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ISDP Asia Papers





The Asia Papers is published by Institute for Security and Development Policy.

Emerging Giant Shaking up the EU? Impacts, Challenges and Implications of China’s Investment Frenzy in Europe, March 2020

A Steady Hand: The EU 2019 Strategy & Policy Toward Central Asia, November 2019

Managing Connectivity Conflict: EU-India Cooperation and China’s Belt and Road Initiative, December 2018

A Return to War: Militarized Conflicts in Northern Shan State, July 2018

The Great Rejuvenation? China’s Search for a New ‘Global Order’ November 2017

Out of the “Slipstream” of Power? Australian Grand Strategy and the South China Sea Disputes, June 2017

Myanmar’s Evolving Relations: The NLD in Government, October 2016

Rethinking North Korea's Denuclearization: Approaches and Strategies, June 2015

The PLA's Evolving Global Role and New Security Initiatives, March 2015

The PLA and Student Recruits: Reforming China's Conscription System, January 2015

Rivalry and Cooperation: A New "Great Game" in Myanmar, December 2014

China's Military Reform: Prospects and Challenges, September 2014

Toward the Transformation of PLA Military Training under Conditions of Informationization, August 2014

Ethnic Minorities, Government Policies, and Foreign Relations: The Ethnic Chinese in Vietnam and Ethnic Vietnamese in Cambodia, June 2014

China's "Sea Power Nation" Strategy, June 2014

Toward a Roadmap for Peace and Stability on the Korean Peninsula: Steps and Perspectives, May 2014

The PLA and International Humanitarian Law: Achievements and Challenges, October 2013

Military Transformation with Chinese Characteristics in the New Century, July 2013

Characteristics of Chinese Military Culture: A Historical Perspective, April 2013

Historical Changes in Relations Between China and Neighboring Countries (1949 - 2012), March 2013

Promoting Democracy in Myanmar: Political Party Capacity Building, February 2013

Europe and China in Africa: Common Interests and/or Different Approaches? January 2013

China's Risk Equation: Using Military Forces in International Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Activities, January 2013

Chinese Official Negotiators: Mindset and Practice, December 2012

Confidence Building Between the DPRK and the U.S.: The Foundation for Settling the Korean Issues, August 2012

Federation: A Comparative Study of European Integration and Korean Reunification, August 2012

From Carrots to Sticks: Japanese Sanctions Towards the DPRK, August 2012

On China's Traditional Culture and Peaceful Development Strategy, August 2012

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and Counter-Terrorism Cooperation, August 2012

Sino-Myanmar Relations: Security and Beyond, June 2012

Troubled Encounter: Japan-DPRK Non-Relations, June 2012

China's Rising Military Power & Its Implications, March 2012

The Global Commons & the Reconstruction of Sino-U.S. Military Relations, March 2012

The Rise of Emerging Economies & Its Impact, March 2012

Myanmar's Ethnic Insurgents: UWSA, KNU and KIO, February 2012

An Analysis of China's Concept of Sea Power, December 2011

The Conclusion of a Korean Peace Treaty and the U.S. Strategy in the Asia Pacific Region, December 2011

Reasons Behind the Strained Inter-Korean Relations and Ways to Improve Them, December 2011

Taiwan's Role in the Breakout of the Taiwan Strait Crises: A Historical Perspective, November 2011

Changing Southeast Asia: The Role of China, the United States, Japan and ASEAN, November 2011

Towards a Peaceful Settlement of the Preah Vihear Temple Dispute, October 2011

North Korea's Third Hereditary Succession: Determining Factors and Hidden Meanings, October 2011

Dispute Resolution and Cross-border Cooperation in Northeast Asia: Reflections on the Nordic Experience, June 2011

Federalism: The Fundamental Way for Korea's Reunification, June 2011

Provisions for Peace on the Korean Peninsula and the Northern Limit Line, June 2011

