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Asian Development Review





The Asian Development Review is a professional Journal for disseminating the results of economic and development research carried out by staff and resource persons of the Asian Development Bank (ADB).  The review stresses policy and operational relevance of development issues rather than the technical aspects of economics and other social sciences.  Articles are intended for readership among economists and social scientists in government, private sector, academics, and international organizations.

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2005I  Vol. 22 No.1 I




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2004I  Vol. 21 No.1 I

  • Divergent Asian Views on Foreign Direct Investment and Its Governance

  • Liberalization and Foreign Direct Investment in Asian Transport System: The Case of Aviation

  • Regional Integration and Benefits from Foreign Direct Investment in ASEAN Economies: The case of Viet Nam

  • Aggregate Investment in People's Republic of China: Some Empirical Evidence




2003I  Vol. 20 No.2 I

  • Globalization, Technology, and Asian Development

  • The Puzzle of Social Capital, A Critical Review

  • From the Washington Consensus to the Post-Washington Consensus: Retrospect and Prospect

  • Four Proposals for Improved Financing of SME Development in ASEAN

  • Economic Growth, Income Inequality, and Poverty Reduction in People's Republic of China




2003I  Vol. 20 No.1  I

  • Foreign Direct Investment: Trends, TRIMS, and WTO Negotiations

  • Technological Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment - A Survey

  • The Role of Decentralization in Promoting Effective Schooling in Developing Asia

  • Lessons of the Asian Financial Crisis: What Can an Early Warning System Model Tell Us?




2002I  Vol. 19 No.2   I

  • Monetary Cooperation in East Asia: A Survey

  • Globalization, Growth, Inequality, and Social Safety Nets in APEC Economies

  • Family Farms and Plantations in Tropical Development

  • Environmental Damage and the Mismeasure of Poverty and Inequality: Applications to Indonesia and the Philippines

  • Capital Mobility: Evidence from Sri Lanka




2002I  Vol. 19 No.1  I

  • The European Social Model: Lessons for Developing Countries

  • Capitalizing on Globalization

  • Fostering Capital Markets in a Bank-based Financial System: A Review of Major Conceptual Issues

  • Poverty Reduction Issues: Village Economy Perspective

  • How Does Spousal Education Matter?  Some Evidence From Cambodia








2000I  Vol. 18 No.2  I

  • Growth, Inequality, and Poverty: An Introduction

  • Pro-poor Growth and Pro-growth Poverty Reduction: Meaning, Evidence, and Policy Implications

  • How Good is Growth?

  • Growth and Poverty Reduction: An Empirical Analysis

  • Growth Strategies and Poverty Reduction

  • Poverty Reduction and Economic Growth: The Asian Experience




2000I  Vol. 18 No.1  I

  • What is Pro-poor Growth?

  • Captial Account Regimes, Crisis, and Adjustment in Malaysia

  • The Evolving ASEAN Free Trade Area: Widening and Deepening

  • Banking and Enterprise Reform in the People's Republic of China after the Asian Financial Crisis: An Appraisal

  • Risk Management Systems in Clearing and Settlement: Asian and Pacific Equity Markets




1999I  Vol. 17 No.1 and 2  I

  • Investing in Child Nutrition in Asia

  • Linking Community-based Programs and Service Delivery for Improving maternal and Child Nutrition

  • Controlling Micronutrient Deficiencies in Asia

  • Women's Status: Levels, Determinants, Consequences for Malnutrition, Interventions, and Policy

  • The Role of Caring Practices and Resources for Care in Child Survival, Growth, and Development: South and SE Asia

  • Linking Food and Nutrition Security: Past Lessons and Future Opportunities

  • Nutrition Information Systems for Implementing Child Nutrition Programs

  • Opportunities for Investments in Nutrition in Low-Income Asia




1998I  Vol. 16 No.2  I

  • Strengthening the International Financial Architecture

  • Interpreting the Asian Financial Crisis: Open Issues in Theory and Policy

  • The Role of Institutions in Asian Development

  • Foreign Trade and Investment Policies in Developing Asia

  • Poverty in Emerging Asia: Progress, Setbacks, and Log-jams




1998I  Vol. 16 No.1  I

  • The Costs of Environment Regulation in Asia: Command & Controls vs Market-based Instruments

  • Health and Nutrition in Emerging Asia

  • Women in Emerging Asia: Welfare, Employment, and Human Development

  • Incentive Mechanisms Surrounding International Financial Institutions

  • Currency Crisis in Korea: How Was It Aggravated?




1997I  Vol. 15 No.2  I

  • India - Reform on Hold

  • People's Republic of China: Economic Performance and Prospects

  • Educational Development in Asia: Issues in Planning, Policy, and Finance

  • Competitiveness and Human Resource Development in Asia

  • Ecology, Inequality, and Poverty: The Case of Bangladesh




1997I  Vol. 15 No.1  I

  • Public Economics, Public Projects, and Their Fudning

  • Income-Environment Relationship: How Different is Asia?

  • Asia's Demographic Transition

  • Foreign Trade in the People's Republic of China: Past Performance and Future Challenges

  • Prospects of Institutional and Policy Reform in India: Toward a Model of the Development State?


Source: Asian Development Bank