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Other Studies





Asia's Energy Future: Regional Dynamics and Global Implications, Published 2007
Asia Pacific Security Survey 2008 Report
Asia Pacific Security Survey 2007 Report
Asia Pacific Security Survey 2006 Report

Hanging in the Balance: Equity in Community-Based Natural Resource Management in Asia, 2006 (Full Report, 228 Pages) covering:

After the Tsunami: Human Rights of Vulnerable Populations, October 2005
Mapping Communities: Ethics, Values, Practice, 2005
The Rise of China as the 21st Century Unfolds: With Legitimacy Comes Responsibility, August 2005
International Conference on Climate Policy After Marrakech: Toward Global Participation - A Conference Summary, September 4-6, 2003, Published in 2004
Issues of Decentralization and Federation in Forest Governance, Proceedings from the Tenth Workshop on Community-Based Management of Forestlands, June 30 - July 25, 2003, Published in 2004
Symposium on Climate and Extreme Events in Asia Pacific: Enhancing Resilience and Improving Decision Making, March 19-21, 2003, Published in 2004
The Future of Population in Asia, 2002
Preparing for a Changing Climate: The Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change, October 2001

Source: The East-West Center