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Policy Notes





Policy Notes are observations/analyses written by PIDS researchers on certain policy issues.  The treatise is holistic in approach and aims to provide useful inputs for decisionmaking.  The Notes are circulated to the highest levels of decisionmakers in the country.
PN 2021-02 Does Rice Tariffication in the Philippines Worsen Income Poverty and Inequality? February 2021
PN 2021-01 What Are the Effects of the Performance-Based Bonus on Government Workers and Agencies? January 2021
PN 2020-09 Are Marine-protected Areas Sheltered from Plastic Pollution? November 2020
PN 2020-08 Mitigating Climate Change through Mangrove Forest, October 2020
PN 2020-07 Bottlenecks to Formalization of Small-Scale Mining in PH, August 2020
PN 2020-06 Answering Critical Questions on Small-scale Mining in the Philippines, April 2020
PN 2020-05 Irrigation Investments: Some Recurrent and Emerging Issues, March 2020
PN 2020-04 Aligning Higher Education with Demands for Data Science Workforce, February 2020
PN 2020-03 Why and How should We Value Unpaid Work? February 2020
PN 2020-02 Assessing the Philippine Irrigation Development Program, January 2020
PN 2020-01 Examining the Implementation of PBB Scheme in the Public Sector, January 2020
PN 2019-14 Issues and Concerns in the Implementation of Pbb at Deped, December 2019
PN 2019-13 Challenges in the Implementation of the PBB Scheme in NGAs, December 2019
PN 2019-12 Improving Human Resource Through Mutual Recognition in Asean, December 2019
PN 2019-11 Effects of TRAIN Fuel Excise Taxes on Goods and Prices, October 2019
PN 2019-10 Impacts of TRAIN Fuel Excise Taxes on Employment and Poverty, October 2019
PN 2019-09 Strengthening Institutional Links for Irrigation Water Governance, July 2019
PN 2019-08 Evaluation of National Irrigation Systems in the Philippines, July 2019
PN 2019-07 Issues on Communal Irrigation Systems in the Philippines, June 2019
PN 2019-06 Mobilizing Local Governments To Prevent Child Stunting, May 2019
PN 2019-05 Financial Sector Development: A Review, May 2019
PN 2019-04 Challenges in the Philippine Mining Industry, May 2019
PN 2019-03 Taxation in Financial Services under TRAIN, March 2019
PN 2019-02 ICT Regulation and Regulatory Authority, March 2019
PN 2019-01 Pressures on Public School Teachers and Implications on Quality, February 2019
PN 2018-20 Boys Are Still Left Behind in Basic Education, December 2018
PN 2018-19 The Philippine Electric Power Industry Under EPIRA, December 2018
PN 2018-18 Defining and Profiling the Middle Class, December 2018
PN 2018-17 Barriers and Bottlenecks to School Attendance: An Update, December 2018
PN 2018-16 Why Vulnerability Assessment Matters for Poverty Reduction, November 2018
PN 2018-15 Supply Chain Integration in Philippine SMEs, November 2018
PN 2018-14 Harnessing Government's Role for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, October 2018
PN 2018-13 Duration of Export Relationships of Philippine MSMEs, October 2018
PN 2018-12 A Process Evaluation of K to 12 Program, October 2018
PN 2018-11 Barriers to Internationalization of Philippine SMEs, October 2018
PN 2018-10 Civil Society and Public Sector Cooperation: Case of Oplan LIKAS, October 2018
PN 2018-09 Options for Reform of the National Food Authority, October 2018
PN 2018-08 Crafting Policies and Programs for Women in the Agriculture Sector, July 2018
PN 2018-07 What Drives Filipino Firms to Innovate, June 2018
PN 2018-06 Risk Management Innovation for Philippine Banking, May 2018
PN 2018-05 Facilitating FDI by Improving the Philippine Investment Negative List, May 2018
PN 2018-04 Regulatory Issues in the Philippine Food Manufacturing Industry, April 2018
PN 2018-03 Ensuring the Success of Agribusiness Ventures in the Philippines, April 2018
PN 2018-02 Administrative Legislation in the Philippine Contractors' Industry, March 2018
PN 2018-01 Regulatory Challenges in the Philippine Logistics Industry, March 2018
PN 2017-30 Financing Postdisaster Reconstruction in the Philippines, December 2017
PN 2017-29 Assessment of Planning and Programming for Capital Projects at the National and Agency Levels, December 2017
PN 2017-28 Reforming the Legal Framework for the Budget Process, December 2017
PN 2017-27 Outlook for the Philippine Economy and Agroindustry to 2030: The Role of Productivity Growth, December 2017
PN 2017-26 Characterization of Agricultural Workers in the Philippines, December 2017
PN 2017-25 Rising to the Challenge of Eliminating All Forms of Violence Against Women and Girls, December 2017
PN 2017-24 The Value of Labor Market Information Systems on International Labor Mobility, December 2017
