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Asian Economic Integration Monitor / Asia Economic Monitor





The Asian Economic Integration Monitor is a semiannual review of Asia’s regional economic cooperation and integration. It covers 48 regional member countries of the Asian Development Bank.
2014I  April  I  November  I  
2013I  March  I  October  I  
2012I  July  I  
The Asia Economic Monitor (AEM) is a review of East Asia's growth, financial and corporate sector restructuring, and emerging policy issues.  It covers the 10 Association of Southeast Asian Nations member countries plus the People's Republic of China; Hong Kong, China; the Republic of Korea; and Taipei, China.
2011I  December  I July  I  
2010I  December  I July  I  
2009I  December  I July  I  
2008I  December  I July  I  
2007I  December  I July  I  
2006I  December  I July  I  
2005I  December  I August I  
2004I  December  I  July  I  
2003I  December  I  October  I  July  I  February  I
2002I  October  I  July  I  April  I

2001I  December  I  September  I  June  I  March  I

2000I  October  I  May  I  March  I

Source: Asian Development Bank