Contributions from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Taking Care of Business: Environmentally Sustainable Tourism Accommodation, 1999
Taking Customs Reform into the New Millennium Bringing Benefits to Business, 1999
Taking Forward the Lima Declaration on the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP) Study on Tariffs, November 2019
Teaching Standardization in Universities: Lessons Learned from Trial Program, October 2011
Technical Solution Package for Renewable Energy Supply for Green Buildings, April 2018
Technology Status and Project Development Risks of Advanced Coal Power Generation Technologies in APEC Developing Economies, October 2008
Technical Workshop to Support Village Power Applications, December 2004
Testing Time for APEC Economies: A Guide to the APEC TEL Mutual Recognition Arrangement for Conformity Assessment of Telecommunications Equipment for the Telecommunications Industry, 2001
The Third APEC SAKE Workshop on Satellite Data Processing and Applications for Marine Resources Inventory, Printed October 2009
The Third Regional Forum in Pension Fund Reform, 2000
13th Fisheries Working Group Meeting Report, Fisheries Working Group Meeting I, 20-24 May 2002, Lima, Peru

Tourism Occupational Skill Standard Development in the APEC Region, Stage IV, November 2006
Set of 7 Books

  • Book 1: APEC Skills Standards List
  • Book 2-1: APEC Skills Standards Assessment Materials, General Units
  • Book 2-2: APEC Skills Standards Assessment Materials, General Vocational Units
  • Book 2-3: APEC Skills Standards Assessment Materials, Hospitality Vocational Units
  • Book 2-4: APEC Skills Standards Assessment Materials, Tour & Travel Business Units
  • Book 3 : APEC Skills Standards Assessor Progam Handbook
  • Book 4 : APEC Skills Standards Organisation Structure & Miscellaneous
Tourism Occupational Skill Standards Development in the APEC Region - Bridging Project, July 2000

Tourism Risk Management, December 2006 (Published in April 2007):

Tourism Risk Management for the Asia Pacific Region: An Authoritative Guide for Managing Crisis and Disasters, 2004
Tourism Working Group Contact List, 2003
Tourist Arrivals and Inclusive Growth, August 2016
Toward Implementing Harmonised Arrangements for Ensuring Effective Quarantine Treatments, Quarantine Regulators Meeting, March 2008 - Selected Papers (Electronically Reproduced in May 2008)
Towards an Information Society: Developments in APEC, 1998
Towards Knowledge-Based Economies in APEC, 2000
Towards Mutual Recognition of Transport Professional Qualifications.  Stage 4 - A Framework for Recommended Practices, September 2002
Towards the Shanghai Goal - Implementing the APEC Trade Facilitation Action Plan, 2002
Trade and Economic Growth: 25 Years of a Stronger Relationship within APEC, October 2014
Trade and Environment Workshop: Papers and Proceedings, 1998
Trade and Investment Liberalisation in APEC: Economic and Energy Sector Impacts, May 2000
Trade Creation in the APEC Region: Measurement of the Magnitude of and Changes in Intra-regional Trade since APEC's Inception, October 2009
Trade Facilitation in APEC: Progress and Impact, January 2019
Trade Facilitation: A Development Perspective in the Asia-Pacific Region, October 2002
Trade Facilitation by Ensuring a Safer Food Supply through Cross-border E-commerce, September 2020
Trade Facilitation and Trade Liberalisation: From Shanghai to Bogor, 2004
Trade Facilitation through Customs Procedures: Assessment of APEC's Progress, October 2011
Trade Facilitation Report (Shanghai Accord), September 2006
Trade Facilitation Transparency in Peru: Comparative Best Practices and Recommendations, April 2021
Trade and Human Resources Development: Capacity Building for Inclusive Trade, November 2019
Trade Impact of Green Commercial Building Rating Systems in the Asia-Pacific Region, February 2012
Trade Impact of Life Cycle Analysis in Multi-Attribute Certification Programs for Flooring Materials and Plumbing Fixtures in Five Focus APEC Member Economies, February 2012
Trade in Services in the APEC Region: Patterns, Determinants, and Policy Implications, October 2010
Trade Liberalization in the Fisheries Sector of APEC Synthesis Report from Pusan (Korea) Seminar - Options for Policy Model Evolution Harmonious with EVSL, June 2001
Trade of Fishery Products and Fisheries Subsidies in APEC, January 2017
Traffic Light Score Methodology: A Tool for Ex Post Regulatory Impact Assessment, November 2018
Trade Policy Dialogue on Fostering an Enabling Policy and Regulatory Environment in APEC for Data-utilizing Businesses, December 2019
Trade Policy Dialogue on Trade Facilitation Agreement TFA Category B and C Commitments, September 2018
Training Course on the Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Crop Production, Summary Report, November 2013
Training for Sustainable Development in the Tourism Industry, 2002
Training for Trainers on Intellectual Property Issues: Management and Commercialization, February 2013
Training Manual APEC Workshop on Gender Analysis, July 2009
Training Manual of Trade and Investment Insurance Training Program, 1997
Training Manual on Gender Analysis: Concepts, Tools & Practice, June 2007
Training Program for Phase II Implementation (APEC MRA-HRD Project) Final Report, January 2006
Training Program to Promote Economic Competition in APEC Economies, Proceedings of Four Seminars, March 2004
Part I:   Energy Seminar Papers
Part II:  Transport Seminar Papers
Part III: Telecommunications Seminar Papers
Part IV: Financial Services Seminar Papers
Training Workshop on Agricultural Technology Transfer and Training, Published in April 2005
Trainings in Renewable Energy Best-Practices: Procurement, Contracts, Lifecycle Cost Analyses, and Risk Mitigation to Mobilize Private Investment, December 2018
Transborder Control and Optimal Transborder Logistics Final Report, November 2011
Trans-Boundary Aquatic Animal Pathogen Transfer and the Development of Harmonized Standards on Aquaculture Health Management, 2001
Transparency in International Investment Agreements, December 2011
Transport, Energy and Environmental Benefits of Intermodal Freight Strategies Final Report, April 2013
Transport, Energy and Environmental Benefits of Intermodal Freight Strategies, Final Report, February 2013
Transport, Energy and Environmental Benefits of Transit Oriented Development Strategies Final Report, April 2013
Transportation Shipping Harmonization and Integration Planning System, 2000
Trends and Developments in Provisions and Outcomes of RTA/FTAs Implemented in 2018 by APEC Economies, March 2020
Trends and Developments in Provisions and Outcomes of RTA/FTAs Implemented in 2017 by APEC Economies, December 2018
Trends and Developments in Provisions and Outcomes of RTA/FTAs Implemented in 2016 by APEC Economies, October 2017
Trends and Developments in Provisions and Outcomes of RTA/FTAs Implemented in 2015 by APEC Economies, September 2016
Trends and Developments in Provisions and Outcomes of RTA/FTAs Implemented in 2014 by APEC Economies, September 2015
Trends in Trade Finance across the APEC Region, October 2013
Tsunami Recovery: Vocational Training and Consultancy For MSME Development, December 2006