PN 2017-23 Access to Medicines in the Philippines: Overcoming the Barriers, November 2017
PN 2017-22 Filipino Women in Leadership: Government and Industry, November 2017
PN 2017-21 Intersecting Weather Variability and Chronic Food Poverty, October 2017
PN 2017-20 Strengthening Capacity Building for RTA/FTA Negotiations in APEC, October 2017
PN 2017-19 Design Issues of the Philippine Agricultural Insurance Programs, October 2017
PN 2017-18 Toward an Adaptive Social Protection in the Philippines, September 2017
PN 2017-17 Measure and Determinants of Chronic and Transient Poverty in the Philippines, August 2017
PN 2017-16 Preventing Childhood Stunting: Why and How? August 2017
PN 2017-15 Understanding the Principles Underlying the Philippine Competition Law, July 2017
PN 2017-14 Estimating Filipinos' Vulnerability to Poverty, June 2017
PN 2017-13 Analyzing Housework Through Family and Gender Perspectives, June 2017
PN 2017-12 Have We Institutionalized DRRM in the Philippines? May 2017
PN 2017-11 Assessment of the Targeting and Financing Aspects of the RSBSA-AIP, May 2017
PN 2017-10 Examining Energy Use and Weather Variability Through the Gender Lens, April 2017
PN 2017-09 Do Men and Women in the Philippines Have Equal Economic Opportunities? April 2017
PN 2017-08 Reviving the Wood Processing Industry of the Philippines, April 2017
PN 2017-07 Quantitative Restriction on Rice Imports: Issues and Alternatives, March 2017
PN 2017-06 Why Differences in Household Expenditure Estimates Matter, March 2017
PN 2017-05 Who Benefits from the Government Health Insurance Subsidy for the Poor? February 2017
PN 2017-04 How Do Official Statistics in the Philippines Fare? February 2017
PN 2017-03 Who Benefits and Loses from an Untargeted Tuition Subsidy for Students in SUCs? February 2017
PN 2017-02 Australian SME Micro-Offshoring in the Philippines: Opportunities and Challenges, Janaury 2017
PN 2017-01 Is the Agricultural Insurance Program of the Philippines Serving the Poor? January 2017
PN 2016-28 How Do Private Schools Fare in the Provision of Health-Care Services to Students? December 2016
PN 2016-27 How Budgeting Practices on Health-Care Equipment May Fail Government Hospitals, December 2016
PN 2016-26 Taking Stock of the National Greening Program Six Years Hence, December 2016
PN 2016-25 PPP Options for Universal Health Coverage in the Philippines, December 2016
PN 2016-24 What the Philippines Can Learn from Other Countries in Financing Catastrophic Health Expenditures, December 2016
PN 2016-23 Analysis of Catastrophic Health Financing by Key Institutions, December 2016
PN 2016-22 Seeking Universal Health Coverage of Social Health Insurance in Three Asian Countries: China, Thailand, and Viet Nam, December 2016
PN 2016-21 Analysis of Out-of-Pocket Expenditures in the Philippines, November 2016
PN 2016-20 Compensatory Payment Scheme for Rice Farmers after Tariffication, November 2016
PN 2016-19 What Do Statistics Say about Basic Education in the Philippines? October 2016
PN 2016-18 Is the Community Mortgage Program Propoor? September 2016
PN 2016-17 Continue but Redesign the Grant Program for Water Supply and Sanitation, August 2016
PN 2016-16 The Motor Vehicle User's Charge: Some Issues and Recommendations, August 2016
PN 2016-15 How to Improve Smallholders' Access to Formal Credit: Lessons from the Agrarian Production Credit Program, July 2016
PN 2016-14 Competition for the Market: A Policy Framework for Improving Bus Operation along EDSA, July 2016
PN 2016-13 National Greening Program: Lessons from Institutional Analysis, June 2016
PN 2016-12 Economic and Poverty Impacts of the National Greening Program, June 2016
PN 2016-11 Do Capital Investments in Health Increase Local Service Utilization? June 2016
PN 2016-10 What Is the Impact of DepED's School-Based Feeding Program? May 2016
PN 2016-09 Importance of Entrance Exam Scores for Selecting Grants-in-Aid Recipients, March 2016
PN 2016-08 Promoting Inclusive Growth through Higher Education, March 2016
PN 2016-07 Making Digital Dividends Inclusive, February 2016
PN 2016-06 How Effective Has the Generics Act Been? February 2016
PN 2016-05 Optimizing PhilHealth's Case-based Payment Scheme to Achieve Greater Financial Protection, February 2016
PN 2016-04 Assessment of the COMPACK Program, February 2016
PN 2016-03 Nongovernment Reforestation in the Philippines: Ways Forward, January 2016
PN 2016-02 PhilHealth Coverage in the Informal Sector: Identifying Determinants of Enrollment, January 2016
PN 2016-01 PhilHealth's Employed Program: Strengthening a Mandatory Scheme, January 2016
PN 2015-30 How Is PhilHealth Faring as a Purchaser of Health Services? December 2015
PN 2015-29 Enhancing and Maximizing Participation of Private Health Facilities in TB Control, December 2015
