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Research Paper Series





Research Paper Series is a publication of the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS).  The Series is a formal publication meant to promote research, stimulate discussion and encourage the use of study results.  Studies published under this Series have been reviewed by an internal publications review committee and by external referees. Studies are original and have not been published in any form and contain the rationale, framework, methodology, conclusions or recommendations and other relevant information.
RPS 2021-01 Public Expenditure Review of Social Protection Programs in the Philippines, Published 2021
RPS 2020-05 Assessment of the Free Irrigation Service Act, Published 2020
RPS 2020-04 Assessing the Alignment of Data Science and Analytics (DSA)-Related Undergraduate Programs with the Emerging Demands for DSA Workforce, Published 2020
RPS 2020-03 Nontariff Measures in the Philippines: A Preliminary Analysis Using Incidence Indicators, Published 2020
RPS 2020-02 Are We Missing Out on the Demographic Dividend? Trends and Prospects, Published 2020
RPS 2020-01 Vulnerability to Income Poverty in the Philippines: An Examination of Trends from 2003 to 2015, Published 2020
RPS 2019-06 Facilitating Structural Transformation through Product Space Analysis: The Case of Philippine Exports, Published 2019
RPS 2019-05 Obstacles of Philippine SMEs' Participation in Global Value Chains, Published 2019
RPS 2019-04 Senior High School and the Labor Market: Perspectives of Grade 12 Students and Human Resource Officers, Published 2019
RPS 2019-03 Forest Protection in the Philippines: Policy Evolution and Sector Outcomes, Published 2019
RPS 2019-02 Recommendations toward Successful Agribusiness Venture Arrangement, Published 2019
RPS 2019-01 Implementing Sugarcane Block Farming for Increased Farm Income and Productivity, Published 2019
RPS 2018-04 Sustainable Development Goal 5: How Does the Philippines Fare on Gender Equality? Published 2018
RPS 2018-03 The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program After 30 Years: Accomplishments and Forward Options, Published 2018
RPS 2018-02 Measuring and Examining Innovation in Philippine Business and Industry, Published 2018
RPS 2018-01 Results of the Assessment of the Motor Vehicle User's Charge Utilization in the Philippines, Published 2018
RPS 2017-02 Review and Assessment of Students Grants-in-Aid Program for Poverty Alleviation (SGP-PA) and Expanded SGP-PA: Evidence of Performance in the First Two Years, Published 2017
RPS 2017-01 An Assessment of the Community Mortgage Program Implementation Strategy, Published 2017
RPS 2016-02 Does Innovation Mediate Good Firm Performance? Published 2016
RPS 2016-01 Nongovernment Reforestation in the Philippines: Ways Forward, Published 2016
RPS 2015-03 Assessment of the DSWD SEA-K Strategy, Published 2015
RPS 2015-02 Review and Assessment of Programs Offered by State Universities and Colleges, Published 2015
RPS 2015-01 Promoting Inclusive Growth through the 4Ps, Published 2015
RPS 2014-02 Choke Points and Opportunities in the Supply Chain of ASEAN Agricultural Products: A Philippine Country Study
RPS 2014-01 Regional Integration, Inclusive Growth, and Poverty: Enhancing Employment Opportunities for the Poor
RPS 2013-02 The ASEAN Economic Community and the Philippines: Implementation, Outcomes, Impacts, and Ways Forward
RPS 2013-01 An Assessment of TESDA Scholarship Programs
RPS 2011-01 Rice that Filipinos Grow and Eat
RPS 2010-01 Reforming Social Protection Policy: Responding to the Global Financial Crisis and Beyond
RPS 2008-03 Rice in the Filipino Diet and Culture
RPS 2008-02 Rice Production Practices
RPS 2008-01 Rice and Philippine Politics
RPS 2007-04 Competition Policy and Regulation in Ports and Shipping
RPS 2007-03 FDI Investment Incentive System and FDI Inflows: the Philippine Experience
RPS 2007-02 An Initial Verdict on Our Fight Against Poverty
RPS 2007-01 The Impact of ASEAN-China FTA Early Harvest Program: the Case of the Philippines with Focus on Short-run Effects on the Agriculture Sector
RPS 2006-03 The Philippine Hybrid Rice Program: A Case for Redesign and Scaling Down
RPS 2006-02 Innovations in Microfinance in Southeast Asia
RPS 2006-01 Rural Finance and Microfinance Development in Transition Countries in Southeast and East Asia
RPS 2005-01 Experience of Crisis-Hit Asian Countries: Do Asset Management Companies Increase Moral Hazard?
RPS 2003-04 The Philippine Innovation System: Structure and Characteristics
RPS 2003-03 College Fee Structure and Philippine Inflation
RPS 2003-02 Philippine Domestic Shipping Transport Industry: State of Competition and Market Structure
RPS 2003-01 Exchange Rate Policy in Philippine Development
RPS 2002-09 Benefits (and Losses) from Rent Control in the Philippines: An Empirical Study of Metro Manila
RPS 2002-08 Assessing the Situation of Women Working in CALABARZON
RPS 2002-07 Gender and Technology
RPS 2002-06 Governance in Southeast Asia: Issues and Options
RPS 2002-05 The Philippine Payment System: Efficiency and Implications for the Conduct of Monetary Policy
RPS 2002-04 Technological Innovations in Japan and S&T Experiences in the Philippines: Drawing Policy Lessons for the Philippines
RPS 2002-03 Trade Reforms, Income Distribution and Welfare: The Philippine Case
RPS 2002-02 Mercury Pollution Due to Small-Scale Gold Mining in the Philippines: An Economic Analysis
RPS 2002-01 The Dynamics of Housing Demand in the Philippines: Income and Lifecycle Effects
RPS 2001-02 A Review of the Components of the Medium-Term National Action Agenda for Productivity (MNAAP) 2000-2004
RPS 2001-01 An Inquiry into the Competitiveness of Emerging Philippine Cities
RPS 1998-02 Philippine Households' Response to Price and Income Changes
RPS 1998-01 Credit Unions as Channels of Micro-Credit Lines: The Philippine Case
RPS 1994-11 Trade Policy Reforms in the 1990s: Effects of EO 470 and the Import Liberalization Program
RPS 1994-10 Foreign Direct Investment in the Philippines: A Reassessment
RPS 1994-09 Meat and Dairy Processing Industry: Impact of Trade Policy Reforms on Performance, Competitiveness and Structure
RPS 1994-08 A Review of the Remaining Import Restrictions
RPS 1994-07 Shipbuilding/Repair and Boatbuilding Industry
RPS 1994-06 Textile and Garment Industries
RPS 1994-05 Appliance Industry
RPS 1994-04 Agricultural Machinery Industry
RPS 1994-03 Synthetic Resin and Plastic Industries
RPS 1994-02 Motorcycle and Parts Industry
RPS 1994-01 Packaging Industry: Impact of Trade Policy Reforms on Performance, Competitiveness and Structure

Source: Philippine Institute for Development Studies