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Working Papers





Working Papers is a publication of the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS).
WP 1993-03 Alternative Self-Help financing Schemes for Housing: An Exploratory Study on Indigenous, Voluntary, Community-Based Groups in Urban Areas
WP 1993-02 Agricultural Credit and Banking in the Philippines: Efficiency and Access Issues
WP 1993-01 Philippine: Recent Performance, Prospects for 1993-1994, Policy and Development Issues
WP 1992-21 Structural Adjustment and Agriculture: Developing Research Analytical Framework
WP 1992-20 MIMAP: A Framework Paper on the Philippine Industrial and Informal Sectors
WP 1992-19 Monitoring the MIMAP
WP 1992-18 MIMAP on Health, Nutrition and Education
WP 1992-17 Philippine Macroeconomic Policies Affecting Households
WP 1992-16 A Preliminary Inquiry into the Micro-level Gender Effects of Macroeconomic Adjustment Policies
WP 1992-15 A Study of Government Regulations in the Philippines: Power Generation and Distribution
WP 1992-14 MIMAP in the Natural Resources and Environment Sector
WP 1992-13 Micro Impacts of Macroeconomic Adjustment Policies (MIMAP): Phase II (Integrative Report
WP 1992-12 Production Parameter Estimates for the Philippine Nonagricultural Sectors
WP 1992-11 A Study of Philippine Monetary and Banking Policies
WP 1992-10 Philippine Structural Adjustment Measures for 1986-1992
WP 1992-09 A Study on Philippine Exchange Rate Policies
WP 1992-08 Organizing for Results: The Philippine Agricultural Sector
WP 1992-07 Prepaid Managed Health Care: The Emergence of Health Maintenance Organizations as Alternative Financing Schemes in the Philippines
WP 1992-06 Factors Affecting the Demand for Health Services in the Philippines
WP 1992-05 Determinants and Policy Implications of Drug Utilization in the Philippines
WP 1992-04 Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations, Fiscal Federalism and Economic Development in the Philippines
WP 1992-03 Measuring Benefits from Resource Conservation: The Case of the Central Visayas Regional Projects
WP 1992-02 Performance, Competitiveness and Structure of Philippine Manufacturing Industries: A Research Design
WP 1992-01 Forest and Land-Use Practices in Philippine Uplands: National Level Analysis Based on Eight Villages
WP 1991-17 A Study on Rural labor Markets, Rural Nonfarm Enterprises and Agrarian Reform in the Philippines
WP 1991-16 Gender Issues in Agrarian Reform and Rural Nonfarm Enterprise
WP 1991-15 Linkages, Poverty and Income Distribution
WP 1991-14 Impact of Agrarian Reform on Landowners: A Review of Literature and Conceptual Framework
WP 1991-13 A General Assessment of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program
WP 1991-12 Growth and Dynamics of Small and Microenterprises: Does Finance Matter?
WP 1991-11 Credit Markets in the Fisheries Sector Under the CARP: A Review of Literature and Conceptual Framework
WP 1991-10 Interlinked Credit and Tenancy Arrangements: A State-of-the-Art Review
WP 1991-09 Agrarian Reform, the Cattle Industry and Rural Financing Market
WP 1991-08 Supporting Rural Non-Farm Enterprises: What Can Be Learned From Donor Programs?
