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About The Lowy Institute





The Lowy Institute is an independent international policy think tank based in Sydney, Australia. The institute’s research and Fellows are frequently featured in the Australian media, and the institute is a leading contributor to the mainstream of Australian policy thinking.

The Institute is non-partisan and is home to a range of policy ideas. Its staff and Fellows speak with individual voices. Its objective is to generate new ideas and dialogue on international developments and Australia’s role in the world. Its mandate is broad. It ranges across all the dimensions of international policy debate in Australia - economic, political and strategic – and it is not limited to a particular geographic region. The Institute draws on the insights and experience of policy practitioners, academic experts and business people. It also seeks to bring new voices and external viewpoints into the Australian debate, for example through an active program of internships for young people and the involvement of members of the Australian Diaspora.

The Lowy Institute is a think tank in international public policy. Its purpose, therefore, is applied research. We carry four varieties of papers published by the Lowy Institute:

Lowy Institute Papers are the flagship publications of the Institute. These are monograph length, policy-oriented papers on international policy issues containing extensive original research. They are peer-reviewed and closely edited.

Policy Briefs are designed to address a particular, current policy issue and to suggest solutions. They are deliberately prescriptive, specifically addressing two questions: What is the problem? What should be done?

Analysis address broader or longer term issues facing Australia or the international community. They are designed to deepen the understanding of the public and the policy community about important international developments.

Perspectives are occasional papers, essays or speeches on international events and policy which make a useful contribution to deepening the debate about international policy. They are more discursive and personal than the other publications.

For further information, please visit the Lowy Institute website.