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Discussion Papers





Discussion Papers series is a publication of the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS).  Discussion papers are preliminary, unedited and unreviewed papers circulated on a limited basis for the purpose of eliciting critical comments and suggestions for refinement of the studies.  They may eventually graduate into any of the Institute's regular publication series.
DP 2019-09 Silver Linings for the Elderly in the Philippines: Policies and Programs for Senior Citizens, September 2019
DP 2019-08 Understanding the New Globalization: Implications for the Philippines, September 2019
DP 2019-07 The Evolution of APEC and its Role in Philippine Trade and Investment, July 2019
DP 2019-06 'Starting Where the Children Are': A Process Evaluation of the Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education Implementation, June 2019
DP 2019-05 Examining the Women's Low Labor Market Participation Rate in the Philippines: Is Housework the Missing Link? June 2019
DP 2019-04 A Note on the 2019 President's Budget, May 2019
DP 2019-03 Understanding the Educational Mobility of Men and Women and the Schooling Progression of Boys and Girls in the Philippines: A Regional Perspective, April 2019
DP 2019-02 Counting Women's Work in the Philippines, April 2019
DP 2019-01 Gender Equity in Education: Helping the Boys Catch Up, April 2019
DP 2017-60 Health Practices of Children and Women with Disabilities, December 2017
DP 2017-59 School Participation of Children with Disability: The Case of San Remigio and Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines, December 2017
DP 2017-58 Decentralization and Health in the Philippines: A Systematic Review of Empirical Evidences, December 2017
DP 2017-57 Employment Profile of Women with Disabilities in San Remigio and Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines, December 2017
DP 2017-56 Designing the Fiscal Features of a Federal Form of Government: Autonomy, Accountability, and Equity Considerations, December 2017
DP 2017-55 Countering the Discriminatory Impact of Minimum Wages Against Disadvantaged Workers: Literature Review and Experimental Design Development, December 2017
DP 2017-54 Assessment of Implementation Issues and Livelihood Success on the Sustainable Livelihood Program of the DSWD, December 2017
DP 2017-53 Assessment of the BUB Program: Improving Access of Local Communities to Basic Services and Strengthening Social Capital, December 2017
DP 2017-52 Welfare Issues in Price Control on Occasions of Calamities, Emergencies, and Like Occurrences, December 2017
DP 2017-51 Review of High-Value Agriculture in the Philippines with Comprehensive Subsectoral Focus: Livestock Industries, December 2017
DP 2017-29 Federalism: Prospects for the Philippines, September 2017
DP 2017-28 Measuring and Examining Innovation in Philippine Business and Industry, September 2017
DP 2017-27 Assessment of the 2017 Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion, August 2017
DP 2017-26 Evaluation of Fiscal Incentives in the Philippines, August 2017
DP 2017-25 Chronic Food Poverty in the Philippines, August 2017
DP 2017-24 Chronic and Transient Poverty and Weather Variability in the Philippines: Evidence Using Components Approach, August 2017
DP 2017-23 Scoping Study on Reducing Unnecessary Regulatory Burdens in the Philippine Food Manufacturing Industry, June 2017
DP 2017-22 The Impacts of Roll-On/Roll-Off Transport System in the Philippines, June 2017
DP 2017-21 A Review of Philippine Government Disaster Financing for Recovery and Reconstruction, June 2017
DP 2017-20 National Accounts and Household Survey Estimates of Household Expenditures: Why Do They Differ and Why Should We Be Concerned? June 2017
DP 2017-19 Rebooting Philippine Telecommunications Through Structural Reform, May 2017
DP 2017-18 Review of Intra-ASEAN Nontariff Measures on Trade in Goods, April 2017
DP 2017-17 The Renewable Energy Policy Debate in the Philippines, April 2017
DP 2017-16 The Promises and Pains in Procurement Reforms in the Philippines, April 2017
DP 2017-15 Evaluation of the Impact of Agricultural Insurance Program of the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation on Agricultural Producers in Region IV-A (CALABARZON), April 2017
DP 2017-14 Understanding the New Philippine Competition Act, April 2017
DP 2017-13 Reducing Unnecessary Regulatory Burden: The Philippine Tuna Industry, April 2017
DP 2017-12 Evaluation of the Impact of Agricultural Insurance Program of the PCIC on Agricultural Producers in Region 2 (Cagayan Valley), Philippines, April 2017
DP 2017-11 What Does ASEAN Mean to ASEAN Peoples? (The Philippine Case), April 2017
DP 2017-10 Competition for the Market: A Policy Framework for Improving Bus Operation along EDSA, April 2017
DP 2017-09 Achieving Innovation Without Formal R&D: Philippine Case Study of Garment Firms, March 2017
DP 2017-08 Technology and Knowledge Transfers in Production Networks: Case Study on Philippine Food Manufacturing Firms, March 2017stainability of the Agricultural Insurance Programs of the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation, March 2017
DP 2017-07 Evaluation of the Financial Sustainability of the Agricultural Insurance Programs of the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation, March 2017
DP 2017-06 Energy Consumption, Weather Variability, and Gender in the Philippines: A Discrete/Continuous Approach, March 2017
DP 2017-05 Value Chain Analysis of the Wood Processing Industry in the Philippines, February 2017
DP 2017-04 Strengthening Social Enterprises for Inclusive Growth: Philippines, January 2017
DP 2017-03 Evaluation of the Registry Service for Basic Sectors in Agriculture, January 2017
DP 2017-02 Agricultural Insurance Program: Lessons from Different Country Experiences, January 2017
DP 2017-01 Opportunities for Strengthening Agriculture Insurance Programs: Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation and LGU Partnerships, January 2017
DP 2016-13 Assessment of the Sustainable Livelihood Program - Employment Facilitation Process, April 2016
DP 2016-12 Technical and Institutional Evaluation of Selected National and Communal Irrigation Systems and Characterization of Irrigation Sector Governance Structure, April 2016
DP 2016-11 National Greening Program Assessment Project: Environmental Component - Process Evaluation Phase, April 2016
DP 2016-10 Estimation of Vulnerability to Poverty Using a Multilevel Longitudinal Model: Evidence from the Philippines, April 2016
DP 2016-09 Risks, Shocks, Building Resilience: Philippines, March 2016
DP 2016-08 Are Higher Education Institutions Responsive to Changes in the Labor Market? March 2016
DP 2016-07 The National System of Technical Vocational Education and Training in the Philippines: Review and Reform Ideas, March 2016
DP 2016-06 Growing Inclusive Businesses in the Philippines: The Role of Government Policies and Programs, March 2016
DP 2016-05 Results of an Impact Evaluation Study on DepED's School-Based Feeding Program, February 2016
DP 2016-04 Examining Processes in Research and Development at the Department of Science and Technology, February 2016
DP 2016-03 Social Protection in APEC: In Pursuit of Inclusive Growth, February 2016
DP 2016-02 Investing in Human Capital for Inclusive Growth: Focus on Higher Education, January 2016
DP 2016-01 Inadequate N Application of Rice Farmers in the Philippines: Problems, Causes, Solutions, January 2016
DP 2015-55 Why Inequality Matters in Poverty Reduction and Why the Middle Class Needs Policy Attention, March 2016
DP 2015-54 A Critical Analysis of Purchasing of Health Services in the Philippines: A Case Study of PhilHealth, December 2015
DP 2015-53 The Use of MOOCs as a Potential Avenue to Modernize Learning in the Philippines, November 2015
DP 2015-52 Exploring Priority Areas for Philippine APEC 2015 Hosting: Building Inclusive Economies, Building a Better World, November 2015
DP 2015-51 Recent Trends in Out-of-School Children in the Philippines, November 2015
DP 2015-50 Assessment of Sources and Utilization of Funding of State Universities and Colleges, November 2015
DP 2015-49 Nongovernment Reforestation in the Philippines: Review, Analysis, and Ways Forward, November 2015
DP 2015-48 Comparative Assessment of Proposals to Amend the Personal Income Tax Law, March 2016
DP 2015-47 Massive Open Online Courses: A Primer for Philippine State Universities and Colleges, November 2015
DP 2015-46 Options for Supporting Rice Farmers Under a Post-QR Regime: Review and Assessment, October 2015
DP 2015-45 Philippines 2011 National Transfer Accounts Estimates of Consumption and Labor Income Age Profiles: Discussions on the 1991-2011 Age Profile Change and Implications on Economic Gains from the First Demographic Dividend, October 2015
DP 2015-44 The Culture of Patriarchy and Its Effects on the Human Rights of Girl-children in Cagayan de Oro and Claveria, Misamis Oriental: Implications to Policy Formulation, September 2015
DP 2015-43 Readiness of the Philippine Agriculture and Fisheries Sectors for the 2015 ASEAN Economic Community: A Rapid Appraisal, September 2015
DP 2015-42 Implications of a Philippine-US Free Trade Agreement on Trade in Goods: An Indicator Approach, September 2015
DP 2015-41 An Assessment of the Community Mortgage Programs of the Social Housing Finance Corporation, September 2015
DP 2015-40 Property Damage Recovery and Coping Behavior of Households Affected by an Extreme Flood Event in Marikina City, Metro Manila, Philippines, August 2015
DP 2015-39 Industrial Policies and Implementation: Philippine Automotive Manufacturing as a Lens, July 2015
DP 2015-38 Social Enterprises and Employment: Mainstreaming SMEs and Employment Creation, July 2015
DP 2015-37 Doing Business: A Review of Literature and Its Role in APEC 2015, July 2015
DP 2015-36 The BPO Challenge: Leveraging Capabilities, Creating Opportunities, July 2015
DP 2015-35 Furthering the Implementation of AEC Blueprint Measures, July 2015
DP 2015-34 Evaluation of the APEC Environmental Goods Initiative: A Dominant Supplier Approach, June 2015
DP 2015-33 Green and Gold: Promoting Eco-Adventure and Cultural Tourism for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth, June 2015
DP 2015-32 Toward an Effective Regulatory Management System: Philippines, June 2015
DP 2015-31 Rapid Appraisal of the Postharvest Facilities Projects in the Philippines, June 2015
DP 2015-30 A Review of the Accreditation System for Philippine Higher Education Institutions, June 2015
DP 2015-29 Toward an Enabling Set of Rules of Origin for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnertship, May 2015
DP 2015-28 Grassroots Participatory Budgeting Process in Negros Province, April 2015
DP 2015-27 Bottom-up Budgeting FY 2015 Assessment: Camarines Sur, April 2015
DP 2015-26 Bottom-up Budgeting Process Assessment: Agusan del Norte, April 2015
DP 2015-25 Assessment of the Bottom-up Budgeting Process for FY 2015, April 2015
