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ISDP Policy Papers





The Policy Paper series forms part of the Institute for Security and Development Policy's ambition to respond, through up-to-date analysis and policy implications, to contemporary events in Eurasia. Ranging from 10-30 pages in length, the Policy Papers are intended to give concise and accessible analysis to both policy-makers and business leaders.

The Impact of Illicit Drugs Trafficking, Corruption and Organized Crime: How to Strengthen Regional Cooperation around the Baltic Sea? June 2009

Internationally Organized Crime, The Escalation of Crime within the Global Economy, March 2009

Countering Narcotics Smuggling in Europe's Eastern Neighborhood, February 2009

The Russian-Georgian War: Political and Military Implications for U.S. Policy, February 2009

Russia's War in Georgia: Causes and Implications for Georgia and the World, August 2008

Dealing with Myanmar: A Unity of Divided Interests, June 2008

Georgia's May 2008 Parliamentary Elections:Setting Sail in A Storm, May 2008

The Implications of Russia's Elections: Relations with the 'Near Abroad', April 2008

Russia after Putin: Implications for Russia's Politics and Neighbors, March 2008

The Putin Succession and its Implications for Russian Politics, February 2008

Pakistan's Crisis: Incremental Steps toward Sustainable Democracy, January 2008

Learning from Georgia's Crisis: Implications and Recommendations, December 2007

The 17th South Korean Presidential Election: No More Sunshine for North Korea? December 2007

Engaging with the Issue of Myanmar: A New Perspective, October 2007

Japan's Upper House Election, July 29: Down or Dawn for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe? July 2007



Source: Institute for Security and Development Policy