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About University of Hong Kong





Hong Kong University APEC Study Center

The aims of the Center are to conduct top quality academic research on policy issues related to the economic and business development in the Asia-Pacific region, and to have impact on the formation of policies by the dissemination of research results to relevant bodies.

The Centre is located on the University of Hong Kong campus.  The HKU APEC Study Centre builds on the existing strengths of the University in the development of policy oriented research projects in Hong Kong, China and the Asia-Pacific region.  A major portion of our research in this area takes place in the School of Business and the School of Economics and Finance, and the affiliated Hong Kong Center for Economic Research.

Available and ongoing research is focused on the following:

  • High Frequency Macro Forecasts
  • Asian Financial Crisis: Causes and Development
  • Hong Kong’s Producer Service Sector
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • International Trade
  • Labour Market
  • Macro Economy

The Study Center is an authoritative source of macro-economic statistics on the Hong Kong economy, forecasts, as well as research investment and trade in Asia.

For further information, please visit the APEC Study Center website.

Hong Kong Institute of Economics and Business Strategy (HIEBS)

The mission HIEBS is to become the leading international center for the study of economic policy and business strategy on Hong Kong and its role in China and the Asia-Pacific region.  The objective is to:

  • Work with scholars from universities and research institutions within Hong Kong and from overseas so as to make economic policy and business strategy studies an internationally recognized area of excellence for Hong Kong.
  • Conduct independent and pioneering research studies, advance the frontiers of both theoretical and applied knowledge, develop and institute innovative educational programs to train researchers and practitioners for Hong Kong, China and the Asia-Pacific region, and influence ideas on economic policy and business strategy.

HEIBS is located at the University of Hong Kong, and is affiliated with the University’s Faculty of Business and Economics.  It is also affiliated with other think tanks at the University – the Centre for Economic Research (HKCER) and the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) Study Centre, which also contributes to Asia-Studies.  The work of these three Centres has had a wide influence on economic policy and business strategy thinking in Hong Kong.  They strive to focus on subjects not likely to be tackled elsewhere.

Areas of study concentration are:

  • Asia-Pacific Competitiveness
  • Macroeconomic Fluctuations and Growth
  • Risk Management and Financial Markets
  • Human Resources
  • China Financial Research

HIEBS's publishing goal is to undertake and publish authoritative and independent research of relevance to decision makers and of interest to the public.  Research conducted by HIEBS is rigorous in academic methodology and applied in character so as to bridge theory and practice.  The research is targeted not just to academic audiences, but to also reach policy decision makers and the public.

For further information, please visit the HIEBS website.