PN 2015-28 Improving the Readiness of A and F Industries to the ASEAN Integration, December 2015
PN 2015-27 Technical Assessment of Communal Irrigation Systems in Luzon, December 2015
PN 2015-26 An Exegesis of Mediocrity: Institutions and Inclusion in the Philippines, December 2015
PN 2015-25 Agriculture and Fisheries Financing Program (AFFP): Why a Second Look at Its Implementing Guidelines Is a Must, December 2015
PN 2015-24 Agricultural Credit and Policy Council (ACPC): Performing More than it Should, December 2015
PN 2015-23 Will the Philippines Benefit from the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership? November 2015
PN 2015-22 The Impact of the Cheaper Medicines Act on Households in Metro Manila, November 2015
PN 2015-21 What Factors Affect the Business Success of Philippine SMEs in the Food Sector? November 2015
PN 2015-20 Barriers to Early TB Diagnosis among the Poor in Highly Urbanized Areas in the Philippines, November 2015
PN 2015-19 Tuberculosis and Diabetes Mellitus Control and Care: The Need for a Coordinated Response, November 2015
PN 2015-18 Exploring Private Supplemental Insurance for Catastrophic Illnesses, October 2015
PN 2015-17 Assessment of the PhilHealth CARES Program in Selected Areas of the National Capital Region, October 2015
PN 2015-16 How Effective Are our Postharvest Facilities? September 2015
PN 2015-15 More than Infrastructure and Equipment: Process Evaluation of the Health Facilities Enhancement Program, August 2015
PN 2015-14 Regulating Political Dynasties toward a more Inclusive Society, August 2015
PN 2015-13 Why We Should Pay Attention to the Middle Class, July 2015
PN 2015-12 Prospects of Stronger Economic Cooperation between the ASEAN and India: Implications for the Philippines, July 2015
PN 2015-11 Liberalizing Trade of Environmental Goods and Services: How to Address the Free-rider Problem, July 2015
PN 2015-10 Mainstreaming SMEs through Social Enterprises, June 2015
PN 2015-09 Performance of APEC Economies in Ease of Doing Business, May 2015
PN 2015-08 How Has Basic Education in the Philippines Fared and What Else Needs to Be Done? May 2015
PN 2015-07 Port Congestion and Underutilization in the Greater Capital Region: Unpacking the Issues, March 2015
PN 2015-06 K to 12 Reform: Implications of Adding Grades 11 and 12 on the Higher Education Subsector, March 2015
PN 2015-05 Promoting Women`s Participation in the APEC Economies: Some Recommendations, February 2015
PN 2015-04 Is Poverty Really Decreasing, and If Not, Why Not? February 2015
PN 2015-03 Challenges in the Economic Participation of Women as Entrepreneurs, February 2015
PN 2015-02 The National Greening Program: Hope for our Balding Forests, January 2015
PN 2015-01 Feeding Severely Wasted Children in School: Examining Processes in DepED`s School Feeding Program, January 2015
PN 2014-23 Process Assessment of the Bottom-up Budgeting: The Case of Quezon Province, December 2014
PN 2014-22 Why Global Value Chains and Services Matter: Implication for APEC 2015, December 2014
PN 2014-21 Establishing the Linkages between Human Resource Development and Inclusive Growth, December 2014
PN 2014-20 Measuring Irrigation Performance: Lessons from National Systems, October 2014
PN 2014-19 How Should Income-based Grantees in Tertiary Education Be Chosen? October 2014
PN 2014-18 The Need (or not) for Fiscal Incentives, October 2014
PN 2014-17 Clarifying the Jobs Challenge, September 2014
PN 2014-16 Is Growth Really Jobless? August 2014
PN 2014-15 Effects of Minimum Wage on the Philippine Economy, August 2014
PN 2014-14 Process, Nature, and Impacts of Irrigation System Rehabilitation, August 2014
PN 2014-13 Appraisal of Methodology in Estimating Irrigable Areas and Processes of Evaluating Feasibility of NIA Irrigation Projects, August 2014
PN 2014-12 Government Investment in Deep-well Pumps: Some Preliminary Notes for Policy, August 2014
PN 2014-11 Analysis of Technical Assumptions and Processes of Evaluating Feasibility of Irrigation Projects, August 2014
PN 2014-10 Competition in the Rice Value Chain: Highlights of a Rapid Appraisal, May 2014
PN 2014-09 Linking Small Farmers to Modern Markets: The Role of Contract Farming, May 2014
PN 2014-08 Bakit Nagmahal ang Bigas Noong 2013? At Bakit Mahal pa rin? The Continuing Saga of Rice Self-Sufficiency in the Philippines, May 2014
PN 2014-07 Formulating the Philippine Services Strategy for Inclusive Growth, May 2014
PN 2014-06 A Profile of Graduate Education Programs in the Philippines, April 2014
PN 2014-05 Reviewing Quality Assessment Tools for Graduate Education, April 2014
PN 2014-04 Big Data for Measuring Progress and Development: Big Insights or Big Issues? April 2014
