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Staff Papers





Staff Papers is a publication of the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS).
SP 1987-05 The Structure of Rural Household Income and its Implications on Rural Poverty in Bicol, Philippines
SP 1987-04 The Capital Asset Pricing Model with Non-homogenous Expectations: Theory and Evidence on Systematic Risks to the Beta
SP 1987-03 Residential Demand for Electricity and Pricing Policy Implications in a Developing Economy: The Philippine Case
SP 1987-02 Rural Financial Markets: A Review of Literature
SP 1987-01 Revenue Performance of National Government Taxes, 1975-1985
SP 1986-03 A Macroeconomic Overview of Public Enterprise in the Philippines, 1975-1984
SP 1986-02 Financial Reforms and Balance of Payments Crisis: The Case of the Philippines
SP 1986-01 Impact of BOI Incentives on Rate of Return, Factor Prices and Relative Factor Use: A Comparative Analysis of Incentives Under the Omnibus Investments Code of 1981 and the Investment Policy
SP 1985-09 Social Adequacy and Economic Effects of Social Security: The Philippine Case
SP 1985-08 The Rural Banking System: The Need for Reforms
SP 1985-07 Financial Liberalization and internal Structure of the Capital Markets: The Philippine Case
SP 1985-06 Rural Development Experience: Economic Perspectives
SP 1985-05 Food, Fuel and Urbanization in the Philippines
SP 1985-04 Methodology for Measuring Protection and Comparative Advantage
SP 1985-03 Philippine Export and Terms of Trade Instability, 1965-1982
SP 1985-02 A Decomposition Analysis of Philippine Export and Import Performance, 1974-1982
SP 1985-01 The Protection Structure, Resource Flows and the Capital Labor-Ratio in the Philippine Manufacturing: A Short empirical Note
SP 1984-09 Userís Manual for Monetary and Financial Statistics
SP 1984-08 Can the Asset-Market View Explain Exchange Rate Movements: The Philippine Case
SP 1984-07 The Development Bank of the Philippines and Financial Crisis: A Descriptive Analysis
SP 1984-06 Modeling the Effects of Devaluation on Prices, Output and the Trade Balance: The Philippine Experience
SP 1984-05 Derived Protection for Nontraded Primary Product
SP 1984-04 Development Finance and State Banking: A Survey of Experience
SP 1984-03 Estimating the Shadow Exchange Rate, the Shadow Wage Rate and the Social Rate of Discount for the Philippines
SP 1984-02 Public Enterprise in the Philippines in 1982: A Definitional and Taxonomical Exercise
SP 1984-01 A Study of Philippine Real Property Taxation
SP 1983-05 Response to Balance of Payments Crises in the 1970s: Korea and the Philippines
SP 1983-04 Effective Protection Rates and Internal Indirect Taxes in the Philippine Setting
SP 1983-03 Monetary Aggregates and Economic Activity
SP 1983-02 On the Use of DRC Criterion in Selecting Projects
SP 1983-01 Exchange Rate Flexibility and Intervention Policy in the Philippines, 1973-1981
SP 1982-05 An Analysis of the Behavior of the Commercial Banks
SP 1982-04 Shadow Prices of Goods and Resources in the Philippines: An Assessment
SP 1982-02 Credit and Price Policies in the Philippine Agriculture
SP 1982-01 An Analysis of Fertilizer Policies in the Philippines

Source: Philippine Institute for Development Studies