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About The East-West Center





The East-West Center is a non-profit education and research organization established by the U.S. Congress in 1960 to strengthen relations and understanding among the nations of Asia, the Pacific, and the United States.  The Center promotes the development of a stable, prosperous, peaceful Asia Pacific community through cooperative study, education, and research.


Professionals and students from the United States, Asia, and the Pacific study and work together at the East-West Center to better understand issues of common and critical concern and explore mutually beneficial ways of addressing them.

As a national and regional resource, the Center offers:

  • An interdisciplinary research program that examines major issues of critical importance in U.S. - Asia-Pacific relations.
  • Dialogue and professional enrichment programs that focus on groups central to the communication of ideas: the media, political and policy leaders, and educators.
  • Educational programs to develop the human resources needed by the United States and the Asia-Pacific region in a new era of increased interdependence.

The East-West Center is located in Honolulu, Hawaii.  It also has a major programmatic office in Washington, D.C.

For further information, please visit the East-West Center website.