PN 2014-03 Toward Relaxing the Cabotage Restrictions in Maritime Transport, February 2014
PN 2014-02 Using the Social Rate of Discount in Evaluating Public Investments in the Philippines, January 2014
PN 2014-01 How Should We Move Forward in Customs Brokerage and Trade Facilitation? January 2014
PN 2013-20 Strengthening Mortgage-Backed Securitization in the Philippines: The Role of the National Housing Mortgage Finance Corporation (NHMFC), December 2013
PN 2013-19 Getting Ready for AEC 2015: Standards and Conformance in the Philippines, December 2013
PN 2013-18 PJEPA: Highlights of an Initial Ex-post Review, December 2013
PN 2013-17 Best Practices in Mortgage-backed Securitization for the Underserved Housing Market: Lessons for the Philippine Housing Finance, December 2013
PN 2013-16 Water Financing Programs: Creating Incentives for Private Sector Participation, December 2013
PN 2013-15 Export Processing Zones, Special Economic Zones: Do We Really Need to Have More of Them? December 2013
PN 2013-14 The Impact of Natural Disasters on Income and Poverty: Framework and some Evidence from Philippine Households, November 2013
PN 2013-13 Border and Behind-the-Border Restrictions in Logistics and Trade Facilitation in the Philippines: Some Results of Regulatory Dialogues, November 2013
PN 2013-12 Key Reforms for an Effective Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, November 2013
PN 2013-11 Health-enhancing Holidays: Challenges in Expanding Medical Tourism in the Philippines, October 2013
PN 2013-10 Philippine Fisheries Trade with ASEAN: Chokepoints to AEC 2015, September 2013
PN 2013-09 Opportunities for Making Health Financing and Services More Inclusive in the Philippines, August 2013
PN 2013-08 Explaining the Large Disparities in Health in the Philippines, August 2013
PN 2013-07 The Puzzle of Economic Growth and Stalled Health Improvement in the Philippines, August 2013
PN 2013-06 Urgent: A Road Map for Agro-industrial Development in the Philippines, August 2013
PN 2013-05 Can the Philippine Auto Industry Survive Smuggling? March 2013
PN 2013-04 Where Are the Poor Employed? Profiling the Working Poor, Februrary 2013
PN 2013-03 Community-based Approaches Toward Upgrading of Informal Settlements: Alternative Strategies and Recommendations for Policymaking, February 2013
PN 2013-02 Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino: Why "Deepening" Matters in Achieving Its Human Capital Objectives, February 2013
PN 2013-01 Why a New Industrial Policy for the Philippines Is Critical, January 2013
PN 2012-22 How Critical Is Transport and Logistics Infrastructure to Interregional Trade? The Case of High-value Fruits and Vegetables in Mindanao, December 2012
PN 2012-21 The Philippines and East Asia: Building on Partnerships to Take Part in the Region's Dynamism, December 2012
PN 2012-20 Toward Deepening East Asian Integration: How Convergent Are the Rules of Origin in the ASEAN+1 Free Trade Agreements, December 2012
PN 2012-19 Perceptions and Laws on Unfair Trade Practices in the Philippines, December 2012
PN 2012-17 The Urgent Need to Increase Baseload Generating Capacity in Mindanao, November 2012
PN 2012-16 Should the Philippines Tariffy its Quantitative Restriction on Rice? October 2012
PN 2012-15 Typhoons, Floods, and Droughts: Regional Occurrence and Value of Damages to Rice Farming in the Philippines, September 2012
PN 2012-14 Assessment of Vulnerability to Natural Hazards at Subnational Level: Provincial Estimates for the Philippines, September 2012
PN 2012-13 Policy Coordination for Food Security: the Case of the ASEAN Rice Trade Forum, September 2012
PN 2012-12 Rice Self-sufficiency: Is It Feasible? September 2012
PN 2012-11 Productivity Growth as Key Driver of Development: Finding the Right Policy Mix, August 2012
PN 2012-10 Education Cooperation in Asia and the Pacific, August 2012
PN 2012-08 Addressing Late School Entry and other Demand-side Barriers to Primary Schooling, July 2012
PN 2012-07
(Policy Brief)
Enhancing the Protection and Promotion of Migrant Workers` Rights in ASEAN, Published 2012
PN 2012-06
(Policy Brief)
Policy on Irregular Migrants in Malaysia: an Analysis of its Implementation and Effectiveness, Published 2012
PN 2012-05
(Policy Brief)
Protecting Vulnerable OFWs: the Case of Filipino Household Service Workers (HSWs), Published 2012
PN 2012-04
(Policy Brief)
Understanding Singapore`s Policies Toward Inflow of Foreign Talent, Published 2012
PN 2012-03
(Policy Brief)
Understanding Singapore`s Policies Toward Inflow of Foreign Low-skilled Workers, Published 2012
PN 2012-02 Improving Teacher Deployment Practices in the Philippines, March 2012