DP 2015-24 A System-wide Study of the Logistics Industry in the Greater Capital Region, March 2015
DP 2015-23 Analysis of Specific Legal and Trade-related Issues in a Possible PH-EU Economic Partnership: The Philippine Constitution, Competition Policy, Government Procurement, Intellectual Property Rights, Dispute Settlement, and Trade Remedies, March 2015
DP 2015-22 How Are Firms Responding to Philippine Free Trade Agreements? March 2015
DP 2015-21 Deepening Regional Cooperation for Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction: A Proposal for Proactive Approach to Risk Financing, February 2015
DP 2015-20 Building Philippine SMEs Resilience to Natural Disasters, May 2015
DP 2015-19 Inputs for Philippine Hosting of APEC 2015: Food Security, February 2015
DP 2015-18 Increasing Economic Opportunities of Women in the APEC, February 2015
DP 2015-17 Supporting WTO and Pathways to the Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific (FTAAP), February 2015
DP 2015-16 People-to-People Tourism in APEC: Facilitating Cross-Border Entry and Exit, with Special Focus on ASEAN, February 2015
DP 2015-15 Philippine Priorities in Expanding APEC-Wide Connectivity through Infrastructure Development, February 2015
DP 2015-14 Supply Chain Connectivity: Enhancing Participation in the Global Supply Chain, February 2015
DP 2015-13 Establishing the Linkages of Human Resource Development with Inclusive Growth, February 2015
DP 2015-12 Toward and Beyond APEC Summit 2015: Key Issues and Challenges of Professional Service Mobility, February 2015
DP 2015-11 APEC 2015: Global Value Chains and Services, February 2015
DP 2015-10 Development Finance and Aid in the Philippines: Policy, Institutional Arrangements and Flows, February 2015
DP 2015-09 Assessment of the DSWD SEA-K Strategy, February 2015
DP 2015-08 Targeting the Agricultural Poor: The Case of PCIC`s Special Programs, January 2015
DP 2015-07 Review of Design and Implementation of the Agricultural Insurance Programs of the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation, January 2015
DP 2015-06 Does Innovation Mediate Good Firm Performance? January 2015
DP 2015-05 A Comprehensive Philippine Government Strategy on the Competitiveness of the Services Sector, January 2015
DP 2015-04 Competition Reform in the Philippine Rice Sector, January 2015
DP 2015-03 Risk Aversion among Smallholder High-value Crop Farmers in the Southern Philippines, January 2015
DP 2015-02 Diagnostic Report on the Bus Transport Sector, January 2015
DP 2015-01 Inequalities in Income, Labor, and Education: The Challenge of Inclusive Growth, January 2015
DP 2014-51 Analysis of Catastrophic Health Financing by Key Institutions, December 2014
DP 2014-50 Analysis of the Maintenance and Depreciation Costs and other Requirements of Selected Government Hospitals, December 2014
DP 2014-49 Assessing the Feasibility of Public-Private Partnerships in Health in the Philippines, December 2014
DP 2014-48 Public-Private Partnership Options toward Achieving Universal Health Coverage in the Philippine Setting, December 2014
DP 2014-47 Formative Evaluation of the DOH`s Complete Treatment Pack (Compack) Program, December 2014
DP 2014-46 Review of Experience of Social Health Insurance in Three Asian Countries: China, Thailand, and Vietnam, December 2014
DP 2014-45 Feasibility of Supplemental Funds from the Private Sector for Catastrophic Illness Financing, December 2014
DP 2014-44 Study to Support Improvement of the PNHA Components: Expenditures on Employer-provided Health Care and Private Schools Health Services, December 2014
DP 2014-43 Stories from Around the Globe: Financing Catastrophic Health Expenditures in Selected Countries, December 2014
DP 2014-42 Reconnaissance Study on the Implementation of Case-Based Payments, December 2014
DP 2014-41 Interim Assessment of the PhilHealth CARES Project, December 2014
DP 2014-40 Tuberculosis and Diabetes Mellitus Control and Care: A Rapid Situational Analysis for Planning a Coordinated Program Response, December 2014
DP 2014-39 Prospects and Challenges of Brain Gain from ASEAN Integration, November 2014
DP 2014-38 Community Governance for Disaster Recovery and Resilience: Four Case Studies in the Philippines, October 2014
DP 2014-37 Scrutinizing Urbanization Challenges in the Philippines through the Infrastructure Lens, October 2014
DP 2014-36 A Spatial Integration Analysis of the Regional Fertilizer Markets in the Philippines, August 2014
DP 2014-35 Compilation and Synthesis of Major Agricultural Value Chain Analysis in the Philippines, August 2014
DP 2014-34 Labor Policy Analysis for Jobs Expansion and Development, July 2014
DP 2014-33 Child Poverty in the Philippines, July 2014
DP 2014-32 The Philippine Manufacturing Industry Roadmap: Agenda for New Industrial Policy, High Productivity Jobs, and Inclusive Growth, June 2014
DP 2014-31 Designing a Cooperation Framework for Philippine Competition and Regulatory Agencies, June 2014
DP 2014-30 Toward Competitive and Innovative ASEAN SMEs: Philippine SME Policy Index 2012, June 2014
DP 2014-29 Review and Assessment of Programs Offered by State Universities and Colleges, May 2014
DP 2014-28 Study of Government Interventions for Employment Generation in the Private Sector, May 2014
DP 2014-27 Quick Response Funds and DRRM Resources in the Department of National Defense and Various Departments, May 2014
DP 2014-26 Purchase or Lease of All-Purpose Vehicles for Government Offices, May 2014
DP 2014-25 Rapid Appraisal of the State of Competition in the Rice Value Chain, May 2014
DP 2014-24 Comparing the 1999 and 2007 Philippine NTA Estimates and Examining the Effects of a Definitional Change of Overseas Workers` Remittances, May 2014
DP 2014-23 Small Farmers in High Value Chains: Binding or Relaxing Constraints to Inclusive Growth? April 2014
DP 2014-22 Formulating the Philippine Services Strategy for Inclusive Growth, April 2014
DP 2014-21 Implications of an EU FTA to the Philippine Labor Market, April 2014
DP 2014-20 The Impact of the Cheaper Medicines Act on Households in Metro Manila: A Qualitative Study, March 2014
DP 2014-19 The Sponsored Program of the Philippine National Health Insurance - Analyses of the Actual Coverage and Variations Across Regions and Provinces, March 2014
DP 2014-18 Barriers of Early TB Diagnosis among the Poor in Highly Urbanized Areas in the Philippines, March 2014
DP 2014-17 The Prevalence of Philippine Prescribing, Dispensing, and Use Behavior in Relation to Generic Drugs and their Risk Factors, March 2014
DP 2014-16 Analysis of the Employed Program of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, March 2014
DP 2014-15 Analysis of the Individually Paying Program of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, March 2014
DP 2014-14 The Role of Mineral Fertilizers in Transforming Philippine Agriculture, February 2014
DP 2014-13 Funds Flow and Financial Control Analysis of the Student Financial Assistance Programs (StuFAP), February 2014
DP 2014-12 Millennium Development Goals Scenarios to 2015 and Beyond: An Integrated Micro-Macro Modelling Approach, February 2014
DP 2014-11 Schooling Outcomes in the Philippines, 1988-2008: Impacts of Changes in Household Income and the Implementation of the Free Public Secondary Education Act (RA 6655), February 2014
DP 2014-10 Industry-Academe Collaboration for Research and Development, January 2014
DP 2014-09 Assessment of Student Financial Assistance Programs (StuFAP) Policies, Procedures, and Control Mechanisms, January 2014
DP 2014-08 Environmental Aspects of a Potential Philippines-European Union Free Trade Agreement, January 2014
DP 2014-07 Enhancing Supply Chain Connectivity and Competitiveness of ASEAN Agricultural Products: Identifying Choke Points and Opportunities for Improvement, January 2014
DP 2014-06 Disasters, Poverty, and Coping Strategies: The Framework and Empirical Evidence from Micro/Household Data - Philippine Case, January 2014
DP 2014-05 Prospects for a Philippines-European Union Free Trade Agreement: Implications for Agriculture, January 2014
DP 2014-04 An Analysis of the Philippine Offensive and Defensive Interests in the Non-agricultural Sector: Inputs to the Philippines-European Union Free Trade Agreement, January 2014
DP 2014-03 The Potential Impacts of a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union on the Philippine Fisheries Sector, January 2014
DP 2014-02 Growth and Redistribution: Is there 'Trickle Down' Effect in the Philippines? January 2014
DP 2014-01 Financing Infrastructure in the Philippines: Fiscal Landscape and Resources Mobilization, January 2014
DP 2013-51 Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership: Reform Challenges and Key Tasks for the Philippines, November 2013
DP 2013-50 Energy Market Integration and Energy Poverty in ASEAN, October 2013
DP 2013-49 The Pathway to ASEAN Energy Market Integration, October 2013
DP 2013-48 Customs Brokerage Services and Trade Facilitation: A Review of Regulatory Coherence, October 2013
DP 2013-47 Toward Informed Regulatory Conversations and Improved Regulatory Regime in the Philippines: Logistics Sector and Trade Facilitation, October 2013
DP 2013-46 Incentives Matter: Reflections on the Role of Incentives in Scientific Productivity, October 2013
DP 2013-45 Medical Tourism in the Philippines: Market Profile, Benchmarking Exercise, and S.W.O.T. Analysis, September 2013
DP 2013-44 Relative Price Effects on Decompositions of Change in Aggregate Labor Productivity, September 2013
DP 2013-43 Feasibility of Mortgage-Backed Securitization for the Underserved Housing Market in the Philippines, September 2013
DP 2013-42 Buying or Leasing of Election Machines by COMELEC, August 2013
DP 2013-41 After Five Years of Pantawid, What Next? August 2013
DP 2013-40 Multisector Strategy in Addressing Noncommunicable Diseases in the Philippines, July 2013
DP 2013-39 Agriculture, Rural Employment, and Inclusive Growth, July 2013
DP 2013-38 An Assessment of the Outpatient HIV/AIDS Treatment Package Provided by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, July 2013
DP 2013-37 Factors Influencing PhilHealth Coverage and In-patient Benefit Utilization of Filipino Children under Five, July 2013
DP 2013-36 Performance of DOH-Retained Hospitals in the Philippines, July 2013
DP 2013-35 Epidemiological Assessment of Fires in the Philippines, 2010-2012, June 2013
DP 2013-34 Water Financing Programs in the Philippines: Are We Making Progress?, May 2013
DP 2013-33 Toward Optimal Budget Utilization at the Department of Foreign Affairs: Focus on Foreign Service Posts and the International Commitment Funds, May 2013
DP 2013-32 Cost Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Sitio and Household Electrification Programs, May 2013
DP 2013-31 Analysis of the President`s Budget for 2013, April 2013
DP 2013-30 From Highly Skilled to Low Skilled: Revisiting the Deskilling of Migrant Labor, April 2013
DP 2013-29 Review and Assessment of Programs Offered by State Universities and Colleges, April 2013
DP 2013-28 Efficiency and Effectiveness Review of the National Housing Authority Resettlement Program, April 2013
DP 2013-27 Aspirations and Challenges for Economic and Social Development in the Philippines Toward 2030, April 2013
DP 2013-26 Managing International Labor Migration in ASEAN: Themes from a Six-Country Study, April 2013
DP 2013-25 Impact of Trade Liberalization on Wage Skill Premium in Philippine Manufacturing, March 2013
DP 2013-24 Assessment of the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Cadastral Survey Program of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, March 2013
DP 2013-23 Impact Assessment of the Agricultural Production Support Services of the Department of Agriculture on the Income of Poor Farmers/Fisherfolk: Review of the Evidence, March 2013
DP 2013-22 Assessment of the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Reforestation Program of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, March 2013
DP 2013-21 Twenty Years after Philippine Trade Liberalization and Industrialization: What Has Happened and Where Do We Go from Here, March 2013
DP 2013-20 Perspectives on Health Decentralization and Interjurisdictional Competition among Local Governments in the Philippines, March 2013
DP 2013-19 Amending the Sin Tax Law, February 2013
DP 2013-18 Engaging the Highly Skilled Diaspora in Home Country Development through Knowledge Exchange: Concept and Prospects, February 2013
DP 2013-17 Enhancing Labor Mobility in ASEAN: Focus on Lower-skilled Workers, February 2013
DP 2013-16 Market Structure and Distribution of Benefits from Agricultural Exports: the Case of the Philippine Mango Industry, February 2013
DP 2013-15 The Structure of Agricultural Trade Industry in Developing Countries, February 2013
DP 2013-14 Philippine Agriculture to 2020: Threats and Opportunities from Global Trade, January 2013
DP 2013-13 Employment of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in the Philippines: The Case of Metro Manila and Rosario, Batangas, January 2013
DP 2013-12 Philippines-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (PJEPA): An Initial Ex-post Review, January 2013
DP 2013-11 Policy Awareness and Participation by Persons with Disability in the Philippines, January 2013
DP 2013-10 Regional Integration, Inclusive Growth, and Poverty: Enhancing Employment Opportunities for the Poor, January 2013
DP 2013-09 Promoting Inclusive Growth through the 4Ps, January 2013
DP 2013-08 Governmental Fiscal Support for Financing Long-term Infrastructure Projects in ASEAN Countries, January 2013
DP 2013-07 What Constrains PWDs to Participate in Discount Privileges? The Case of Bus Fare and Medical Care Discounts in the Philippines, January 2013
DP 2013-06 ASEAN Economic Community 2015: Capacity-building Imperatives for Services Liberalization, January 2013
DP 2013-05 ASEAN Economic Community 2015: SME Development - Narrowing Development Gap Measure, January 2013
DP 2013-04 ASEAN Economic Community 2015: Labor Mobility and Mutual Recognition Arrangements on Professional Services, January 2013
DP 2013-03 Getting Ready for the ASEAN Economic Community 2015: Philippine Investment Liberalization and Facilitation, January 2013
DP 2013-02 The ASEAN Economic Community and the Philippines: Implementation, Outcomes, Impacts, and Ways Forward (Integrative Report), January 2013
DP 2013-01 The ASEAN Economic Community and the Philippines: Implementation, Outcomes, Impacts, and Ways Forward, January 2013
DP 2012-42 Conditional Cash Transfer Program in the Philippines: Is It Reaching the Extremely Poor? December 2012
DP 2012-41 Managing the ASEAN Economic Integration Process in the Philippines: An Assessment of Progress in Trade Liberalization and Facilitation, December 2012
DP 2012-40 Assessment of Prospective Impact of Fruits and Vegetables Research at the Industry Level in the Philippines: the Case of the ACIAR-PCAARRD Horticulture Project, November 2012
DP 2012-39 Unfair Trade Practices in the Philippines, November 2012
DP 2012-38 ASEAN+1 FTAs and the Global Supply Chain in East Asia: the Case of the Philippine Automotive and Electronics Sectors, October 2012
DP 2012-37 Rules of Origin in ASEAN+1 FTAs and the Value Chain in East Asia, October 2012
DP 2012-36 Impacts of Natural Disasters on Agriculture, Food Security, and Natural Resources and Environment in the Philippines, October 2012
DP 2012-35 Philippines 2007 National Transfer Accounts: Consumption, Income, and Intergenerational Reallocation of Resources - Revised Estimates, October 2012
DP 2012-34 Implications of Philippine Trends in Education Financing and Projected Change in School-age Population on Education Expenditures by Income Group: Using National Transfer Accounts Results, October 2012
DP 2012-33 Philippines 2007 National Transfer Accounts: Financing Consumption and Lifecycle Deficit by Income Group, October 2012
DP 2012-32 Philippines 2007 National Transfer Accounts: Consumption, Labor Income, and Lifecycle Deficit by Income Group, October 2012
DP 2012-31 Filipino Elderly Living Arrangements, Work Activity, and Labor Income as Old-age Support, October 2012
DP 2012-30 Implications of Projected Philippine Population Growth, Age Structure Change, and Aging: Using National Transfer Accounts Results, October 2012
DP 2012-29 Philippines 2007 National Transfer Accounts: Consumption, Income, and Intergenerational Reallocation of Resources, October 2012
DP 2012-28 Credit Subsidy in Philippine Agriculture, October 2012
DP 2012-27 Rice Prices and the National Food Authority, October 2012
DP 2012-26 Monitoring and Evaluation of Agricultural Policy Indicators, October 2012
DP 2012-25 An Assessment of TESDA Scholarship Programs, September 2012
DP 2012-24 Improvement of the Implementation Procedures and Management Systems for the Health Facilities Enhancement Grant of the DOH, September 2012
DP 2012-23 Assessing the Resilience of ASEAN Banking Systems: the Case of the Philippines, September 2012
DP 2012-22 A Macroprudential Framework for Monitoring and Examining Financial Soundness, September 2012
DP 2012-21 Finding Solutions to the Mindanao Electric Power Problem, August 2012
DP 2012-20 Progress in Ratification and Implementation of ASEAN Protocols and Agreements in the Philippine Transport Sector, August 2012
DP 2012-19 The Impact of Trade Liberalization and Economic Integration on the Logistics Industry: Maritime Transport and Freight Forwarders, August 2012
DP 2012-18 The ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint: Implementation and Effectiveness Assessment for Philippine Agriculture, July 2012
DP 2012-17 Comparative Study on the Different Free Trade Agreements Entered Into by Japan with other Asian Countries, July 2012
DP 2012-16 Examination of Intense Climate-related Disasters in the Asia-Pacific, June 2012
DP 2012-15 Regional Cooperation in Education: Issues for Developing Countries in the Asia-Pacific, June 2012
DP 2012-14 Use of the Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (ACEF) by the Department of Agriculture, June 2012
DP 2012-13 Review of the Cheaper Medicines Program of the Philippines: Botika ng Barangay, Botika ng Bayan, P100 Treatment Pack, and the Role of PITC Pharma, Inc. in Government Drug Procurement, June 2012
DP 2012-12 The Impact of Infrastructure on Agricultural Productivity, April 2012
DP 2012-11 Philippine Productivity Dynamics in the Last Five Decades and Determinants of Total Factor Productivity, April 2012
DP 2012-10 Surviving Trade Liberalization in Philippine Manufacturing, April 2012
DP 2012-08 Interregional Trade of High-value Fruits and Vegetables: Issues on Transport and Shipping, March 2012
DP 2012-06 Trade Reforms, Competition, and Innovation in the Philippines, February 2012
DP 2012-05 Small and Medium Enterprises` (SMEs) Access to Finance: Philippines, February 2012
DP 2012-04 Inequities in Noncommunicable Diseases, January 2012
DP 2012-03 Rationalizing National Government Subsidies for State Universities and Colleges, January 2012
DP 2012-02 Consistent GDP Aggregation and Purchasing Power Parity, January 2012
DP 2012-01 Profile of Out-of-School Children in the Philippines, January 2012
DP 2011-33 Managing International Labor Migration: The Philippine Experience, December 2011
DP 2011-32 Disability and Gender: The Case of the Philippines, December 2011
DP 2011-31 Dynamics of Poverty in the Philippines: Distinguishing the Chronic from the Transient Poor, December 2011
DP 2011-30 A Note on Economic Growth, Inequality, and Poverty in the Philippines, December 2011
DP 2011-29 Multimarket Modeling of Agricultural Supply when Crop Land Is a Quasi-fixed Input: A Note, December 2011
DP 2011-28 Different Stream, Different Needs, and Impact: Managing International Labor Migration in ASEAN: Thailand (Immigration), December 2011
DP 2011-27 Different Stream, Different Needs, and Impact: Managing International Labor Migration in ASEAN: Thailand (Emigration), December 2011
DP 2011-26 Irregular Migration from Cambodia: Characteristics, Challenges, and Regulatory Approach, December 2011
DP 2011-25 The Governance of Indonesian Overseas Employment in the Context of Decentralization, December 2011
DP 2011-24 Foreign Labor in Singapore: Trends, Policies, Impacts, and Challenges, December 2011
DP 2011-23 Regional Economic Integration in East Asia: Progress and Pathways, December 2011
DP 2011-22 The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Labor Market: The Case of the Philippines, December 2011
DP 2011-21 Expanding Social Health Insurance Coverage: New Issues and Challenges, December 2011
DP 2011-20 Analysis of the President`s Budget for 2012, November 2011
DP 2011-19 A Generalized Exactly Additive Decomposition of Aggregate Labor Productivity Growth, November 2011
DP 2011-18 Contagious Migration: Evidence from the Philippines, September 2011
DP 2011-17 Innovation in the Automotive Sector of the Philippines, September 2011
DP 2011-16 Assessment on the Use of Marginal Areas for Cultivation of Feedstock for Biofuel, August 2011
DP 2011-15 Results of the 2009 Survey of Innovation Activities (SIA), August 2011
DP 2011-14 Efficiency of State Universities and Colleges in the Philippines: a Data Envelopment Analysis, July 2011
DP 2011-13 The Political Economy of Reducing the United States Dollar`s Role as a Global Reserve Currency, July 2011
DP 2011-12 Protecting Filipino Transnational Domestic Workers: Government Regulations and their Outcomes, July 2011
DP 2011-11 A Profile of the Philippine Pharmaceutical Sector, May 2011
DP 2011-10 Improving Access to Affordable Medicines: Looking at Prevailing Prices and Distribution of Village Drugstores in the Philippines, May 2011
DP 2011-09 Implementing Weights for Additivity of Chained Volume Measures in the National Accounts, May 2011
DP 2011-08 Deriving Weights for Additivity of Chained Volume Measures in the National Accounts, May 2011
DP 2011-07 Mobilizing LGU Support for Basic Education: Focus on the Special Education Fund, May 2011
