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MAS Staff Papers





Staff Papers analyse issues of current interest. The opinions expressed in the paper are those of the author(s) and not of the MAS.
Paper No. 57, February 2020

Cyber Risk Surveillance: A Case Study of Singapore
Joseph GOH, Heedon KANG, Zhi Xing KOH, Jin Way LIM, Cheng Wei NG, Galen SHER, and Chris YAO

Paper No. 56, November 2019

Effects of Dark Trading on Liquidity of Singapore Equity Market
Chioh Wenn Sheng, Chua Bing Kiat, Andrew Ang, Fan Jia Rong and Brandon Sim

Paper No. 55, January 2017

Empirical Evidence on “Systemic as a Herd”: The Case of Japanese Regional Banks
Naohisa Hirakata, Yosuke Kido, and Jie Liang Thum

Paper No. 54, December 2016

Liquidity and Policy Analyses for Platform Trading of OTC Derivatives: A Perspective of Smaller Markets
Jerome Chow, Jonathan Tan, Justin Wong

Paper No. 53, Jul 2015

Medium-Term Growth in EMEAP Economies and some Implications for Monetary Policy
Choy Keen Meng, Liew Yin Sze, Priscilla Ng, Aireen Phang, Edward Robinson and Daniel Tan

Paper No. 52, April 2012

Is Board Diversity Important for Firm Performance and Board Independence? - An exploratory study of Singapore Listed Companies
Pei Sai Fan

Paper No. 51, Aug 2011

A Review of the Core Inflation Measure for Singapore
Ong Zong Yao David, Soo Cheng Ghee, Choy Keen Meng and Ng Bok Eng

Paper No. 50, Jun 2009

An Empirical Analysis of Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Singapore
Joey Chew, Sam Ouliaris and Tan Siang Meng

Paper No. 49, Dec 2008

Risks and Regulation of Islamic Banks: A Perspective from a Non-Islamic Jurisdiction
Chia Der Jiun and Wang Yining

Paper No. 48, Nov 2007

Ten Years from the Financial Crisis: Managing the Challenges Posed by Capital Flows
Khor Hoe Ee and Kit Wei Zheng

Paper No. 47, Aug 2007

Perspectives on Growth: A Political-Economy Framework
Tan Yin Ying, Alvin Eng and Edward Robinson

Paper No. 46, Jun 2007

Fertility & The Real Exchange Rate
Andrew K. Rose and Saktiandi Supaat

Paper No. 45, May 2007

A Survey of Recent Discourse on the Global Imbalances
Liew Yin Sze

Paper No. 44, Apr 2007

Checking Out: Exits from Currency Unions
Andrew K. Rose

Paper No. 43, Apr 2006

Singapore's Exchange Rate-Centered Monetary Policy Regime and Its Relevance for China
Bennett T McCallum

Paper No. 42, Dec 2005

China's Rise as a Manufacturing Powerhouse: Implications for Asia
Kit Wei Zheng, Ong Jia Wern, Kevin Kwan Tai You

Paper No. 41, Dec 2005

The Welfare Analysis of a Free Trade Zone: Intermediate Goods and the Asian Tigers
Andrew Feltenstein and Florenz Plassmann

Paper No. 40, Sep 2005

Macroeconomic Stability in Developing Countries: How Much is Enough?
Peter Montiel and Luis Serven

Paper No. 39, Jul 2005

Two Decades of Macromodelling at the MAS
Jared J Enzler, Christopher W Murphy, Ng Heng Tiong, Angela Phang and Edward Robinson

Paper No. 38, Dec 2004

Macroeconomic Determinants of Banking Financial Performance and Resilience in Singapore
Robert St. Clair

Paper No. 37, Dec 2004

Managed Floating and Intermediate Exchange Rate Systems: The Singapore Experience
Khor Hoe Ee, Edward Robinson and Jason Lee

Paper No. 36, Dec 2004

The Long-Run Real Effective Exchange Rate of Singapore: A Behavioural Approach
Ronald MacDonald

Paper No. 35, Nov 2004

Review of Literature & Empirical Research: Is Board Diversity Important for Corporate Governance and Firm Value?
Pei Sai Fan

Paper No. 34, Aug 2004

FSAP Stress Testing : Singapore's Experience
Chan Lily and Lim Phang Hong

Paper No. 33, Aug 2004

Singapore's Balance of Payments, 1965 to 2003: An Analysis
Jean Tay, Saktiandi Supaat, Shivani Tharmaratnam and Edward Robinson

