs in the APEC Economies, 1998
Profiles of ICT Business and Women Entrepreneurs in APEC Economies, November 2018
A Progress Report: A Collaborative Study on Innovations for Teaching and Learning Mathematics in Different Cultures among APEC Member Economies, June 2006 (Reproduced Electronically in June 2007)
Progress Report on 2011 Baseline Study on Good Regulatory Practices, February 2014
Progress through Partnership: PATA and the APEC Tourism Charter APEC Tourism Forum (2000)
Progressing towards the APEC Bogor Goals Perspectives of the APEC Policy Support Unit, November 2010
Project Report on the Five Years Construction of the First Low-Carbon Town - Yujiapu CBD, May 2018
Project Report on Food Labelling Laws, Regulations and Standards in the APEC Region, 1998
Project Report on Promoting Renewable Power Generation with Fuel Cell, October 2016
Project Summary Report - APEC Conference on Facilitating Solar Supply Chain, August 2014
Promising Practices and Design Principles in Career and Technical Education Delivered via Distance Learning Technology, February 2019
Promoting APEC SME Innovation through Smart IPR Policy: How Smart IPR Policies Can Encourage SMMEs' Research and Development, September 2014
Promoting Commercially Sustainable Microfinance for the Underserved, June 2011
Promoting Competitiveness Test of Ex Ante Control of Regulations on Advertising - Sales Promotion, August 2017
Promoting Consumer Protection in Digital Trade: Challenges and Opportunities, June 2020
Promoting Cross-border E-Trade Under the Framework of Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) / Free Trade Agreements (FTAs): Best Practices in the APEC Region, December 2017
Promoting the Development of an Evaluation Community, January 2018
Promoting E-commerce to Globalize MSMEs, October 2017
Promoting Energy Security in APEC through Improved International Fuel Market Operations, 1998
Promoting Infrastructure Investment in APEC Region through Public-Private Partnerships, August 2014
Promoting Innovation for Start-ups: Summary Report, Published 2018
Promoting Innovative Green Financing Mechanisms for Sustainable and Quality Infrastructure Development in the APEC Region, August 2018
Promoting the Participation of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Global Textile and Apparel Value Chains, June 2016
Promoting Products Contributing to Sustainable and Inclusive Growth through Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation, August 2015
Promoting Quality Infrastructure Investment in Rapidly Urbanizing APEC Region, June 2019
Promoting Regional Connectivity of Professionally Qualified Engineers in APEC, June 2019
Promoting Regional Education Services Integration: APEC University Associations Cross-Border Education Cooperation Workshop - Workshop Report, June 2014
Promoting Resilience in the Energy Sector, August 2018
Promoting Stable and Consistent Renewable Energy Supply by Utilizing Suitable Energy Storage Systems, December 2013
Promoting Trade in Medical Goods to Tackle COVID-19 Challenges, April 2020
Promotion of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Low Carbon Model Town of APEC through Distributed Energy Source- Identification of Potential, Challenges and Solutions, January 2013
Promotion of Regional Economic Integration by Developing APEC Gateway Port Connectivity, December 2016
Promotion Plan for Green Buildings with Cost-effective Renewable Energy Supply Solutions in the APEC Region, April 2018
Prospect Analysis for Sustainable Development of Tourism in Remote Areas of APEC Economies – Phase I, June 2020
Prospects and Compromise Points of the Arab Spring, November 2015
Protecting Minority Investors in Privately Held Companies in APEC, January 2020
2019 PSU Annual Report, May 2020
2018 PSU Annual Report
2017 PSU Annual Report, April 2018
2016 PSU Annual Report, Published May 2017
2015 PSU Annual Report
2014 PSU Annual Report, April 2015
2012 PSU Annual Report, April 2013
Public Health Issues in Animal Production/Animal Products, 2000
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Guidelines: Guidelines for Schemes to Issue Certificates Capable of Being Used in Cross-Jurisdiction eCommerce, May 2005
Public Perception of Agricultural Biotechnology: A Best Practices Guide, October 2007 (Published in February 2008)
Public Policies to Promote Women Entrepreneurs Project: Cases of Australia, Canada, Chile and Peru, August 2009 (Printed in December 2009)
Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) on Advertising Standards in the Digital Economy, November 2019
Public-Private Dialogue on Investment - Corporate Social Responsibility for Local Communities, June 2013
Public Private Partnership Best Practices, October 2015
Public-Private Partnerships, and Disaster Resilience, Published 2011
Public and Private Partnership for Facilitating Tourism Investment in the APEC Region, March 2005
Public-Private Partnerships for Transportation in the APEC Region: An Analysis and Literature Review, January 2017
Public-Private Dialogue on Trade Facilitation, May 2006, Reproduced electronically in October 2006
Public/Private Partnerships for Sustainable Tourism, 2002
Public and Private Sectors' Strategies to Prevent Gender-based Violence, Reduce Costs and Develop Capacity in APEC Economies, Published 2018