PN 2012-01 Do FDI Inflows Have Positive Spillover Effects? The Case of the Philippine Manufacturing Industry, March 2012
PN 2011-20 Forecasting Natural Hazards and Disasters in Selected Southeast Asian Countries: The Need for Cooperative Action, December 2011
PN 2011-19 Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program and School Attendance: Early Indications of Success, November 2011
PN 2011-18 Value Addition: the Way of the Future for Philippine Mining, October 2011
PN 2011-17 Why some Firms Innovate and Why others Do not, September 2011
PN 2011-16 Why Are some Filipino Children not in School? August 2011
PN 2011-15 Some Issues on Low Participation Rates in Basic Education, July 2011
PN 2011-14 Fiscal Costs of Subsidies for Socialized Housing Programs: an Update, July 2011
PN 2011-13 Globalization, Competition, and International Production Networks: Policy Directions for the Philippine Automotive Industry, June 2011
PN 2011-12 Managing Capital Flows in the Philippines, May 2011
PN 2011-11 Putting Rice on the Table: Rice Policy, the WTO, and Food Security, May 2011
PN 2011-10 New Tax Measures Needed to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals, May 2011
PN 2011-09 Strengthening Sources of Knowledge/Technology to Promote Innovation: the Case of CALABARZON, May 2011
PN 2011-08 PLDT-Sun Acquisition: Good or Bad? April 2011
PN 2011-07 Does Poor Rural Infrastructure Constrain Agricultural Productivity? April 2011
PN 2011-06 Understanding the Extent, Composition, and Characteristics of the Poor, April 2011
PN 2011-05 Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Management in Local Governments, March 2011
PN 2011-04 Magna Carta of Public Health Workers: Does it really Fulfill its Intent? March 2011
PN 2011-03 New Ideas to Help the Aquino Administration Achieve its Health Agenda, February 2011
PN 2011-02 Why Slum Poverty Matters, January 2011
PN 2011-01 How Can Government Increase R&D Activities in the Philippines? January 2011
PN 2010-16 Understanding the Recent Rise in Poverty Incidence: a Look at Growth and Income Distribution Effects, December 2010
PN 2010-15 How Are DOH Hospitals Funded? December 2010
PN 2010-14 Supporting Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises: New Ideas from Taiwan and Korea, November 2010
PN 2010-13 Investing in Local Roads for better Mobility of People, Goods, and Services, November 2010
PN 2010-12 Weather and Climate-related Disasters: the Cost of Inaction, November 2010
PN 2010-11 Addressing Constraints to Agricultural Finance to Boost Food Production, October 2010
PN 2010-10
(Policy Brief)
Localizing Child Protection: Does the Local Council for the Protection of Children Matter? August 2010
PN 2010-09
(Policy Brief)
Schooling Disparities: an Early Life Lever for Better (or Worse) Equity in the Future, August 2010
PN 2010-08
(Policy Brief)
Proliferation of Street Children: a Threat to the MDGs, August 2010
PN 2010-07
(Policy Brief)
A Glimpse at the School Dropout Problem, August 2010
PN 2010-06
(Policy Brief)
Children Suffer from Multiple Dimensions of Poverty, August 2010
PN 2010-05
(Policy Brief)
Is PhilHealth's Sponsored Program Reaching the Poorest of the Poor? August 2010
PN 2010-04
(Policy Brief)
Hilots Getting on Board Facility-based Deliveries, August 2010
PN 2010-03 Examining Recent Trends in Poverty, Inequality, and Vulnerability, July 2010
PN 2010-02 Why Cement Prices Remain High despite Zero Tariffs, June 2010
PN 2010-01 How Do Philippine Provinces Fare in Terms of Human Development? February 2010
PN 2009-12 Making Reforms Truly Transform: the Case of Philippine Basic Education, December 2009
PN 2009-11 Focus on Barangay Economic Development, December 2009
PN 2009-10 Assessing LGUs' Health Service Delivery Performance: the Cases of Agusan del Sur and Dumaguete City, December 2009
PN 2009-09 Looking at Conditions of Persons with Disability in Metro Manila, December 2009
PN 2009-08 Who Really Holds the "Power of the Purse?" December 2009
PN 2009-07 What Ails Local Service Delivery of Public Goods and Services? December 2009
PN 2009-06 Child Poverty in the Philippines: More Children Suffer as Poverty Rises, December 2009
PN 2009-05 In Pursuit of Sex Parity: Are Girls Becoming more Educated than Boys? December 2009
PN 2009-04 Housing Policy for the Poor: Revisiting UDHA and CISFA, November 2009
PN 2009-03 The 2008 Global Financial and Economic Crisis: Impact on the Philippines and Policy, November 2009
PN 2009-02 Performance and Problems of Water Districts: Selected Experiences, October 2009
PN 2009-01 Water Service Delivery on the Ground: Targets versus Realities (the Cases of Dumaguete City and Agusan del Sur), September 2009