DP 2011-06 Persons with Disability (PWDs) in Rural Philippines: Results from the 2010 Field Survey in Rosario, Batangas, March 2011
DP 2011-05 Profile of Private Hospitals in the Philippines, March 2011
DP 2011-04 An Estimated (Closed Economy) Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model for the Philippines: Are There Credibility Gains from Committing to an Inflation Targeting Rule? March 2011
DP 2011-03 Assessing Development Strategies to Achieve the MDGs in Asia: Philippines (Final Report), February 2011
DP 2011-02 Social Protection in the Philippines: Current State and Challenges, February 2011
DP 2011-01 The ASEAN Services Sector and the Growth Rebalancing Model, January 2011
DP 2010-36 Benefit Incidence of Public Spending on Health in the Philippines, December 2010
DP 2010-35 National Industrialization in Philippine Mining: Review and Suggestions, December 2010
DP 2010-34 Financing the MDGs and Inclusive Growth in the Time of Fiscal Consolidation, December 2010
DP 2010-33 Linking Poverty and the Environment: Evidence from Slums in Philippine Cities, December 2010
DP 2010-32 Does Trade Protection Improve Firm Productivity? Evidence from Philippine Micro Data, December 2010
DP 2010-31 Integrating SMEs into the East Asian Region: Philippines, December 2010
DP 2010-30 Chronic and Transient Poverty, December 2010
DP 2010-29 Employment Choices of Persons with Disability (PWDs) in Metro Manila, November 2010
DP 2010-28 Factors Motivating Participation of Persons with Disability in the Philippines: The Discount Privilege in Goods and Services, November 2010
DP 2010-27 Assessing the Spillover Effects of FDI to the Philippines, November 2010
DP 2010-26 Are We Winning the Fight against Poverty? An Assessment of the Poverty Situation in the Philippines, October 2010
DP 2010-25 Improving the Financial Management of Local Economic Enterprises, October 2010
DP 2010-24 ERIA Study to Further Improve the ASEAN Economic Community Scorecard: the Philippines, October 2010
DP 2010-23 The Role of the Private Sector in Regional Economic Integration: a View from the Philippines, October 2010
DP 2010-22 E-Government Initiatives of Four Philippine Cities, October 2010
DP 2010-21 Globalization and Glocalization: Experiences in the Local Philippine Context, October 2010
DP 2010-20 Achieving the ASEAN Economic Community 2015: Challenges for the Philippines, September 2010
DP 2010-19 Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA): Toward a Framework for Regional Economic Integration, September 2010
DP 2010-18 Who Provides Good Quality Prenatal Care in the Philippines? August 2010
DP 2010-17 Development of Regional Production and Logistic Networks in East Asia: the Case of the Philippines, August 2010
DP 2010-16 Computing Additive Chained Volume Measures of GDP Subaggregates, July 2010
DP 2010-15 The Philippines' Absorptive Capacity for Foreign Aid, July 2010
DP 2010-14 Innovations in Financing Food Security, July 2010
DP 2010-13 Corruption and Development, Revisited, June 2010
DP 2010-12 Prospects for Regional Cooperation between Latin America and the Caribbean Region and the Asia and Pacific Region: Perspective from East Asia, June 2010
DP 2010-11 The 2008 Financial Crisis and Potential Output in Asia: Impact and Policy Implications, May 2010
DP 2010-10 LGU Access to Official Development Assistance (ODA): Status, Issues, and Concerns, May 2010
DP 2010-09 The Cost of Redistributive Land Reform in the Philippines: Assessment of PD 27 and RA 6657 (CARL), May 2010
DP 2010-08 Spatial Stochastic Frontier Models, May 2010
DP 2010-07 Determinants of Locating R&D Activity in the Philippines: Policy Implications, April 2010
DP 2010-06 A New Model for Constructing Poverty Lines, March 2010
DP 2010-05 Scenarios and Options for Productivity Growth in Philippine Agriculture: An Application of the Agricultural Multimarket Model for Policy Evaluation (AMPLE), February 2010
DP 2010-04 The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Poverty in the Philippines, February 2010
DP 2010-03 Do Barangays Really Matter in Local Services Delivery? Some Issues and Policy Options, February 2010
DP 2010-02 How Are Government Hospitals Performing? A Study of Resource Management in DOH-retained Hospitals, January 2010
DP 2010-01 Trends in Household Vulnerability, January 2010
DP 2009-38 Local Service Delivery of Potable Water in the Philippines: National Review and Case Analysis, December 2009
DP 2009-37 Triangulation Framework for Local Service Delivery, December 2009
DP 2009-36 ASEAN Rules of Origin: Lessons and Recommendations for Best Practice, December 2009
DP 2009-35 On Free Trade Agreements (FTAs): the Philippine Perspective, December 2009
DP 2009-34 Improving Local Service Delivery for the MDGs in Asia: the Case of the Philippines, November 2009
DP 2009-33 Philippine International Labor Migration in the Past 30 Years: Trends and Prospects, October 2009
DP 2009-32 The Social and Economic Impact of Philippine International Labor Migration and Remittances, November 2009
DP 2009-31 Institutions Serving Philippine International Labor Migrants, November 2009
DP 2009-30 Impact of the Global Financial and Economic Crisis on the Philippines, October 2009
DP 2009-29 Profiling Poverty with Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines, September 2009
DP 2009-28 Incorporating Regional Rice Production Models in Rice Importation Simulation Model: a Stochastic Programming Approach, September 2009
DP 2009-27 Global Study on Child Poverty and Disparities: the Case of the Philippines, September 2009
DP 2009-26 Motives and Giving Norms behind Remittances: the Case of Filipino Overseas Workers and their Recipient Households, September 2009
DP 2009-25 Preliminary Results of the Survey on Persons with Disabilities Conducted in Selected Metro Manila Cities, August 2009
DP 2009-24 The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Rural and Microfinance in Asia (revised), August 2009
DP 2009-23 Social Insurance in the Philippines: Responding to the Global Financial Crisis and Beyond, August 2009
DP 2009-22 Reforming Social Protection Policy: Responding to the Global Financial Crisis and Beyond, August 2009
DP 2009-21 Toward a Strategic Urban Development and Housing Policy for the Philippines, July 2009
DP 2009-20 A Documentation of the Annual Poverty Indicators Survey, July 2009
DP 2009-19 Price Collection for the Consumer Price Index: a Documentation, July 2009
DP 2009-18 A Documentation of the Philippines' Family Income and Expenditure Survey, July 2009
DP 2009-17 Issues on the Official Poverty Estimation Methodology in the Philippines: Comparability of Estimates across Space and over Time, July 2009
DP 2009-16 Small Area Estimation of Poverty Statistics, July 2009
DP 2009-15 Some Statistical Dimensions in the Generation of Philippine Poverty Statistics, July 2009
DP 2009-14 Estimation of the Food Poverty Line, June 2009
DP 2009-13 Revisiting Sectoral Liberalization: an Alternative to the FTAAP? Implications on the Philippines, May 2009
DP 2009-12 Crop Insurance: Security for Farmers and Agricultural Stakeholders in the Face of Seasonal Climate Variability, April 2009
DP 2009-11 Policy Options for Rice and Corn Farmers in the Face of Seasonal Climate Variability, April 2009
DP 2009-10 Fiscal Decentralization and Local Finance Reforms in the Philippines, April 2009
DP 2009-09 Profitable Use of SCF in a Policy Context: the Case of Rice Stockholding in the Philippines, March 2009
DP 2009-08 Comparing GDP in Constant and in Chained Prices: Some New Results, March 2009
DP 2009-07 Analysis of the Impact of Changes in the Prices of Rice and Fuel on Poverty in the Philippines, March 2009
DP 2009-06 Climate Variability, Seasonal Climate Forecast, and Corn Farming in Isabela, Philippines: a Farm and Household Level Analysis, March 2009
DP 2009-05 Assessing the Value of Seasonal Climate Forecasts on Farm-level Corn Production through Simulation Modeling, March 2009
DP 2009-04 Asia's Underachiever: Deep Constraints in Philippine Economic Growth, February 2009
DP 2009-03 Impact Assessment of National and Regional Policies Using the Philippine Regional General Equilibrium Model (PRGEM), February 2009
DP 2009-01 Investment and Capital Flows: Implications of the ASEAN Economic Community, January 2009
DP 2008-33 Sustainable Development Framework for Local Governance, December 2008
DP 2008-32 Economic Impact of International Migration and Remittances on Philippine Households: What We Thought We Knew, What We Need to Know, December 2008
DP 2008-31 Financial Services Integration in East Asia: Lessons from the European Union, December 2008
DP 2008-30 Are Maternal and Child Care Programs Reaching the Poorest Regions in the Philippines? November 2008
DP 2008-29 Spatial-Temporal Dimensions of Efficiency among Electric Cooperatives in the Philippines, November 2008
DP 2008-28 Implementing US GDP in Chained Prices for Cross-country GDP Growth and Sectoral Comparisons: Application to Selected ASEAN Countries, November 2008
DP 2008-27 Developing Principles for the Regulation of Microinsurance: Philippine Case Study, October 2008
DP 2008-26 Land Rental Market Activity in Agrarian Reform Areas: Evidence from the Philippines, October 2008
DP 2008-25 A Review of Build-Operate-Transfer for Infrastructure Development: Some Lessons for Policy Reform, September 2008
DP 2008-24 Avoiding Anomalies of GDP in Constant Prices by Conversion to Chained Prices: Accentuating Shifts in Philippine Economic Transformation, September 2008
DP 2008-23 Assessing Competition in Philippine Markets, September 2008
DP 2008-22 Suggested Rules of Origin Regime for EAFTA, August 2008
DP 2008-21 Globalization and the Need for Strategic Government-Industry Cooperation in the Philippine Automotive Industry, August 2008
DP 2008-20 Impacts of the Free Trade Area of the Pacific (FTAAP) on Production, Consumption, and Trade of the Philippines, July 2008
DP 2008-19 Rules of Origin: Regimes in East Asia and Recommendations for Best Practice, July 2008
DP 2008-18 Policy Issues for the ASEAN Economic Community: the Rules of Origin, July 2008
DP 2008-17 Policy Study on the National and Local Government Expenditures for Millennium Development Goals, 2000-2005, May 2008
DP 2008-16 Measures for Assessing Basic Education in the Philippines, May 2008
DP 2008-15 SMEs in the Philippine Manufacturing Industry and Globalization: Meeting the Development Challenges, May 2008
DP 2008-14 Industrial Agglomeration in the Philippines, April 2008
DP 2008-13 Industrial Agglomeration and Industrial Policies: The Philippine Experience, March 2008
DP 2008-12 Consumption, Income, and Intergenerational Reallocation of Resources: Application of NTA in the Philippines, 1999, Published in March 2008
DP 2008-11 Have Lifecycle Consumption and Income Patterns in the Philippines Changed between 1994 and 2002? March 2008
DP 2008-10 CARP Institutional Assessment in a Post-2008 Transition Scenario: Reforms for the Agrarian Justice System, March 2008
DP 2008-09 Benefit Incidence Analysis of Public Spending on Education in the Philippines: A Methodological Note, February 2008
DP 2008-08 Benefit Incidence of Public Spending on Education in the Philippines, February 2008
DP 2008-07 CARP Institutional Assessment in a Post-2008 Transition Scenario: Implications for Land Administration and Management (LAM), February 2008
DP 2008-06 CARP Institutional Assessment in a Post-2008 Transition Scenario: Toward a New Rural Development Architecture, February 2008
DP 2008-05 Impact of Microfinance on Rural Households in the Philippines, February 2008
DP 2008-04
Managing Capital Flows: The Case of the Philippines, February 2008
DP 2008-03 A Note on Defining the Dependent Population Based on Age, January 2008
DP 2008-02 Emerging Issues in Promoting Competition Policy under Regional Frameworks, January 2008
DP 2008-01 Can Imports Discipline Collusive Firms? The Case of the Philippine Cement Industry, January 2008
DP 2007-26 Developing Principles for the Regulation of Microinsurance (Philippine Case Study), December 2007
DP 2007-24 Agricultural Contracts in Mindanao: the Case of Banana and Pineapple, December 2007
DP 2007-23 The Determination of Contracts in Agricultural Economies, December 2007
DP 2007-22 Contractual Arrangements in Philippine Fisheries, December 2007
DP 2007-21 Contractual Arrangements in Agriculture (Northern and Central Luzon Component), December 2007
DP 2007-20 The Current State of Aquaculture in Laguna de Bay, December 2007
DP 2007-19 Some Notes on Performance Management among Agencies, December 2007
DP 2007-18 International Remittances and Household Expenditures: the Philippine Case, December 2007
DP 2007-17 Integrated Financial Supervision: an Institutional Perspective for the Philippines, December 2007
DP 2007-16 Toward Measuring Household Vulnerability to Income Poverty in the Philippines, December 2007
DP 2007-15 Market Access Limitations of the Philippines in the EU Market, November 2007
DP 2007-14 Assessing the Competitiveness of the Philippine Auto Parts Industry, November 2007
DP 2007-13 Has Liberalization Strengthened the Link between Services and Manufacturing? November 2007
DP 2007-12 Measuring Economic Lifecycle and Flows across Population Age Groups: Data and Methods in the Application of the NTA in the Philippines, October 2007
DP 2007-11 Extension Delivery System in a Layer and Swine-Based Farming Community: The Case of San Jose, Batangas, July 2007
DP 2007-10 Who Benefits from the Food-for-School Program: Lessons in Targeting, July 2007
DP 2007-09 Benefit Incidence of Public Spending on Education in the Philippines, July 2007
DP 2007-08 The Policy Development Process and the Agenda for Effective Institutions: The Philippines, July 2007
DP 2007-07 Policy Reforms and Institutional Weaknesses: Closing the Gap, June 2007
DP 2007-06 Financing the Millennium Development Goals: The Philippines, June 2007
DP 2007-05 Ten Years After: Financial Crisis Redux or Constructive Financial Integration and Cooperation, June 2007
DP 2007-04 Shaping APEC: Perspectives from the Philippines, May 2007
DP 2007-03 Closer Trade and Financial Cooperation in ASEAN: Issues at the Regional and National Level with Focus on the Philippines, May 2007
DP 2007-02 A Comprehensive Assessment of the Agricultural Extension System in the Philippines: Case Study of LGU Extension in Ubay, Bohol, April 2007
DP 2007-01 The LGU Extension Services in a Major Rice-Growing Area: The Case of Hagonoy, Davao del Sur, March 2007
DP 2006-25 Microinsurance: Issues, Challenges, and Policy Reforms, December 2006
DP 2006-24 Innovations as Response to Failures in Rural Financial Markets, December 2006
DP 2006-23 Towards Financing the Millennium Development Goals of the Philippines, December 2006
DP 2006-22 Alternative Means Testing Options Using CBMS, December 2006
DP 2006-21 Land Reform and Changes in Land Ownership Concentration: Evidence from Rice-Growing Villages in the Philippines, December 2006
DP 2006-20 FDI Investment Incentive System and FDI Inflows: The Philippine Experience, November 2006
DP 2006-19 Paradigms of Decentralization, Institutional Design, and Poverty: Drinking Water in the Philippines, October 2006
DP 2006-18 Determinants of Export Performance in the Philippine Manufacturing Sector, October 2006
DP 2006-17 Gender-Responsive Budgeting through the CBMS Lens, August 2006
DP 2006-16 Gems in LGU Fiscal Management: a Compilation of Good Practices, August 2006
DP 2006-15 State of Trade and Investments in the Philippines, April 2006
DP 2006-14 Children and Household Savings in the Philippines, March 2006
DP 2006-13 RP-US FTA: Trade Remedies, Competition Policy and Government Procurement, February 2006
DP 2006-12 Intellectual Property Rights: Talking Points for RP-US FTA Negotiations, February 2006
DP 2006-11 Implications of an RP-US FTA on the Philippine Financial Services Industry and the Philippine Economy, February 2006
DP 2006-10 Expanding RP-US Linkages in Business Process Outsourcing, February 2006
DP 2006-09 Enhancement and Deepening of the Competitiveness of the Philippine Electronics Industry Under a Bilateral Setting, February 2006
DP 2006-08 Assessment of Competitiveness and Logistics Infrastructure of the Philippine Garments Industry, February 2006
DP 2006-07 Issues and Prospects on the Movement of Natural Persons and Human Capital Development in the Philippine-American Economic Relations, February 2006
DP 2006-06 The Impact of a Philippine-US FTA: The Case of Philippine Agriculture, February 2006
DP 2006-05 Agricultural Trade Between the Philippines and the US: Status, Issues and Prospects, February 2006
DP 2006-04 The Politico-Strategic Dimension of the US Proposal for a Free Trade Agreement with the Philippines, February 2006
DP 2006-03 Deliberating a Philippine-US Free Trade Agreement: Issues, Challenges and Prospects, February 2006
DP 2006-02 Preferential Trading Agreements and Agricultural Liberalization in East and Southeast Asia, January 2006
DP 2006-01 Rules of Origin: Evolving Best Practices for RTAs/FTAs, January 2006
DP 2005-32 Economic Integration and Regional Cooperation in East Asia: A Pragmatic View, December 2005
DP 2005-31 Audiovisual Services Sector: Can the Philippines Follow "Bollywood?" December 2005
DP 2005-27 Cross-Border Transactions in Higher Education: Philippine Competitiveness, December 2005
DP 2005-26 Does the Philippines Need a Trade Representative Office? December 2005
DP 2005-25 Interface Between Competition Policy and Infrastructure Regulation in the Philippines, October 2005
DP 2005-24 The Impact of Market Reforms on Competition, Structure and Performance of the Philippine Economy, October 2005
DP 2005-23 Does Trade Lead to a Race to the Bottom in Environmental Standards? Another Look at the Issues, October 2005
DP 2005-22 Poverty, Fertility Preferences and Family Planning Practice in the Philippines, September 2005
DP 2005-21 Number of Children and their Education in Philippine Households, September 2005
DP 2005-20 Children and the Labor Force Participation and Earnings of Parents in the Philippines, September 2005
DP 2005-19 Poverty, Vulnerability and Family Size: Evidence from the Philippines, September 2005
DP 2005-18 Competition Policy and Regulation in Power and Telecommunications, August 2005
DP 2005-16 The Impact of Fiscal Restraint on Budgetary Allocations for Women's Programs, August 2005
DP 2005-15 Rice in the Filipino Diet and Culture, July 2005
DP 2005-14 The Evolution of Rice Production Practices, July 2005
DP 2005-13 Rice and Philippine Politics, July 2005
DP 2005-12 A Century of Rice Innovations, July 2005
DP 2005-11 Rice that Filipinos Grow and Eat, July 2005
DP 2005-10 The Business Cycle in the Philippines, June 2005
DP 2005-09 Globalization, Redemocratization and the Philippine Bureaucracy, April 2005
DP 2005-08 Effect of Global Economic Liberalization on Manufacturing Firms in Muslim Areas in the Philippines, April 2005
DP 2005-07 Islamic Economy: Its Relevance to the Globalization of Economy in the Muslim Filipino Areas, April 2005
DP 2005-06 Special Purpose Vehicles and Insolvency Reforms in the Philippines, March 2005
DP 2005-05 State of Competition in the Wholesale and Retail Sector, March 2005
DP 2005-04 Policy Reversals, Lobby Groups and Economic Distortions, March 2005
DP 2005-03 Effect of Liberalization on Banking Competition, March 2005
DP 2005-02 Competition Policy and Regulation in Ports and Shipping, February 2005
DP 2005-01 Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Arrangements: The Experience and Policy Challenges, January 2005
DP 2004-54 Local Governance in the Midst of Economic Dependency: A Case Study of Olongapo City, December 2004
DP 2004-53 Tourism Fuels an Emerging City: The Case of Tagbilaran City, Bohol, December 2004
DP 2004-52 Metro Iloilo Development Council: In Pursuit of Managed Urban Growth, December 2004
DP 2004-51 Lipa City...Emerging City for All Seasons??? December 2004
DP 2004-50 Case Study of Zamboanga City (Forced Migration Area), December 2004
DP 2004-49 Metro Cebu: A Metropolitan Area in Need of Coordinative Body, December 2004
DP 2004-48 An Initial Verdict on Our Fight Against Poverty, December 2004
DP 2004-47 Rental Housing for Urban Low-Income Households in the Philippines, December 2004
DP 2004-46 Evaluating the Impacts of Competition Policy Reforms on the Efficiency of Philippine Commercial Banks, December 2004
DP 2004-45 Local Governance and the Challenges of Economic Distress: The Case of Iligan City, December 2004
DP 2004-44 Tagum City: Development at the Crossroads, December 2004
DP 2004-43 How Can Regional Institutions Support Reforms to Domestic Financial Systems, December 2004
DP 2004-42 Local Public Finance in the Philippines: In Search of Autonomy with Accountability, December 2004
DP 2004-41 China's WTO Entry: Effects on Its Economy and Implications for the Philippines, November 2004
DP 2004-40 Philippines-Japan Free Trade Agreement: Analyzing Its Potential Impact Using a Computable General Equilibrium Model
DP 2004-39 A Note on the Competitiveness Debate
DP 2004-38 Food Security, Agricultural Efficiency and Regional Integration
DP 2004-37 Trade and Investment in a Globalized Setting: The Philippine Experience in Muslim Areas
DP 2004-36 English as the Language of Trade, Finance and Technology in APEC: An East Asia Perspective
DP 2004-35 The Dynamics of Philippines-Japan Economic Cooperation: The Case of Japan's Official Development Assistance in the Philippines
DP 2004-34 Exploring Potentials of a Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership in Human Resource Development
DP 2004-33 Philippine-Japan Economic Linkages: A Case Study of Cebu
DP 2004-32 Toward a Philippine-Japan Economic Cooperation in Agriculture
DP 2004-31 Developing the Japanese Market for Philippine Tourism and Retirement Services: Prospects and Impediments
DP 2004-30 Small and Medium Enterprise Development Experience and Policy in Japan and the Philippines: Lessons and Policy Implications
DP 2004-29 Philippines-Japan Economic Partnership: Where Is the Philippines in Japan's Plan?
DP 2004-28 A Comparative Study of Bilateral FTA/CEP Arrangements
DP 2004-27 East Asian Cooperation: The ASEAN View
DP 2004-26 Fiscal Reform Agenda: Getting Ready for the Bumpy Ride Ahead
DP 2004-25 Winning the Water Wars: Toward a Watershed-based Approach to Watershed Resources Management: A Policy Agenda for Local Government Units
DP 2004-24 Realities of Watershed Management in the Philippines: Synthesis of Case Studies
DP 2004-23 Realities of the Watershed Management Approach: The Manupali Watershed Experience
DP 2004-22 Realities of Watershed Management in the Philippines: The Case of the Iloilo-Maasin Watershed
DP 2004-21 Realities of the Watershed Management Approach: The Magat Watershed Experience
DP 2004-20 Community-led Watershed-based Water Resources Management: The Case of Balian, Pangil, Laguna
DP 2004-19 Realities of a Watershed Management Approach in the Philippines: A Framework for Case Analysis
DP 2004-18 Rural Finance and Developments in Philippine Rural Financial Markets: Issues and Policy Research Challenges
DP 2004-17 Experience of Crisis-Hit Asian Countries: Do Asset Management Companies Increase Moral Hazard?
DP 2004-16 Determinants of Individual Trade Policy Preference in the Philippines
DP 2004-15 A National Policy Study on Child Labour and Development in the Philippines
DP 2004-14 Rice Reforms and Poverty in the Philippines: A CGE Analysis
DP 2004-13 Towards a Strategy for Manufactured Exports to Japan
DP 2004-12 Two Essays on Regional Economic Integration in East Asia
DP 2004-11 Movement of Natural Persons Between the Philippines and Japan: Issues and Prospects
DP 2004-10 Prospects and Problems of Expanding Trade with Japan: A Survey of Philippine Exporters
DP 2004-09 Understanding the Political Motivations Behind Japan's Pursuit of an EPA with the Philippines: Considerations for the Philippine Side
DP 2004-08 Prospects of Services Trade Liberalization in Japan-RP Bilateral Agreement
DP 2004-07 Preferential Rules of Origin for the Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership: Issues and Prospects
DP 2004-06 An Analysis of Industry and Sector-Specific Impacts of a Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership
DP 2004-05 In-depth Analysis on the Access to and Suitability of the Loans
DP 2004-04 Extent of Asset Accumulation of the Households
DP 2004-03 The Role of other Economically Active Household Members in Poverty Alleviation
DP 2004-02 Household Perceptions of the Long-Term Impact of Coastal Resources Management in Panguil Bay
DP 2004-01 Philippine-Japan Bilateral Agreements: Analysis of Possible Effects on Unemployment, Distribution and Poverty in the Philippines Using CGE-Microsimulation Approach
DP 2003-21 Strengthening Bilateral Trade and Investment Relationship Between Latin America and the Philippines: Beyond Economic Diplomacy
DP 2003-20 Globalization and State Capacity: The Philippines
DP 2003-19 Financial and Monetary Cooperation in ASEAN
DP 2003-18 An Evaluation of the Philippine Population Management Program (PPMP)
DP 2003-17 Analysis of the President's Budget for 2004: Looking for the Complete (Fiscal) Picture
DP 2003-16 Regulatory Policies and Reforms in the Power and Downstream Oil Industries
DP 2003-15 Analyzing the Impact of Philippine Tariff Reform on Unemployment, Distribution and Poverty Using CGE-Microsimulation Approach
DP 2003-14 Family Planning and Maternal and Child Health Outcomes, Utilization and Access to Services by Asset Quintile: New Evidence from the FPS and MCHS
DP 2003-13 State of Competition in the Insurance Industry: Selected Asian Countries
DP 2003-12 Rural Finance and Microfinance Development in Transition Countries in Southeast and East Asia
DP 2003-11 Innovations in Microfinance in Southeast Asia
DP 2003-10 The Output Gap and Its Role in Inflation-Targeting in the Philippines
DP 2003-09 Analysis of Trade Reforms, Income Inequality and Poverty Using Microsimulation Approach: The Case of the Philippines
DP 2003-08 Trade Reforms, Unemployment, Household Income and Welfare: The Philippine Case
DP 2003-07 Poverty and Access to Microfinance with Gender Dimension
DP 2003-06 Integrating Gender Perspectives in Evaluating the Efficiency of COFI: The Case of Credit Cooperatives in the Philippines
DP 2003-05 Tax Administration Reform: (Semi-) Autonomous Revenue Authority Anyone?
DP 2003-04 The Philippine National Innovation System: Structure and Characteristics
DP 2003-03 Land Issues in Poverty Reduction Strategies and the Development Agenda: Philippines
DP 2003-02 East Asian Regional Cooperation: Approaches and Processes
DP 2003-01 Analyzing the Impact of Trade Reforms on Welfare and Income Distribution Using CGE Framework: The Case of the Philippines
DP 2002-26 Infrastructure Development: Experience and Policy Options for the Future
DP 2002-25 Philippine Competition Policy in Perspective
DP 2002-24 Analysis of the President's Budget for 2003
DP 2002-23 Research and Development and Technology in the Philippines
DP 2002-22 Financial Services Integration and Consolidated Supervision: Some Issues to Consider for the Philippines
DP 2002-21 Population and Poverty: A Review of the Links, Evidence and Implications for the Philippines
DP 2002-20 The Poverty Fight: Have We Made an Impact?
DP 2002-19 Education, Labor Market and Development: A Review of the Trends and Issues in the Philippines for the Past 25 Years
DP 2002-18 Review of the Population Program: 1986-2002
DP 2002-17 A Review of Research on Population-Related Issues: 1980-2002
DP 2002-16 Rethinking Institutional Reforms in the Philippine Housing Sector
DP 2002-15 The Philippines in the Global Trading Environment: Looking Back and the Road Ahead
DP 2002-14 The Quest for a Better Environment: Past Experiences and Future Challenges
DP 2002-13 Monitoring Economic Vulnerability and Performance: Applications to the Philippines
DP 2002-12 Efficiency and Expense Preference in the Philippines' Cooperative Rural Banks
DP 2002-11 Estimating Industry Benchmarks for the Value Added Tax
DP 2002-10 Central Banking in the Philippines: Then, Now and the Future
DP 2002-09 A Perspective on Macroeconomic and Economy-Wide Quantitative Models of the Philippines: 1990-2002
DP 2002-08 Population Policy in the Philippines, 1969-2002
DP 2002-07 Governance in Southeast Asia: Issues and Options
DP 2002-06 Development of Tax Forecasting Models: Corporate and Individual Income Taxes
DP 2002-05 ASEAN's Fledgling Debt Securities Markets: More tasks Ahead
DP 2002-04 Globalization and Employment: The Impact of Trade on Employment Level and Structure in the Philippines
DP 2002-03 Regional Development in the Philippines: A Review of Experience, State of the Art and Agenda for Research and Action
DP 2002-02 Impact of Agrarian Reform on Poverty
DP 2002-01 Total Factor Productivity in the Philippines
DP 2001-28 Microfinance Approach to Housing: The Community Mortgage Program
DP 2001-27 Deregulation of Bank Entry and Branching: Impact on Competition
DP 2001-26 Review of Methods for Assessing Community-Based Coastal Resources Management in the Philippines
DP 2001-25 Trade Liberalization and Pollution: Evidence from the Philippines
DP 2001-24 Expanding Banking Services to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Poor Households in the Philippines
DP 2001-23 Benefits (and Losses) From Rent Control in the Philippines: An Empirical Study of Metro Manila
DP 2001-22 Alternative Estimation Methodologies for Macro Model: ECM vs. OLS
DP 2001-21 The Bangkok Declaration and Strategy for Aquaculture Development Beyond 2000 and Philippine Aquaculture
DP 2001-20 The Philippine Payment System: Efficiency and Implications for the Conduct of Monetary Policy
DP 2001-19 Analysis of the President's Budget for 2002: Accounting for New Modes of Financing the Fiscal Deficit
DP 2001-18 Public-Private-Community Partnerships in Management and Delivery of Water to Urban Poor: The Case of Metro Manila
DP 2001-17 An Assessment of the Absorptive Capacity of Agencies Involved in the Public Works Sector
DP 2001-16 NO to Y$? Enhancing Economic Integration in East Asia through Closer Monetary Cooperation
DP 2001-15 The Dynamics of Housing Demand in the Philippines: Income and Lifecycle Effects
DP 2001-14 Literature Review of the Agricultural Distribution Services Sector: Performance, Efficiency and Research Issues
DP 2001-13 Assessment of Medium-Term National Action Agenda for Productivity (MNAAP) for the Agriculture Sector
DP 2001-12 A Review of the Components of the Medium-Term National Action Agenda on Productivity 2000-2004: Infrastructure
DP 2001-11 Monitoring Economic Vulnerability and Performance: Applications to the Philippines
DP 2001-10 Looking Beyond AFTA: Prospects and Challenges for Interregional Trade
DP 2001-09 Liberalization and Regional Integration: The Philippines' Strategy to Global Competitiveness
DP 2001-08 Technological Innovations in Japan and S&T Experiences in the Philippines: Drawing Policy Lessons for the Philippines
DP 2001-07 Impact of Trade Policy Reforms on the Environment
DP 2001-06 Groundwater Supply in Metro Manila: Distribution, Environmental and Economic Assessment
DP 2001-05 Metro Manila and Metro Cebu Groundwater Assessment
DP 2001-04 Assessment of the Absorptive Capacity for Government and Donor Funding: The Case of the DOH
DP 2001-03 Dollarization: Concepts and Implications for Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy in the Philippines
DP 2001-02 Estimates of Total Factor Productivity in the Philippines
DP 2001-01 Tracking East Asia's Recovery from the Capital Account Crisis: Analysis, Evidence and Policy Implications
DP 2000-44 Impact of Trade Liberalization and Exchange Rate Policy on Industrial Water Pollution and Groundwater Depletion
DP 2000-43 The President's Budget for 2001: Depleted Economic Choices
DP 2000-42 Increasing Globalization and AFTA in 2003: What are the Prospects for the Philippine Automotive Industry?
DP 2000-41 Managing Capital Flows to Developing Economies: Issues and Policies
DP 2000-40 Poverty Profile of the Philippines
DP 2000-39 Constraints, Opportunities and Options in Irrigation Development
DP 2000-38 E-Commerce in Southeast Asia: A Review of Developments, Challenges and Issues
DP 2000-37 Reforming the International Financial Architecture: The East Asian View
DP 2000-36 An Analysis of Philippine Trade Reforms in 1995-2000 Using the 1994 APEX Model
DP 2000-35 Philippine Tariff Reforms: A CGE Analysis
DP 2000-34 Transforming Land Bank into a Microfinance Development Institution
DP 2000-33 Philippine Computable General Equilibrium Model (PCGEM)
DP 2000-32 Oil Price Increase: Can Something be Done to Minimize its Effects?
DP 2000-31 Coconut Program Area Research Planning and Prioritization
DP 2000-30 Fiber Crops Program Area Research Planning and Prioritization
DP 2000-29 Property Rights Reform in Philippine Agriculture: Framework for Analysis and Review of Recent Experience
DP 2000-28 Philippine Productivity Performance in the 1990s: An Assessment
DP 2000-27 Agricultural Biotechnology: Opportunities and Challenges for the Philippines
DP 2000-26 Key Indicators for Public Expenditures in Agriculture, Natural Resources and the Environment
DP 2000-25 A Review of the Components of the Medium-Term National Action Agenda for Productivity: An Integrative Report
DP 2000-24 Public Sector Governance and the Medium-Term National Action Agenda for Productivity (MNAAP)
DP 2000-23 A Review of the Components of the Medium-Term National Action Agenda for Productivity: Industrial Sector
DP 2000-22 Human Resource Aspect in the Medium-Term National Action Agenda for Productivity (MNAAP)
DP 2000-21 S and T/R and D - Medium-Term National Action Agenda for Productivity (MNAAP)
DP 2000-20 Land Use Planning in Metro Manila and the Urban Fringe: Implications on the Land and Real Estate Market
DP 2000-19 Review and Evaluation of Publicly Funded Research and Development in Agro Processing
DP 2000-18 Fruits Program Area Research Planning and Prioritization: Background Analysis
DP 2000-17 Agricultural Biotechnology Research and Development in the Philippines: The Need for a Strategic Approach
DP 2000-16 Marketing and Post-Harvest Research (MPR) in the Philippine Fisheries: A Review of Literature
DP 2000-15 International Trade Patterns and Trade Policies in the Philippine Fisheries
DP 2000-14 MWSS Privatization: Implication on the Price of Water, the Poor and the Environment
DP 2000-13 PIDS Annual Macroeconometric Model 2000
DP 2000-12 Investment Opportunities for the Shrimp Processing Industry in the Philippines: Results from a Hedonic Analysis
DP 2000-11 Shrimp Price and Quality Changes in the Asia Pacific: Implications for the Philippines
DP 2000-10 Economic Perspective for Agricultural Biotechnology Research Planning
DP 2000-09 Research Program Planning for Natural Resource Management: A Background Analysis
DP 2000-08 Ornamental Program Area Research Planning and Prioritization
DP 2000-07 Vegetable Program Area Research Planning and Prioritization
DP 2000-06 Mercury Pollution Due to Small-Scale Gold Mining in the Philippines: An Economic Analysis
DP 2000-05 The Milkfish Broodstock-Hatchery Research and Development Program and Industry: A Policy Study
DP 2000-04 Analysis of Fishing Ports in the Philippines
DP 2000-03 Assessing the Competitiveness of the Philippine IT Industry
DP 2000-02 The Philippines: Challenges for Sustaining the Economic Recovery
DP 2000-01 The Effects of Shifting to Transaction Value and Other Issues
DP 1999-33 Philippine National Agricultural and Natural Resources Research System: Resource Allocation Issues and Directions for Reforms
DP 1999-32 Contagion Effects of the Asian Crisis, Policy Responses and Their Implications
DP 1999-31 Constraints to Food Security: The Philippine Case
DP 1999-30 Impact of the Financial Crisis on Social Services Financing and Delivery
DP 1999-29 Regional Budget Determination and Allocation: A Policy Revisit
DP 1999-28 Population and Development Planning (PDP) Model: The 1998 Update
DP 1999-27 Identifying Areas of Support in Research and Development for the Manufacturing Sector
DP 1999-26 An Institutional Analysis of Research and Development Expenditure
DP 1999-25 Research and Development: A Review of Literature
DP 1999-24 Rates of Return to R&D Investment in the Philippines
DP 1999-23 A Second Look at Credit Crunch: The Philippine Case
DP 1999-22 Population Growth and Economic Development in the Philippines: What Has Been the Experience and What Must Be Done?
DP 1999-21 Productivity of Philippine Manufacturing
DP 1999-20 Housing Policy, Strategy and Recent Developments in Market-based Housing Finance
DP 1999-19 Private Sector Activities on Research and Development
DP 1999-18 Agriculture Technology Acquisition, Development and Dissemination in the Private Sector
DP 1999-17 Research and Development in the Philippine Fisheries Sector
DP 1999-16 R&D Gaps in the Philippines
DP 1999-15 Study on Public and Private Expenditure on Research and Development: An Integrative Report
DP 1999-14 Social Impact of the Regional Financial Crisis in the Philippines
DP 1999-13 Regional Economic Growth and Convergence in the Philippines: 1975-1997
DP 1999-12 Trade, Competitiveness and Finance in the Philippine Manufacturing Sector, 1980-1995
DP 1999-11 Policy Adjustment to Exploit Opportunities in WTO, APEC and AFTA: Tradable Goods Sector
DP 1999-10 Currency Crisis: Where Do We Go From Here?
DP 1999-09 Impacts of the Southeast Asian Financial Crisis on the Philippine Manufacturing Sector
DP 1999-08 The Philippine Tariff Structure: An Analysis of Changes, Effects and Impacts
DP 1999-07 Recent TFP Policy Agenda for the Philippines
DP 1999-06 Total Factor Productivity: Estimates for Philippine Economy
DP 1999-05 Scenarios for Economic Recovery: The Philippines
DP 1999-04 Indicators of Good Governance: Developing an Index of Governance Quality at the LGU Level
DP 1999-03 Governance and Urban Development: Case Study of Metro Manila
DP 1999-02 Determination of Basic Household Water Requirements (Revised)
DP 1999-01 Toward the Sustainable Development of the Fisheries Sector: An Analysis of the Philippine Fisheries Code and the AFMA
DP 1998-44 Local Efforts in Housing Provision
DP 1998-43 The Environmental Impacts of Economic Cycles
DP 1998-42 A Study of Housing Subsidies in the Philippines
DP 1998-41 Understanding Household Water Demand for Metro Cebu
DP 1998-40 Developing an Early Warning System for BOP and Financial Crises: The Case of the Philippines
DP 1998-39 Towards an Efficient Path to Food Security: The Philippine Case
DP 1998-38 Water in Metro Cebu: The Case for Policy and Institutional Reforms
DP 1998-37 Financing and Delivery of Urban Services in the Philippines: An Overview
DP 1998-36 Health Management: Strategies from Selected Cities
DP 1998-35 Partnership for Health: A Case of Lapu-Lapu City
DP 1998-34 Olongapo: A Healthy City
DP 1998-33 The Case of Butuan City: A Consistent Regional Outstanding Winner in Nutrition (CROWN)
DP 1998-32 Environment and Natural Resources Management: Lessons from City Program Innovations
DP 1998-31 Metropolitan Arrangements in the Philippines: Passing Fancy or the Future Megatrend
DP 1998-30 Megalopolitan Manila: Striving Towards a Humane and World Class Megacity
DP 1998-29 In Search of Metropolitan Definitions: Lessons from Metro Davao
DP 1998-28 Beyond 2000: Assessment of Economic Performance and an Agenda for Sustainable Growth
DP 1998-27 The Emerging Philippine Investment Environment
DP 1998-26 Productivity Growth in the Philippines After the Industrial Reforms
DP 1998-25 The International Economic Environment and the Philippine Economy
DP 1998-24 Kaantabay sa Kauswagan Mass Housing Strategy: The Case of Naga City
DP 1998-23 The Lote para sa Mahihirap Housing Program of San Carlos City, Negros Occidental
DP 1998-22 The Low-Cost Housing Program of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
DP 1998-21 Reaching Out: Gingoog City's Total Integrated Development Approach (G-TIDA)
DP 1998-20 Puerto Princesa City's Satellite Clinics: A Curative Rural Network
DP 1998-19 Emergency Rescue Naga: An LGU-Managed Emergency Rescue Project
DP 1998-18 People Power at Work: The Case of the Surigao City Primary Health Care Federated Women's Club
DP 1998-17 Financing and Delivery of Health and Sanitation Services through Effective Resource Mobilization and Inter-governmental Coordination: A Case Study of Cotabato City
DP 1998-16 Owning the Metropolitan Vision: The Case of BLIST
DP 1998-15 Metropolitan Cebu: The Challenge of Definition and Management
DP 1998-14 Providing a Metropolitan Perspective to Development Planning: Cagayan de Oro
DP 1998-13 Metropolitan Naga: A Continuing Challenge of Local Autonomy and Sustainability
DP 1998-12 Metro Iloilo: A struggle for Acceptance and Organization
DP 1998-11 Fiscal Adjustment in the Context of Growth and Equity, 1986-1996
DP 1998-10 Philippine Employment and Industrial Relations Policies: An Assessment
DP 1998-09 Beyond 2000: An Assessment of the Economy and Policy Recommendations-Social Sector Dealing with Agrarian Reform
DP 1998-08 Beyond 2000: Assessments of the Economy and Policy Recommendations- Social Sector dealing with Technology Policy
DP 1998-07 Beyond 2000: An Assessment of Infrastructure Policies
DP 1998-06 Poverty Alleviation and Equity Promotion
DP 1998-05 Trade and Industrial Policy Beyond 2000: An Assessment of the Philippine Economy
DP 1998-04 The East Asian Crisis and Philippine Sustainable Development
DP 1998-03 Macroeconomic Policy Change and Household Health Outomes: A Simulation of the Impact of the 1988-1992 Tariff Reform Program
DP 1998-02 Financial Reform and Development in the Philippines, 1980-1997: Imperatives, Performance and Challenges
DP 1998-01 Strengthening Credit Institutions for Rural Poverty Alleviation
DP 1997-23 Study on the Effects of AFTA-CEPT Scheme on Manufacturing Industries
DP 1997-22 Study on the Effects of AFTA-CEPT Scheme on the Textile Industry
DP 1997-21 Micro Studies: The Philippine Car Assembly Sector
DP 1997-20 Comparative Study of ASEAN Tariff Profiles
DP 1997-19 The Effects of the Five Percent Uniform Tariff on Agriculture
DP 1997-18 Macroeconomic Impact of a Tariff Reduction: A Three-Gap Analysis with Model Simulations (final)
DP 1997-17 Effects of the Five Percent Uniform Tariff
DP 1997-16 Effects of the Uniform 5% Tariff on Manufacturing
DP 1997-15 Beyond Liberalization of Trade in Goods: Alternative Strategies for Regional Trade and Investment Facilitation
DP 1997-14 ASEAN and the Challenge of Closer Economic Integration
DP 1997-13 Agricultural policy and the WTO Agreement: The Philippine Case
DP 1997-12 Philippine Agriculture's Institutional Structure of Governance: A Critique
DP 1997-11 Food Policy: Its Role in Price Stability and Food Security
DP 1997-10 Assessment of Tariff Reform in the 1990s
DP 1997-09 Productivity Analysis in Garments and Textile Industries
DP 1997-08 Nontrade Financial Inflows to the Philippines: Recent Trends and Policy Responses
DP 1997-07 Economy-Wide Model of the Philippine Economy: Preliminary Version
DP 1997-06 Simulating the Effects of GATT-UR/WTO on the Philippine Economy
DP 1997-05 Exchange Rate Movements in the Philippines
DP 1997-04 Local Government Financing of Social Service Sectors in a Decentralized Regime: Special Focus on Provincial Governments in 1993
DP 1997-03 Macroeconomic Impact of a Tariff Reduction: A Three-Gap Analysis with Model Simulations
DP 1997-02 Industrial Policy and the Environment: The Case of the Manufacturing Sector in Metro Cebu
DP 1997-01 Overfishing in the Philippine Commercial Marine Fisheries Sector
DP 1996-13 Micro Interventions for Poverty Alleviation: The Philippine Case
DP 1996-12 An Assessment of the Capacity of Financial Performance of Microfinance Institutions: The Philippine Case
DP 1996-11 Inflation and Economic Growth in the Philippines
DP 1996-10 Can P* Be a Basis for Core Inflation in the Philippines
DP 1996-09 Food: Is a Crisis Looming
DP 1996-08 Beyond WTO: Meeting the Challenges of the New Trade and Environment Regime, Perspectives from the Philippines and the ASEAN
DP 1996-07 The Effects of the MFA Phase Out on the Philippine Garments and Textiles Industries
DP 1996-06 Local Government Units? Access to the Private Capital Markets
DP 1996-05 Philippine Households' Response to Price and Income Changes
DP 1996-04 Structural Adjustment and Poverty Alleviation in the Philippines
DP 1996-03 A Study on the Trade and Investment Policies of Developing Countries: The Case of the Philippines
DP 1996-02 Micro Impacts of Macroeconomic Adjustment Policies (MIMAP): The Philippine Case
DP 1996-01 Simulating the Income Distribution Effects of the 1988-1992 Tariff Reduction Using the APEX Model
DP 1995-32 Estimation of Total Factor Productivity of Philippine Manufacturing Industries: The Estimates
DP 1995-31 Health Manpower: Profile, Stock and Requirements
DP 1995-30 The Regulatory Environment in the Health Care Sector
DP 1995-29 Philippine Agriculture: Its Path to Modernization
DP 1995-28 Philippine Rice Supply Demand: Prospects and Policy Implications
DP 1995-27 Philippine Agricultural Research and Development: Issues and Policy Implications
DP 1995-26 Philippine Irrigation Development: Overview, Determinants, and Policy Issues
DP 1995-25 Credit Unions as Channels of Micro-Credit Lines: The Philippine Case
DP 1995-24 Surge in Capital Inflows, Response of the Government, and Effects on the Economy: The Philippine Case
DP 1995-23 Small Enterprises? Access to Formal Financial Services: A Review and Assessment
DP 1995-22 Selected Aspects of Medical Equipments and Instruments Industries in the Philippines
DP 1995-21 Analysis of Hospital Production and Cost: Economies of Scale and Scope
DP 1995-20 A Study on Primary Health Care Services in the Philippines
DP 1995-19 A Twenty-Five Year Review (1967-1991) of Epidemiological Profile and Trends of Selected Diseases
DP 1995-18 Case Study of Community Health Financing in Region XI
DP 1995-17 Medicare I: Evaluation of Alternative Reform Measures
DP 1995-16 A Study of Philippine Hospital Management Administrative Systems
DP 1995-15 Economic Policies and Agricultural Incentives: The Philippine Case
DP 1995-14 Health Financing for the Rural Poor: Findings from a Survey Study
DP 1995-13 Health-Seeking Behavior of Urban Poor Communities
DP 1995-12 Costs of In-patient Hospital Care for Bronchopneumonia and Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) in Manila
DP 1995-11 Analysis of Health Manpower Behavior: Physicians and Dentists
DP 1995-10 Analysis of Supply and Market for Health Care Facilities
DP 1995-09 Patterns of Health Care Expenditures, Utilization and Demand for Medical Care in Sample Philippine Households
DP 1995-08 Evaluation of the Potentials of Private Insurance Industry as a Source of Health Care Finance in the Philippines
DP 1995-07 Evaluation of Medicare I: Administrative Issues
DP 1995-06 The Performance of Medicare I: An Economic Evaluation
DP 1995-05 Production, Utilization and Trade of Environmentally Preferable Products in the Philippines
DP 1995-04 Investment Policy for Transition to a Market Economy: The Philippine Case
DP 1995-03 Comparative and Competitive Advantage of Philippine Rice Production: 1966-1990
DP 1995-02 Revenue Mobilization in Local Government Units: The Early Years of Local Government Code Implementation
DP 1995-01 Public Enterprise Reform: The Case of the Philippines, 1986-1987
DP 1994-24 Group Credit: Recent Evidence from the Philippines
DP 1994-23 Interlinked Marketing and Credit Arrangements: Some Recent Evidence from Rural Philippines
DP 1994-22 Impact Evaluation of the Central Visayas Regional Project Phase I (CVRP-I)
DP 1994-21 The Use of Statistics in Policy Research and Decision-making
DP 1994-20 Managing Surges in Capital Inflows: The Philippines Case
DP 1994-19 Dynamics of Rural Development: Integrative Report
DP 1994-18 Off-Site Costs of Soil Erosion and Watershed Degradation in the Philippines: Sectoral Impacts and Tentative Results
DP 1994-17 Study of Alternative Mechanisms for Rural Credit Delivery
DP 1994-16 Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) and the Fisheries, Livestock and Crop Sectors: Adjustments in the Pasture Leases
DP 1994-15 The Impact of Comprehensive Agrarian Reform (CARP) on the Crop Sector
DP 1994-14 The Impact of Credit on Productivity and Growth of Rural Nonfarm Enterprises
DP 1994-13 DAR, Land Reform-Related Agencies and the CARP: A Study of Government and Alternative Approaches to Land Acquisition and Distribution
DP 1994-12 Agricultural Growth and Rural Incomes: Rural Performance Indicators and Consumption Patterns
DP 1994-11 Rural Labor and Rural Non-Agricultural Activities in the Philippines
DP 1994-10 Effects of Macroeconomic Policies on Rural Nonfarm Enterprises
DP 1994-09 The Impact of Agrarian Reform on Credit Markets in the Aquaculture Sector
DP 1994-08 Advocacy Plan for MIMAP Project, Phase III
DP 1994-07 Assessment of Community-Based Systems Monitoring Household Welfare
DP 1994-06 Review of Macroeconomic Methods and Microeconomic Valuation Methods Applied in the Natural Resources and Environment Sector
DP 1994-05 Towards a Model for Analyzing the Impact of Macroeconomic Adjustment Policies on Households: A Review of Empirical Household Models in the Philippines
DP 1994-04 The Financial Structure and Performance of Philippine Credit Cooperatives
DP 1994-03 Structural Adjustment Policy Experiments: The Use of Philippine CGE Models
DP 1994-02 Macroeconomic Models and Stabilization Policy
DP 1994-01 Intentions vs. Implementation of Philippine Economic Reforms Under Aquino Government, 1986-1992

Source: Philippine Institute for Development Studies