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Silk Road Papers





The Silk Road Papers is the Center's Occasional Papers series. Ranging from 50 to 150 pages in length, the Papers are an avenue for the rapid publication of research in a concise and accessible yet rigorous manner. An average of six to ten Papers are produced yearly.

Rethinking Greater Central Asia: New American and Western Approaches to Continental Trade and Afghanistan, June 2022

Between Bandits and Bureaucrats: 30 Years of Parliamentary Development in Kyrgyzstan, January 2022

Political and Economic Reforms in Kazakhstan Under President Tokayev, November 2021

Kazakhstan's Role in International Mediation under First President Nursultan Nazarbayev, November 2020

Discovering Opportunities in the Pandemic? Four Economic Response Scenarios for Central Asia, July 2020

Religion and the Secular State in Kyrgyzstan, June 2020

Religion and the Secular State in Turkmenistan, June 2020

A Steady Hand: The EU 2019 Strategy & Policy Toward Central Asia, November 2019

Modernization and Regional Cooperation in Central Asia: A New Spring? November 2018

Religion and the Secular State in Uzbekistan, June 2018

Religion and the Secular State in Kazakhstan, April 2018

The Economic Modernization of Uzbekistan, April 2018

Political Reform in Mirziyoyev’s Uzbekistan: Elections, Political Parties and Civil Society, March 2018

Judicial and Governance Reform in Uzbekistan, March 2018

Russian Hybrid Tactics in Georgia, January 2018

Uzbekistan’s New Foreign Policy: Change and Continuity under New Leadership, January 2018

Kazakhstan in Europe: Why Not? October 2017

Iran’s Azerbaijan Question in Evolution: Identity, Society, and Regional Security, September 2017

Party Problems and Factionalism in Soviet Uzbekistan: Evidence from the Communist Party Archives, Published 2017

Azerbaijan’s Formula: Secular Governance and Civic Nationhood, November 2016

Kazakhstan 2041: the Next Twenty-Five Years, October 2016

Under the Radar: Georgia’s October 2016 Elections, October 2016

Kyrgyzstan 2010: Conflict and Context, July 2016

Rush to Judgment: Western Media and the 2005 Andijan Violence, May 2016

The May 2005 Andijan Uprising: What We Know, May 2016

Asserting Statehood: Kazakhstan’s Role in International Organizations, December 2015

The EU, Central Asia, and the Development of Continental Transport and Trade, December 2015

Retribution and the Rule of Law: The Politics of Justice in Georgia, June 2015

A Western Strategy for the South Caucasus, February 2015

Looking Forward: Kazakhstan and the United States, September 2014

Turkey's December 17 Process: A Timeline of the Graft Investigation and the Government's Response, June 2014

Azerbaijan's Security and U.S. Interests: Time for a Reassessment, December 2013

Azerbaijan and Georgia: Strategic Partnership for Stability in a Volatile Region, September 2013

Socio-Cultural Characteristics of Civil Society Formation in Kyrgyzstan, July 2013

Finish the Job: Jump-Start Afghanistan's Economy, November 2012

Against the Grain: How Georgia Fought Corruption and What It Means, September 2012

Occasional Allies, Enduring Rivals: Turkey's Relations with Iran, May 2012

The 2009-11 Bombing Campaign in Georgia: Who Did It, and Why? March 2012

China and Greater Central Asia: New Frontiers? December 2011

Flirting with State Failure: Power and Politics in Kyrgyzstan since Independence, July 2011

International Law and the Post-2008 Status Quo in Georgia: Implications for Western Policies, May 2011

Afghanistan Beyond the Fog of Nation Building: Giving Economic Strategy a Chance, January 2011

Between Hesitation and Commitment: The EU and Georgia after the 2008 War, November 2010

Reconciling Statism with Freedom: Turkey's Kurdish Opening, October 2010

The Key to Success in Afghanistan: A Modern Silk Road Strategy, May 2010

Foreign Religious Education and the Central Asian Islamic Revival: Impact and Prospects for Stability, March 2010

Between Fact and Fantasy: Turkey's Ergenekon Investigation, August 2009

Labor Migration in Central Asia: Implications of the Global Economic Crisis, May 2009

Dismantling Totalitarianism? Turkmenistan under Berdimuhamedow, March 2009

State Approaches to National Integration in Georgia: Two Perspectives, February 2009

Prospects for a 'Torn' Turkey: A Secular and Unitary Future? October 2008

Russia's Central Asia Policy and the Role of Russian Nationalism, April 2008

Kazakhstan's Emerging Middle Class, March 2008

Economic and Energy Security: Connecting Europe and the Black Sea-Caspian Region, March 2008

National Ideology and State-building in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, January 2008

Gazprom's Monopoly and Nabucco's Potentials: Strategic Decisions for Europe, November 2007

The August 6 Bombing Incident in Georgia: Implications for the Euro-Atlantic Region, October 2007

The Economic Aspects of the Chinese-Central Asia Rapprochement, September 2007

The Wider Black Sea Region: An Emerging Hub in European Security, December 2006

The Politicization of Islam in Azerbaijan, October 2006

The State-Crime Nexus in Central Asia: State Weakness, Organized Crime and Corruption in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, October 2006

Minorities and the State in the South Caucasus: Assessing the Protection of National Minorities, September 2006

Islamic Radicalism in Central Asia and the Caucasus: Implications for the EU, July 2006

Central Asia's Economy: Mapping Future Prospects to 2015, July 2006

The Caucasus: A Challenge for Europe, June 2006

Clans, Authoritarian Rulers, and Parliaments in Central Asia, June 2006

Anatomy of a Crisis: U.S.-Uzbekistan Relations, 2001-2005, February 2006

Kyrgyzstan: The Path Forward, November 2005

Violence in Andijan, 13 May 2005: An Independent Assessment, July 2005

China and Afghan Opiates: Assessing the Risk, June 2005

A 'Greater Central Asia Partnership' for Afghanistan and Its Neighbors, March 2005

Developing Counter-Narcotics Policy in Central Asia: Legal and Political Dimensions, January 2005

U.S. Afghanistan Policy: It's Working, October 2004

Regional Security in the South Caucasus: The Role of NATO, April 2004

The Xinjiang Problem, December 2003



Source: Central Asia-Caucasus Institute and Silk Road Studies Program, Institute for Security and Development Policy