Paper No. 32, Jul 2004

Case Study on Pan-Electric Crisis
Mimi Ho, Christina Aw, Ng Yew Kwong, Tang Ming Yang, Gene Wong and Mindy Han

Paper No. 31, Jun 2004

Singapore's Unique Monetary Policy: How Does It Work?
Eric Parrado

Paper No. 30, May 2004

Using Leading Indicators to Forecast the Singapore Electronics Industry
Ng Yi Ping, Tu Suh Ping, Edward Robinson and Choy Keen Meng

Paper No. 29, Mar 2004

Review of Literature & Empirical Research on Corporate Governance
Pei Sai Fan

Paper No. 28, Feb 2004

Why Has There Been Less Financial Integration In Asia Than In Europe?
Barry Eichengreen

Paper No. 27, Feb 2004

Does The WTO Make Trade More Stable?
Andrew K Rose

Paper No. 26, Jan 2004

Education For Growth: The Premium On Education And Work Experience In Singapore
Audrey Low, Sam Ouliaris, Edward Robinson and Wong Yuet Mei

Paper No. 25, Jun 2003

Investigating The Relationship between Exchange Rate Volatility and Macroeconomic Volatility In Singapore
Saktiandi Supaat, Angela Phang, Ng Heng Tiong and Edward Robinson

Paper No. 24, Sep 2002

Do We Really Know That The WTO Increases Trade?
Andrew K Rose

Paper No. 23, Sep 2002

Assessing Singapore's Export Competitiveness Through Dynamic Shift-Share Analysis
Ting Su Chern, Tu Suh Ping, Edward Robinson, Peter Wilson and Ho Shih Chuan

Paper No. 22, Aug 2002

The Effect of Common Currencies on International Trade: Where Do We Stand?
Andrew K Rose

Paper No. 21, Dec 2000

Kicking the Habit and Turning Over A New Leaf: Monetary Policy in East Asia After the Currency Crisis

Paper No. 20, May 2000

Financial Market Integration in Singapore: The Narrow and the Broad Views

Paper No. 19, Feb 2000

Exchange Rate Policy in East Asia After The Fall: How Much Have Things Changed?

Paper No. 18, Jan 2000

A Survey of Singapore's Monetary History

Paper No. 17, Nov 1999

Extracting Market Expectations of Future Interest Rates from the Yield Curve: An Application Using Singapore Interbank and Interest Rate Swap Data

Paper No. 16, Sep 1999

Interbank Interest Rate Determination in Singapore and its Linkages to Deposit and Prime Rates

Paper No. 15, Jul 1999

Money, Interest Rates And Income In The Singapore Economy

Paper No. 14, Jun 1999

The Petrochemical Industry in Singapore

Paper No. 13, May 1999

How Well Did The Forward Market Anticipate The Asian Currency Crisis: The Case Of Four ASEAN Currencies

Paper No. 12, May 1999

The Term Structure Of Interest Rates, Inflationary Expectations And Economic Activity: Some Recent US Evidence

Paper No. 11, Mar 1999

Capital Account and Exchange Rate Management in a Surplus Economy: The Case of Singapore

Paper No. 10, Dec 1998

Measures of Core Inflation for Singapore

Paper No. 9, Oct 1998

Export Competition Among Asian NIEs, 1991-96: An Assessment

Paper No. 8, Oct 1998

The Impact of the Asian Crisis on China: An Assessment

Paper No. 7, Aug 1998

Singapore's Trade Linkages, 1992-96: Trends and Implications

Paper No. 6, May 1998

What Lies Behind Singapore's Real Exchange Rate?
An Empirical Analysis of the Purchasing Power Parity Hypothesis

Paper No. 5, May 1998

Singapore's Services Sector in Perspective: Trends and Outlook

Paper No. 4, Feb 1998

Growth in Singapore's Export Markets, 1991-96: A Shift-Share Analysis

Paper No. 3, Dec 1997

Whither the Renminbi?

Paper No. 2, Aug 1997

Quality of Employment Growth in Singapore: 1983-96

Paper No. 1, Jan 1997

Current Account Deficits in the ASEAN-3: Is There Cause for Concern?




Source: Monetary Authority of Singapore