PN 2008-12 Addressing Policy Issues and Constraints in Agricultural Diversification: the Potential Contribution of the Fruits and Vegetables Subsector, December 2008
PN 2008-11 Issues on Counting the Poor, December 2008
PN 2008-10 Lessons for the Philippines from the US Financial Crisis, December 2008
PN 2008-09 Make 'Deliberate' Haste in Rolling Out the 4Ps, December 2008
PN 2008-08 Restructuring the Philippine Statistical System in Response to New Challenges, December 2008
PN 2008-07 Are Recent Gains in BIR Tax Effort Sustainable? December 2008
PN 2008-06 Microinsurance: Does Traditional Regulation Apply? October 2008
PN 2008-05 Dealing with the Soaring Price of Rice, September 2008
PN 2008-04 Regional Cooperation in East Asia Amid Global Economic Turmoil, August 2008
PN 2008-03 Ensuring a More Evidence-based Policy for Basic Education, April 2008
PN 2008-02 The Autobus Is Leaving...Can the Philippines Catch It? March 2008
PN 2008-01 Fishpen and Fishcage Culture in Laguna de Bay: Its Importance and Problems, March 2008
PN 2007-12 How Do Filipino Families Use the OFW Remittances? December 2007
PN 2007-11 Can the Services Sector Be an Engine of Economic Growth for the Philippines? December 2007
PN 2007-10 Nontariff Measures Faced by Philippine Agriculture Exporters, December 2007
PN 2007-09 IRA Design Issues and Challenges, December 2007
PN 2007-08 Risks and Opportunities in Securing Increased Resources for MDGs at the National Level, December 2007
PN 2007-07 Pitfalls in Targeting, December 2007
PN 2007-06 Has Land Reform Improved on Landownership Inequality? Evidence from Philippine Rice-growing Villages, December 2007
PN 2007-05 Household Vulnerability to Income Poverty, December 2007
PN 2007-04 Assessing the Severity of Problems of Aquaculture in Laguna de Bay: Practitioners' Perspectives, November 2007
PN 2007-03 Protecting the Vulnerable through Social Health Insurance: PhilHealth's KASAPI as a Strategy, November 2007
PN 2007-02 Memo on JPEPA: Why Ratify? 2007
PN 2007-01 Reforming the BOT Law: A Call of the Times October 2007
PN 2006-11 Reviewing the Philippines' Spectrum Management Policy, December 2006
PN 2006-10 Assessing the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA), December 2006
PN 2006-09 Lessons from Cambodia...Exploring the Potential of Inland Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in the Philippines, December 2006
PN 2006-08 Should Southeast Asia Fear the Chinese Juggernaut? The View from the Philippines, December 2006
PN 2006-07 Slotting Allowance: an Overlooked Angle in Grocery Retailing, July 2006
PN 2006-06 The More the Poorer: Why Large Family Size Causes Poverty, May 2006
PN 2006-05 The Cost of War in Human Dimension: The Case of Lanao del Sur, April 2006
PN 2006-04 Armed Conflict in Bicol: The Price Does Not Come Cheap, March 2006
PN 2006-03 Civil Society Institutional Response: Peaceful Intervention to Resolve Armed Conflicts, March 2006
PN 2006-02 The AFP's Institutional Responses to Armed Conflict: a Continuing Quest for the Right Approach, March 2006
PN 2006-01 Extracting the Root to Reap the Fruit: Searching for a Possible End to Armed Conflict, March 2006
PN 2005-09 The Boom in FTAs: Let Prudence Reign, December 2005
PN 2005-08 Gender Differentiated Benefit Incidence of the Department of Education: Basic Education for All? December 2005
PN 2005-07 Looking Closely on Who Benefits from Public Subsidies in Health Care: a Gender Perspective, December 2005
PN 2005-06 Strengthening Trade Research Capacity for Policymaking and Negotiations, September 2005
PN 2005-05 What's Happening in the Philippine Free Trade Agreements? September 2005
PN 2005-04 The Impact of Fiscal Restraint on Budgetary Allocations for Women's Programs, August 2005
PN 2005-03 Dealing with Japan in the Age of Globalization, June 2005
PN 2005-02 Can the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) Benefit Philippine Consumer Goods Exporters? April 2005
PN 2005-01 A Competition Policy and Efficient Regulatory Framework for the Port Sector: Getting It Unberthed, February 2005
PN 2004-12 LGUs Need Strong National Leadership in Population Management
PN 2004-11 Measuring Bank Competitiveness: Has Financial Liberalization Increased Competition?
PN 2004-10 Is the Promise Being Fulfilled?...Microfinance in the Philippines: Status, Issues and Challenges
PN 2004-09 Exploring the Philippine FTA Policy Options
PN 2004-08 Fiscal Reform Agenda: Getting Ready for the Bumpy Ride Ahead
PN 2004-07 The Philippines' Fiscal Position: Looking at the Complete Picture
PN 2004-06 Rural Finance in the Philippines: A Continuing Saga in Policy Challenges
PN 2004-05 Can Group Credit Work for Housing Loans? Some Evidence from the CMP
PN 2004-04 Can the Poor Benefit from the Removal of QR on Rice?