WP 1991-07 Dynamics of Rural Development: Analytical Issues and Policy Perspectives
WP 1991-06 An Overview of the Technical Resources Project-Dynamics of Rural Development Research Program
WP 1991-05 Structure and Prospects of the ASEAN Financial and Banking Systems: Perspectives from the Philippines
WP 1991-04 Role of Rural Nonfarm Employment in Philippine Development
WP 1991-03 The Impact of the Gulf Crisis on the Philippine Economy
WP 1991-02 Micro Impacts of Macroeconomic Adjustment Policies (MIMAP): A Framework Paper and review of Literature
WP 1991-01 The Philippines: Recent Performance, Prospects for 1991-1992, Policy and Development Issues
WP 1990-25 Off-Balance Sheet Activities of Commercial Banks in the Philippines
WP 1990-24 Central Bank Policies and the Behavior of the Money Market
WP 1990-23 A Study of the Operations and Performance of Selected Cooperative Credit Unions
WP 1990-22 Trade in Banking Services in ASEAN Countries
WP 1990-21 Credit Unions: An Underrated Mode of Mobilizing and Allocating Resources in Rural Areas
WP 1990-20 MCSME Promotion Policy and Legislative Agenda: Focus on Monetary Policy. Finance and Credit Programs
WP 1990-19 Health Manpower Employment and Productivity in the Philippines
WP 1990-18 The Philippine Industrial Sector: Policies, Programs and Performance
WP 1990-17 Economics of Philippine Fisheries and Aquatic Resources: A Literature Survey
WP 1990-16 Reestimation of Shadow Prices of the of the Philippines
WP 1990-15 Comparative Saving Behavior of Rural and Urban Households in the Philippines
WP 1990-14 A Review of Fiscal Policy Reforms in ASEAN Countries in the 1980s
WP 1990-13 The PIDS-NEDA Annual Macroeconometric Model, Version 1989: A Summary
WP 1990-10 An Assessment of Population, Health and Education Policies in the Philippines, 1986-1988
WP 1990-09 An Assessment of Labor and Employment Policies in the Philippines, 1986-1988
WP 1990-08 A Review of Natural Resource and Environment Management, 1986-1988
WP 1990-07 An Assessment of Trade and Industrial Policy, 1986-1988
WP 1990-06 An Assessment of Fiscal Policy in the Philippines, 1986-1988
WP 1990-05 An Assessment of Policies Affecting the Financial Sector, 1986-1988
WP 1990-04 An Assessment of the External Debt Management in the Philippines
WP 1990-03 An Assessment of Public Administration in the Philippines, 1986-1988
WP 1990-01 The Philippines: Recent Performance, Prospects for 1990-1991, Policy and Development Issues
WP 1989-18 Assessment of the Problems of the Financial System: The Philippine Case
WP 1989-17 Recent Policy-Oriented Research and Current Policy Issues: A Cursory Review
WP 1989-15 Cost Comparisons of Selected Metro Manila Hospitals
WP 1989-14 The Health Impact of Urban Poor Housing and Environmental Conditions
WP 1989-13 Case Studies on the Monitoring of Informal Credit Markets
WP 1989-12 A Study of the Export Financing System in the Philippines
WP 1989-11 Response to New Market Opportunities: The Case of the Overseas Employment Sector
WP 1989-10 Integrative Report on the Informal Credit Markets in the Philippines
WP 1989-09 Philippine Trade Policy Options
WP 1989-08 Employment Strategies for Accelerated Economic Growth: The Philippine Experience
WP 1989-07 Japanese and US Development Assistance to the Philippines: A Philippine Perspective
WP 1989-06 Financial Liberalization and Interest Rate Determination: The Case of the Philippines, 1981-1985
WP 1989-05 ASEAN-US Initiative: The Philippine Experience
WP 1989-04 Employment Effects of Selected Structural Adjustment Policies in the Philippines
WP 1989-03 Employment, Productivity and Wages in the Philippine Labor market: An Analysis of Trends and Policies
WP 1989-02 Linkages in Development: A Philippine Case Study
WP 1989-01 The Philippines: Recent Performance, Prospects for 1989-1990, Policy and Development Issues
WP 1988-29 The Impact of Trade, Trade Policy and External Shocks on the Philippine Economy Based on the PIDS-NEDA Macroeconomic Model
WP 1988-28 Science and Technology and Economic Development
WP 1988-27 A Review of Investment Incentives in ASEAN Countries
WP 1988-26 The 1989 Program of Government Expenditures Report
WP 1988-25 The Urban Informal Credit markets: An Integrative Report
WP 1988-23 Guarantee Schemes: An alternative to the Supervised Credit Program
WP 1988-22 Funds Transfer: Boon or Bane to the Viability of Rural Financial Intermediaries
WP 1988-21 The Demands for Funds Among Agricultural Households in the Philippines
WP 1988-20 The Analysis of Savings Behavior: The Case of Rural Households in the Philippines
WP 1988-19 Credit Rationing Under a Deregulated Financial System
WP 1988-18 Transactions Costs and the Viability of Rural Financial Intermediaries
WP 1988-17 Borrower Transactions Costs and Credit Rationing in Rural Financial Markets: The Philippine Case
WP 1988-16 Comparative Management Structure and Institutional Performance in Rural Banking Institutions
WP 1988-15 Rural Deposit Mobilization in the Philippines
WP 1988-14 Political Economy of Credit Availability and Financial Liberalization: Notes on the Philippine Experience
WP 1988-13 Flexible Functional Form Estimates of Philippine Demand Elasticities for Nutrition Policy Simulation
WP 1988-12 A A Review of Policies Impinging on the Informal Credit Markets
WP 1988-11 The On-Site and Downstream Costs of Soil Erosion
WP 1988-10 Financing the Budget Deficit in a Small Open Economy: The Case of the Philippines, 1981-1986
WP 1988-09 The Effect of Exchange Rate Devaluation on a Small Open Economy with an External Debt Overhang
WP 1988-08 Japanís Aid to ASEAN: Present Realities and Future Challenges
WP 1988-07 The Manufacturing Sector and the Informal Credit Markets: The Case of Trade Credits in the Footwear Industry
WP 1988-06 Informal Savings and Credit Institutions in the Urban Areas: The Case of Cooperative Credit Unions
WP 1988-05 The Financial Markets in Low-Income Urban Communities: The Case of Sapang Palay
WP 1988-04 An Analysis of the Role of Pawnshops in the Financial System
WP 1988-03 The Size, Financing and Impact of the Public Sector Deficit, 1975-198
WP 1988-02 Economics of Upland Resource Depletion: Shifting Cultivation in the Philippines
WP 1988-01 A General Assessment of Foreign Trade Barriers to Philippine Exports
WP 1987-05 An Analysis of Public Sector Expenditures, 1975-1985
WP 1987-04 Comparative Bank Study: A Background Paper
WP 1987-03 Can the Informal Lenders be Co-opted Into Government Credit Programs?
