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2002 Human Resources Development Working Group





  Human Resources Development Working Group Meeting I
8-12 May 2002, Hanoi, Viet Nam
  Draft Annotated Agenda - LSO

Opening Remarks - LSO

Opening Remarks - Host (Viet Nam)

HRDWG Annual Work Plan 2002 - LSO

Recent Developments In Other APEC Fora - APEC Secretariat

University Mobility In Asia And The Pacific (UMAP) - Australia

The APEC Architect - Australia

Updating The Knowledge Bank - Chinese Taipei

APEC Cyber School And 2003 Networked Collaborative Learning Project - Chinese Taipei

Education Development Strategic Plan For 2002-2010 - Viet Nam

CBN Report To HRD24 - CBN

Briefing On APEC Human Capacity Building Promotion Programme - China

Internal HRDWG Taskings - LSO

Communications And Outreach Strategy - APEC Secretariat

Management Issues - APEC Secretariat

For Reference: Guidelines On Non-Member Participation In WG Activities - APEC Secretariat

Key Outcomes Of Joint Fora Meeting And SOM I - LSO

Human Capacity Building For Workforce In The Field Of Information Communications Technology and The Facilitation Of Human Resources Exchanges - Lead Shepherd

Closing Remarks - LSO

The Developments Of APEC Studies Program - Thailand

Proposal Of UNU/IAS-APEC Fellowships For Administrators Of APEC Education Network Members - Japan

For Reference: E-APEC Strategy

For Reference: Human Capacity Building Strategy For The New Economy (2002/SOM1/045) (2002/SOMI/ESC/010rev1)

APEC Vocational Training Project In Cooperation With Enterprises - Japan

APEC White-Collar Training Programme On Production And Material Handling Management Under The Total Management System - Japan

APEC Forum On human Resources Development: Human Resources Development In Response To Advancement Of Information Technology - Japan

APEC HRD Seminar/Training Programme On Adoption Of IT - Japan

APEC Forum On Human Resources Development: Employability And Vocational Skills Assessment System - Japan

Training For The Prevention And Resolution Of Labour And Employment Disputes - USA

PECC Human Resource Development Task Force Symposium On "The Impact Of Globalization And Human Capacity Building" - Chinese Taipei

Wages And Labour Productivity In The APEC Region - The Philippines

Briefing On The Key Outcomes Of APEC 2001 - China

The Consortium For APEC Cyber Education Cooperation (ACEC) - Korea

Report Of The APEC Education Foundation - Korea

Exchange Of Educational Professionals Among APEC Economies - Korea

Information Sharing And Best Practices On Teleworking Progress Report - Malaysia

Human Resource Development For The Working Group Progress Report - Malaysia

APEC Network Of Skills Development Centre - Malaysia

The Use Of IT In A Learning Society: APEC Education Exchange Programme - Singapore

The Use Of IT In A Learning Society: APEC Link - Connecting Educators Through Technology - Singapore

APEC Education Hubs

HRD - Related SME Projects And Initiatives In APEC SME PLS - The Philippines

Information Sharing And Best-Practices On Teleworking - Malaysia

New Zealand Labour Market Briefing - New Zealand

APEC Speakers Bureau On Standard - Board Management System - Japan

Innovation In Entrepreneur Development In APEC - Japan

Alternative Dispute Resolution Executive Education Project 2000 - Japan

Chair's Conclusions: G8 Labour And Employment Ministers

Human Resources Development Working Group: Labour and Social Protection Network - LSPN


Report From CBN Meeting - CBN

APEC Education Network: Summary Report - EDNET

Reports From The EDNET Coordinator

Report Of The Labour And Social Protection Network - LSPN

18th Education Network meeting Compilation Of Final Document - EDNET

Summary Conclusion - LSO

Participants List



Source: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation