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Shingetsu Institute







The Shingetsu Institute for the Study of Japanese-Islamic Relations was founded in 2004 in Kitakyushu, Japan. The Shingetsu Institute has missions at the global, national, and local levels. Globally, the Institute endeavors to promote international peace and understanding through education and enlightenment. Nationally, the Institute is a center of research that will chronicle and explain the history and current state of Japanís relations with Islamic peoples. Locally, the Institute provides educational services to Japanese citizens in Western Japan, as well as cultural support for Muslim residents of the region. The Shingetsu Institute produces publications both in electronic and in print formats.

The Shingetsu Electronic Journal of Japanese-Islamic Relations (SEJJIR) is a peer-reviewed academic journal published biannually in March and September of each year. A highly-qualified global editorial board of scholars has been gathered to explore this new and exciting field of studies.

The Shingetsu Electronic Journal of Japanese-Islamic Relations focuses on Japanese-Muslim relations and related topics. The topic also merits special attention in view of the increasing Japanese involvement in regions of the world with predominantly Muslim populations. The field remains understudied. The subject of Japanese-Muslim relations also encompasses transnational and international history. It enables us to understand aspects of Japanese society, politics, and culture from a different angle. The journal focuses on Japanese-Muslim relations and related topics, as well as transnational and international history.

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