WP 1987-02 Costs of Agricultural Credit in the Philippines: The Short-run Effects of Interest Rate Deregulation
WP 1987-01 Macroeconomic Adjustment in the Philippines, 1983-1985
WP 1986-03 Factors Affecting the Choice of Location: A Survey of Foreign and Local Firms in the Philippines
WP 1986-02 Integrated Summary Report-Population Pressure and Migration: Implications for Upland Development
WP 1986-01 Trade Liberalization and Experience in the Philippines, 1960-1984
WP 1985-02 Financing the Budget Deficit in the Philippines
WP 1985-01 A Review of Welfare in the Coconut Industry
WP 1984-09 A Survey of Internal Coordination and Control Systems in Selected Public Enterprises
WP 1984-08 Management and Cost of Watershed Reforestation: The Pantabangan and Magat
WP 1984-07 Environmental Effects of Watershed Modifications
WP 1984-06 Tenure, Technology and Productivity of Agroforestry Schemes
WP 1984-05 Population Pressure, Migration and Markets: Implications for Upland Development
WP 1984-04 The Impact of Government Policies on Forest Resources Utilization
WP 1984-03 Policy Issues on Commercial Forest Management
WP 1984-02 Forest Land Management in the Context of National land Use
WP 1984-01 Intersectoral Capital Flows and Balanced Agro-Industrial Development in the Philippines
WP 1983-10 The Impact of the Cagayan Integrated Area Development Project
WP 1983-09 Economic Incentives and Comparative Advantage in the Philippine Cotton Industry
WP 1983-08 An Analysis of Economic Policies Affecting the Philippine Coconut Industry
WP 1983-07 Economic Incentives and Comparative Advantage in the Livestock Industry
WP 1983-06 Government Expenditures of Agricultural Policies in the Philippines, 1955-1980
WP 1983-05 Comparative Advantage and Government Price Intervention Policies in Forestry
WP 1983-04 The Impact of Government Policies on Philippine Sugar
WP 1983-03 Changing Comparative Advantage in Philippine Rice Production
WP 1983-02 Economic Policies and Philippine Agriculture
WP 1983-01 Studies on the Wood-Based Furniture, Leather Products and Footwear Manufacturing Industries in the Philippines
WP 1982-02 Philippine Employment in the 70ís
WP 1982-01 Changing Rural Institutional and Participatory Development: A Review of the Philippine Experience: Part II
WP 1981-13 Survey and Review of Forecasting Models in Internal Government Revenues
WP 1981-11 Foreign Direct Investment in the Philippines: A Review of the Literature
WP 1981-09 The Spatial and Urban Aspects of Philippine Development: Part I
WP 1981-08 An Econometric Model for Forecasting Internal Taxes: A National Level Approach
WP 1981-07 Sources of Philippine Industrial Growth, 1956-1978
WP 1981-06 The Structure and Growth of the Philippine Financial Market and the Behavior of its Major Component
WP 1981-05 An Analysis of Tax Bases in the Philippines
WP 1981-04 The Philippine National Energy Accounts: A Methodological Note
WP 1981-03 Public Finance in the Philippines: A Review of the Literature
WP 1981-02 Research on Minerals for Philippine Development Planning: A Survey
WP 1981-01 Research on Forest Policies for Philippine Development Planning: A Survey
WP 1980-03 Population and Development Research in the Philippines: A Survey
WP 1980-02 A Compendium of Existing Mechanisms for Meeting Health Needs in the Philippines
WP 1979-04 Philippine Monetary Policy and Aspects of the Financial Market: A Review of the Literature
WP 1979-02 A Review and Synthesis of Macroeconomic Models of the Philippines

Source: Philippine Institute for Development Studies