PN 2004-03 Institutions and Water -- the Vital Connections
PN 2004-02 Bottleneck to Growth: Inadequate Infrastructure
PN 2004-01 Does Coastal Resources Management Help? Ask the Fishermen!
PN 2003-17 The Insurance Industry in the ASEAN5 Economies: Tapping Its Potential
PN 2003-16 Efficiency and Gender Concerns: Issues Confronting the Philippine Credit Cooperatives
PN 2003-15 Household Poverty: Addressing the Core of Microfinance
PN 2003-14 Property Rights in Land Reform Areas
PN 2003-13 Cancun and Its Aftermath: What Does It Mean?
PN 2003-12 Doing It Right for Tax Administration Reform: (Semi-) Autonomous Revenue Authority Anyone?
PN 2003-11 Who Benefits from the Tariff Reforms?
PN 2003-10 "No" to Policy Reversal: Backsliding in Tariff Policy Can Do More Harm than Good
PN 2003-09 East Asian Currencies: Is There Room for (Further) Appreciation?
PN 2003-08 What We Have and Don't Have...Is It Enough for Global Competition?
PN 2003-07 Developing the Policy and Regulatory Architecture for Microfinance in the Philippines
PN 2003-06 A Microfinance Promise: To Provide the Poor Access to Finance Services
PN 2003-05 Policy Lending for LGUs: An Innovative Financing Instrument for Local Governments
PN 2003-04 Population and the Fight Against Poverty
PN 2003-03 Lack of Consensus Characterizes Philippine Population Policy
PN 2003-02 Population: Does It Matter? Revisiting an Old Issue
PN 2003-01 Where Are the Benefits of Foreign Bank Liberalization?
PN 2002-19 Financial Services Integration and Consolidated Supervision: Some Issues to Consider for the Philippines
PN 2002-18 Fiscal Incentives Revisited
PN 2002-17 Industry Benchmarking for Improved VAT Administration
PN 2002-16 Effecting Efficiency to Sustain MFIs: The Case of Cooperative Rural Banks
PN 2002-15 The Philippine Fisheries R&D Institutions: A Look at Their Publication Record
PN 2002-14 Explaining the Decline in Tax Effort
PN 2002-13 Increasing Opportunities for Technology Adoption and Women's Participation
PN 2002-12 Does Domestic Regulation Promote Globally Competitive Filipino Professionals and Educational Services?
PN 2002-11 A Second Look at Institutional Reforms in the Housing Sector
PN 2002-10 Using Community-Generated Data for Water Management Policy
PN 2002-09 Why Watershed-Based Water Management Makes Sense
PN 2002-08 Rice Policy Reforms in the Philippines: A Political Economy Perspective
PN 2002-07 Can the Philippines' Human Resource Base Meet the Challenge of a Liberalized Financial Sector?
PN 2002-06 Has Foreign Entry Made Domestic Banks More Efficient?
PN 2002-05 Philippine Maritime and Nursing Education: Benchmarking With APEC Best Practices
PN 2002-04 China's Economic Growth: Implications to the ASEAN
PN 2002-03 Setting Quality Standards for Environmental Management Policy: How Effective Is It?
PN 2002-02 A Macroeconomic Evaluation of the Proposed PERA Act
PN 2002-01 Impact of Agrarian Reform on Poverty Reduction
PN 2001-17 Addressing Constraints in the Provision of Financial Services to MicSMEs and Poor Households
PN 2001-16 Deregulation of Bank Entry and Branching: Impact on Competition
PN 2001-15 Watering Down the Water Problem: An Institutional Perspective
PN 2001-14 Absorptive Capacity for Government and Donor Funding: Assessing the DOH Case
PN 2001-13 New Forms of Financing the Fiscal Deficit: Examining the Effects on the Fiscal Accounts
PN 2001-12 Will Shift to Gross Income Taxation Help Generate More Revenues?
PN 2001-11 Assessing Alternative Schemes for Financing Tariff Reform
PN 2001-10 Serving the Urban Poor through Public-Private-Community Partnerships in Water Supply
PN 2001-09 Are Filipino Professionals Ready to Meet International Competition?
PN 2001-08 What Factors Influence Manufacturing Companies' Observance of Core ILO Labor Standards?
PN 2001-07 Liberalization of the Philippine International Air Transport Industry: Que Paso?
PN 2001-06 Competition in the Domestic Air Transport Industry: Can it be Sustained without Competition Policy?
PN 2001-05 The Silent Dangers of Quarrying
PN 2001-04 Sustainable Rural Finance: Policy and Design Issues
PN 2001-03 Competition in Philippine Telecommunications: A Survey of the Critical Issues
PN 2001-02 The Dollarization Debate: Concepts and Issues
PN 2001-01 Risk-based Supervision of Banks Involved in Microfinance
PN 2000-20 Basic Education: Improving Quality and Quantity
PN 2000-19 From APEC Formation to Consolidation: Policy Suggestions for ASEAN
PN 2000-18 Strengthening APEC's Institutions
PN 2000-17 Managing Government Guarantees and Contingent Liabilities
PN 2000-16 China-ASEAN Relations: Political Security and Economic Interests
PN 2000-15 China's Changing Trade Patterns: Implications for ASEAN-China Trade
PN 2000-14 Implementing the AFTA-CEPT Scheme: Will the Philippine Automotive Industry Survive?
