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2006 Industrial Science and Technology Working Group





  31st Industrial Science & Technology Working Group Meeting
26-27 Sep 2006, Singapore
  Draft Annotated Agenda

APEC Secretariat Report on APEC Development

Progress Report - APEC Climate Center

Virtual Asia-Pacific International Molecular Biology Laboratory (eIMBL)

Sub Group A Report - Human Resource Capacity Building

Australian Workshop on Nuclear Science and Technology

Evolving Approaches to Promoting Commercially-Viable Research: New Challenges and Directions

Project Proposal: The Forum on Science and Technology Resource Share and Collaboration Mechanism among APEC Economies

Progress Report - Participation of Women and Ethnic Communities in the S&T Workforce in the APEC Region

Human Capacity Building on Natural Resources Development and Its Environmental Impacts in APEC Region

APEC-ISTI Database

Sub Group B - International Science and Technology Network

APEC Secretariat Report of the Assessment of Economic and Technical Cooperation (ECOTECH) Projects

APEC Center for Technology Foresight (Presentation)

Participation of Women & Ethnic Minorities in the Science and Technology Workforce in APEC Region

APEC Research & Development Management Training (ART) Program

2006 "Networking" APEC Mentoring Center for the Gifted in Science

Report of Side Meeting 4 - Sub Group B International Science & Technology Network

Report of Side Meeting 6 - Ad Hoc Force on Sustainable Development

Training for Management and Technology of Industrial Waste Resources

Sub Group B: Chair's Report

Report on APEC Center for Technology Foresight

Abstract on the Report on APEC Center for Technology Foresight

Sub Group A Report

Sub Group D Report

Sub Group C Report

Progress Report - Roadmapping Converging Technologies to Combat Emerging Infectious Diseases

Sub Group B Report

Participant List
  30th Industrial Science & Technology Working Group Meeting
28-30 Mar 2006, Manila, Philippines
  Draft Annotated Agenda

Host for the 32nd ISTWG Meeting

Progress Report: Science Centre Impact Project

Progress Report: Science-Industry Linkages Forum

Publication of Cleaner Production and Sustainable Technology Case Studies from APEC Economies with Some Economic Analysis and Interpretation

APEC Secretariat Report on APEC Development

APEC Information and Management Portal

ISTWG Terms of Reference

ISTWG Work Plan

Progress Report on APEC Workshop - International Workshop on Emerging Technologies: The Global Challenges of Convergence

Summary Report: Operation of APEC Climate Center(APCC) for Climate Information Services

APEC Technology Transfer Center

ISTWG Subgroup D: Technological Cooperation and Strategic Planning

Cyber Education and Training System on Science and Technology for Prospective Young Scientists

APEC R&D Management Program

Side Meeting Report: APEC Center for Technology Foresight

Summary Record

Subgroup B report




Source: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation