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About Australian APEC Study Centre





Australian APEC Study Centre is a unit of Monash University in Melbourne under contract with the Australian government. Its role is to research, to inform and to promote discussion on issues related to Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation.

The Australian APEC Study Centre organizes its activities into a number of programs in which in engages in the following activities:
  • network with academic, government and private sector bodies in Australia to promote awareness and discussion of APEC, its activities and objectives
  • conducts conferences and other forums to facilitate communications and exchange between the private sector, government officials and the academic world
  • conducts training courses for officials from APEC economies on a number of APEC related issues
  • involves government, academic and private sectors in its activities
  • manages Australia's involvement in APEC activities ina s much as they relate to the university sector
  • provides a range of information resources and curriculum material for short courses and degrees focusing on APEC related issues to meet the needs of school level, undergraduate and postgraduate students, academics and business people
  • undertakes publication of APEC information for broad public consumption including a newsletter, papers and reports. The issues to which the Centre has recently given prominence include: trade and investment liberalization, trade and environment issues, financial services including the life insurance and pensions industry, telecommunications, infrastructure financing and provision
  • conducts high-level research and analysis relevant to the objectives of APEC

All of the Center's collection of research papers, and conference papers are available in the Asia-Studies Database.

For further information, please visit the Australian APEC Study Centre website.