PN 2000-13 Tacit Price Collusion in the Philippine Cement Industry?
PN 2000-12 Exchange Is No Change
PN 2000-11 Improving Tax Administration: A New View from the Theory of Tax Evasion in a Corrupt Regime
PN 2000-10 Oil Price Increase: Can Something be Done to Minimize its Adverse Effects?
PN 2000-09 Urban Water Pricing: The Metro Manila and Metro Cebu Cases
PN 2000-08 Protecting Deposits in Savings and Credit Cooperatives
PN 2000-07 Banning Commercial Foresting: What are the Costs?
PN 2000-06 Defining the Agricultural Biotechnology Policy of the Philippines
PN 2000-05 Shifting the Country's Customs Valuation System to Transaction Value: What Can We Expect?
PN 2000-04 Is LandBank EO138 Ready?
PN 2000-03 Mercury Pollution Due to Small-Scale Gold Mining: A Serious Menace
PN 2000-02 Competitiveness of the Philippine IT Industry: What Lies Ahead
PN 2000-01 Hatchery-Bred Milkfish Fry: A Must for Fisheries Development
PN 1999-16 Why Slowing Population Growth in the Philippines is an Imperative
PN 1999-15 Housing Policy: Developing a Market-based Housing Finance System
PN 1999-14 Research and Development in the Philippine Fisheries Sector: A Critical Review
PN 1999-13 Improving the Spatial Dimension of the Annual Budget
PN 1999-12 From APEC to WTO: What Does Elevating the Early Voluntary Sectoral Liberalization (EVSL) Scheme Imply?
PN 1999-11 How Much Water Do Households Require?
PN 1999-10 Philippine Trade Policy: Reflecting on its Effects on the Environment
PN 1999-09 Philippine Credit Policy and Microfinance Institutions: Some Lessons from the Latin American Experience
PN 1999-08 Credit Crunch! Credit Crunch! Credit Crunch?
PN 1999-07 Analysis of Fishing Ports in the Philippines
PN 1999-06 Credit Programs for the Poor: A Tale of Two Studies
PN 1999-05 Sustainable Development and the Philippine Fisheries Code: A Critique
PN 1999-04 Rethinking Government's Role in Urban Infrastructure
PN 1999-03 Loan Guarantee Programs for Small-Scale Borrowers: Are They Working?
PN 1999-02 Closing the Urban Fiscal Gap: Some Considerations
PN 1999-01 Inter-LGU Cooperation: The Key to the Issues of a Devolved Health Care System
PN 1998-10 Metropolitan Arrangements in the Philippines: A New Urban Development Challenge
PN 1998-09 The Regulation of Deposit-Taking Cooperatives
PN 1998-08 Health Management Strategies of Selected Cities
PN 1998-07 Managing the Environment and Natural Resources: Lessons from City Program Innovations
PN 1998-06 Health Care Financing Reform: Issues and Updates
PN 1998-05 Employment: Can We Keep Old Jobs and Create New Ones?
PN 1998-04 The International Economic Environment and the Philippine Economy
PN 1998-03 The Downward Drift in ASEAN Tariffs: Implications on Philippine Trade
PN 1998-02 Economic Reform and Macroeconomic Stability: A Delicate Balance
PN 1998-01 Fiscal Policy: Some Difficult Choices
PN 1997-12 Water Demand Projections for Metro Manila: A Critical Review
PN 1997-11 Government Guarantees in Infrastructure Projects: A Second, Third Look at the Policy
PN 1997-10 Income Tax Reform under CTRP: A Taxing Problem
PN 1997-09 Using Microfinance Institutions in Poverty Alleviation: A Case of the Blind Leading the Blind?
PN 1997-08 Improving the Policy Environment and Institutional Structures for Technological Development
PN 1997-07 The Textile - Garments Industry: A Call for Restructuring
PN 1997-06 Improving Institutional Support to Small and Medium Enterprises
PN 1997-05 Improving Industrial Relations and Reducing Adjunct Costs of Production and Trading: Steps Toward Improved International Competi
PN 1997-04 Industrial Growth and Environmental Protection in Metro Cebu: Some Challenges and Recommendations
PN 1997-03 Overfishing in the Commercial Fisheries Sector: Time for Action
PN 1997-02 Promoting Environmentally Preferable Products for Sustainable Development
PN 1997-01 Developing a Framework for Agroindustrial Restructuring of the Philippine Economy for International Competitiveness
PN 1996-04 Understanding Household Demand and Supply of Water: The Metro Manila Case
PN 1996-03 A New Vision and Credit Policy Framework for Financing LGUs Basic Services and Development Projects
PN 1996-02 Housing Subsidies: A Closer Look at the Issues
PN 1996-01 Effects of Congressional Budget Realignments on the Social Sector

Source: Philippine Institute for Development Studies