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Accessibility Policies





Accessibility Policies

Asia-Studies Full-Text is committed to ensuring accessibility for persons with disabilities. We apply WCAG and Section 508 standards to the extent we can. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) define requirements for designers and developers to improve accessibility for persons with disabilities at three levels of conformance: Level A, Level AA, and Level AAA. The target for Asia-Studies is WCAG 2.1 Level AA.

Accessibility Protocols

The database is accessible to users using a keyboard and those with visual and perceptive impairments. 

The following capabilities are enabled: 

  • Users can resize text, adjust text spacing, and change fonts by adjusting browser settings (This can be done with the appearance settings in Chrome or and in Firefox’s references).
  • We have created sufficient color contrast on all areas of the site. Further, you can change colors by adjusting the browser settings; also in the Chrome appearance settings, and font and color preferences in Firefox. There are also plug-ins that work with certain browsers.
  • The service can be navigated using just a keyboard.
  • You can use browsers to zoom without loss of information or functionality.
  • Both Landscape and portrait layouts will work to print out content.
  • We are compatible with screen readers including JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver. 
  • We use a flat hierarchy of links with titles indicating the content.
  • Utilize text-to-speech tools on the platform and with PDF content. There are many browser plug-in tools (such as Natural Reader for Chrome) that work. Some technology has text-to-speech software built into the device’s accessibility settings.
  • Understand link destinations without surrounding context.

PDF Content

All content is in PDF format.  Authorized users of the resource have the ability to download and print content in for  their own use.  To open PDF files, you will need a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader.  PDF viewing is governed by Adobe’s Accessibility.  For further information please reference Adobe’s Accessibility Conformance Report.

We do not have any form of Digital Rights Management (DRM) on the content. You have the ability to copy and print content without such controls using your browser functionality. Details on the scope of rights, use, copying, and printing is available on our Standard License Agreement and Intellectual Property pages.  

Content is received from the original journals in PDF format.  Content is provided by peer reviewed journals and expert publishers with professional editorial programs. We do not further edit the content.  All textual PDF content is usable with browser screen tools and plug-ins. Images in older PDF content such as graphs and charts may not be compatible with current tools.  Out providers are aware of accessibility issue, and we encourage them to provide PDF content in accessible formats.

You have multiple reading options on the platform. Content can be read online by navigating through page scans, viewing the content in a full screen view window and zooming on any portion of the content. You can also download content in PDF format.

We are happy to provide files in either PDF or Word (.docx) format upon request.

We are also happy to reformat older PDFs that are unreadable via screen reader. If there are PDFs that don’t work with your screen reader or you have further questions about accessibility, please contact us. Please include citations for any requested articles. Turnaround time for requests will vary but we generally respond in 3 days or less. We reserve the right to limit quantities.

You can email us at:  help@asia-studies.com