Political Developments in Myanmar in Light of the 2010 Elections, March 2011

Japan and Human Security: The Derailing of a Foreign Policy Vision, March 2011

Multilateralism and China–UN Relations, March 2011

China's "New Multilateralism" and the Rise of BRIC: A Realist Interpretation of a "Multipolar" World Order, February 2011

Japanese Security and Defense Policies: Trends, Threat Perceptions and Prospects, January 2011

Towards a Solution for the North Korean Nuclear Issue: ISDP-KIDA Joint Project on North Korean WMDs, January 2011

Japan and the TICAD Process, December 2010

Sovereign Debt: The Implications for China of the Financial Crisis in Europe, November 2010

The Structure of Impasse: The Complexity of Japan's "North Korean Issues", October 2010

The Conclusion of a Peace Treaty is Imperative: The North Korean Perspective, October 2010

Reunification of Korea is a Major Security Issue on the Korean Peninsula: The North Korean Perspective, October 2010

The Improvement of U.S.- Myanmar Relations: Processes, Reasons and Prospects, September 2010

The Myanmar 2010 Elections: A European Perspective, March 2010

Challenges of Non-Proliferation in Northeast Asia and Possible Solutions, February 2010

Clashes, Crises and Confusion: Japanese Politics at a Crossroads, February 2010

Illegal Heroes and Victimless Crimes - Informal Cross-border Migration from Myanmar, December 2009

Myanmar Economy - A Comparative View, December 2009

Japan and the Myanmar Conundrum, October 2009

To Manage Conflict in South Asia: China's Stakes, Perceptions and Inputs, October 2009

Managing Uncertainties: China - EU International Security Cooperation, September 2009

The Challenges of Sustainable Development in Northeast Asia: Lessons from the Nordic Experience of Environmental Management, September 2009

The Role of Informal Cross-border Trade in Myanmar, September 2009

Indonesia: Development Scenarios 2020 - 2030, September 2009

India and its Neighbors: Development Scenarios 2009 - 2029, September 2009

China, Africa, and Globalization: The "China Alternative", June 2009

Democracy in Myanmar and the Paradox of International Politics, February 2009

Problems and Perils of a Prime Minister, Aso Taro and Japan's Political Autumn, February 2009

Political Roles of Religious Communities in India, November 2008

Political Roles of Religious Communities in Pakistan, November 2008

The Global Race for Oil and Gas: Power Politics and Principles in Asia, October 2008

Mongolian Futures: Scenarios for a Landlocked State, September 2008

Thoughts on Sino-Japanese Relations - Essays reflecting an Informal Workshop on Confidence Building, Conflict Prevention, and Peacebuilding in Northeast Asia, August 2007, Sweden, Published in September 2008

Japan as a "Power" Discarding a Legacy, June 2008

Struggle, Strife, and Stalemate:Yasuo Fukuda and Present-day Japanese Politics, March 2008

The Politics of Oil Behind Sino-Japanese Energy Security Strategies, March 2008

Repackaging Confucius, PRC Public Diplomacy and the Rise of Soft Power, January 2008

The February 13 Agreement: A New Dawn for North Korea's Denuclearization? December 2007

Farewell to Beautiful Japan: The Demise of Shinzo Abe, September 2007

Cadres and Discourse in the People's Republic of China, August 2007

Bangladesh: The Adolescence of an Ancient Land, August 2007

China's Changing Policy on UN Peacekeeping Operations, July 2007

The Success of a Successor: Abe Shinzo and Japan's Foreign Policy, May 2007

Towards Resolution: China in the Myanmar Issue, March 2007

Opposing Views on a Contentious Issue: Two Essays on Conflict Prevention between Mainland China and Taiwan, March 2007

Burma/Myanmar's Ailments: Searching for the Right Remedy, March 2007

The Rise of India: Problems and Opportunities, January 2007

Sino-Japanese Relations: Conflict Management and Resolution, December 2006

China's War on Narcotics: Two Perspectives, December 2006

The North Korean Nuclear Test and Its Implications, November 2006



Source: Institute for Security and Development Policy