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Special Reports





East-West Center Special Reports Series: A report focused on a topic or research issues critical to the Asia-Pacific-United States region that will be useful to members of Congress and their staffs, scholars and teachers, the media, business people, and other interested parties.  The cost of East West Center Special Reports is $7.00 plus shipping/handling.  Recent issues are available without charge as Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files on the East West Center website.  A complete listing of titles in the East-West Center Special Reports series is available here.

Innovation Offshoring: Asia's Emerging Role in Global Innovation Networks (No. 10)
by Dieter Ernst , July 2006

Indifference and Accountability: The United Nations and the Politics of International Justice in East Timor (No. 9)
by David Cohen, June 2006

East-West Center Special Reports (No. 8)
Shifting Terrain: The Domestic Politics of the U.S. Military Presence in Asia (Full Report) covering:

by Sheila A. Smith, March 2006

The Two Koreas: Prospects for Economic Cooperation and Integration (No. 7)
by Marcus Noland, December 2000

The Development Crisis in Vietnam's Mountains (No. 6)
by Neil L. Jamieson, Le Trong Cuc, and A. Terry Rambo, November 1998

Environmental Problems in China: Estimates of Economic Costs (No. 5)
by Vaclav Smil, April 1996

The Asia-Pacific Airline Industry: Economic Boom and Political Conflict (No. 4)
by Sumner J. La Croix and David Jonathan Wolff, October 1995

Democratic Transition in Asia: The Role of the International Community (No. 3)
by Muthiah Alagappa, October 1994

Porpoises Among the Whales: Small Navies in Asia and the Pacific (No. 2)
by Joseph R. Morgan, March 1994

Intruding on the Hermit: Glimpses of North Korea (No. 1)
by Bradley K. Martin, July 1993


Source: The East-West Center