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2003 Human Resources Development Working Group





  Human Resources Development Working Group Meetting I
1-4 Jul 2003, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  Speech By The Executive Director Of APEC

Speech By The Hon. Minister Of Human Resources, Malaysia

Newcomers' Orientation - LSO

Programme And Annotated Agenda - LSO

Welcoming Remarks By Co-Chair - Malaysia

Opening Remarks - LSO

APEC 2002 Outcomes - Mexico

APEC 2003 Themes - Thailand

HRDWG Annual Workplan And Taskings For 2003 - LSO

Recent Developments In Other APEC Fora

Update On APEC Funded Projects 2001-2003

Management Issues

For Reference: Guidelines On Non-Member Participation In WG Activities

Current List Of HRDWG Contacts

For Consideration: Application Of AIESEC For Guest Status

Crosscutting Issue: Youth In APEC - Thailand

Review And Future Direction Of HRDWG - Malaysia

CBN: Tentative Plan Network - SSNCBN



Capacity Building Programme For Trade And Investment Insurance Practitioners- Philippines (HRD 01/2001 T)

Preparing Human Resources For The New Economy - Malaysia (HRD 09/2002)

APEC Network Of Skills Development Centres (HRD 11/2002)

Innovations In Entrepreneur Development In APEC - Japan (HRD 02/2002)

Executive Capacity Building On International Rules And Standards-Based Management - New Zealand (HRD 01/2002 T)

Training Programme For Capacity Building In Venture Capital Management - Malaysia (HRD 02/2003 T)

Human Capacity Building For Workforce In The Field Of Communication Technology And The Facilitation Of Human Resources Exchange - Korea (HRD 05/2003 T)

APEC Vocational Training Programme - Korea

Global Advantage Through People (GATP): HRD Policies Practices In APEC Economies: Phase 2 - Brunei Darussalam

Capacity Building For Recycling-Based Economy (RBE) In APEC

APEC SMEs Training Consortium Project


Proposed Theme & Sub-Themes For 3rd APEC Education Ministerial Meeting

Best Practices For Empowering Women's Earning Capacity Through Lifelong Education - Thailand (HRD 03/2002)

APEC Sister School Networking - Thailand (HRD 01/2003)

Seminar On Best Practices And Innovations In The Teaching And Learning Of Science And Mathematics At Elementary And Secondary Levels - Malaysia (HRD 02/2003)

University Mobility In Asia And The Pacific (UMAP) - Australia

The APEC Architect 2002 - Australia

APEC Cyber School And 2003 Networked Collaborative Learning Project - Chinese Taipei

Learning About Each Other - USA

The Knowledge Sharing Network - USA

Knowledge Bank Of Policy And Practice - USA

The Use Of IT In A Learning Society: APEC Links - Connecting Educators Through Technology - Singapore

APEC Education Hubs And APEC Scholarships - Singapore

The Use Of IT In A Learning Society: APEC Educators Exchange Programme (AEEP) - Singapore

APEC Cyber Education Network (ACEN) - Korea

Seminar On Best Practices And Innovations In The Teaching And Learning Of Science And Mathematics At The Secondary School Level - Malaysia

Best Practices Guidelines For Fostering A Lifelong Learning Society - Chinese Taipei

APEC E-Learning Strategic Plan Development - Chinese Taipei & United States

APEC Learning Community for Shared Prosperity - Korea

Best Practice Governance: Education Policy And Service Delivery - Australia

Proposal For Endorsement By EDNET On The UMAP Credit Transfer Scheme (UCTS) - Thailand

Information Sharing And Best Practices On Teleworking - Malaysia (HRD 10/2002)

Seminar On Initiatives To Intensify The Implementation Of Productivity - Based Compensation - Malaysia (HRD 07/2003)

Best Practices On IT Skill Development For Vulnerable Youth - Thailand (HRD 06/2003)

APEC White-Collar Training Programme On Production And Material Handling Management Under The Total Management System - Japan

APEC Vocational Training Project In Cooperation With Enterprises - Japan

APEC Human Resources Development Seminar/Training Programme On The Adoption Of IT - Japan

APEC Forum On Human Resources Development 2002 - Challenge Toward The Establishment Of Comprehensive Evaluation System For Employability - Japan

Workshop Cum Dialogue Session To Analyse Wage Systems Practiced, Specifically On Performance Based Remuneration - Malaysia

APEC Forum On Human Resource Development 2003 - Effective Technical And Vocational Education Training - Japan

Patenting Biotechnological Inventions: The Challenges - Thematic Dialogue

Commercialisation Of Biotechnology R & D Findings - Thematic Dialogue

PECC Statement: Information

Network Coordinator's Report - CBN

Network Coordinator's Report - EDNET

Statement By Guest Economy - Cambodia

Closing Remarks By Co-Chair - Malaysia

Closing Remarks - LSO

Participant List



Source: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation