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Senior Policy Seminar Series





The Senior Policy Seminar Series summarizes discussions and conclusions at an annual meeting of senior security officials and analysts from countries of the Asia Pacific region sponsored by the East-West Center.  These seminars facilitate nonofficial, frank, and non-attribution discussions of regional security issues.  The summary reflects the diverse perspectives of the participants and does not necessarily represent the views of the East-West Center.  Also available without charge as Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files on the East West Center website.  A complete listing of titles in the Senior Policy Seminar series is available here.
The Global Economic Crisis and Implications for the Asia Pacific Region, Published 2009
by Jerry Burris (rapporteur)

Shifting Currents of U.S. and Asia Pacific Economics, Resources, and Security, Published 2008
by Jerry Burris (rapporteur)

Mapping Change in the Asia Pacific Region: Geopolitics, Economics, and Diplomacy, 2008
by Benjamin Glahn (rapporteur)

The United States and Asia: Assessing Problems and Prospects, 2006
by Brad Glosserman (rapporteur)

Challenges for U.S.-Asia Pacific Policy in the Second Bush Administration, 2006
by Satu Limaye (rapporteur)

Asia Pacific Security - Dilemmas of Dominance, Challenges to Community, 2004
by Anthony Smith (rapporteur)

Key Issues in Asia Pacific Security, 2001
by Brad Glosserman (rapporteur)

The Asia Pacific Security Order and Implications for U.S. Policy, 2000
by Chris Johnstone (rapporteur)

Regional Dynamics and Future U.S. Policy, 1999
by Richard W. Baker (rapporteur)


Source: The East-West Center