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ISEAS Working Papers on Social and Cultural Issues





ISEAS Working Papers on Social and Cultural Issues

1(2005) Terence Chong, Civil Society in Singapore: Reviewing Concepts in the Literature, 2005

2(2001): Lee Hock Guan, Political Parties and the Politics of Citizenship and Ethnicity in Peninsular Malay(si)a, 1957-1968, Published in 2001

1(2001): Aris Ananta, The Impact of Migration Status on Household Financial Resilience During the Indonesian Crisis: A Case Study, 2001

1(2000): Lee Hock Guan, Ethnic Relations in Peninsular Malaysia: The Cultural and Economic Dimensions, 2000

1(1999): JoAnn Aviel, Social and Environmental NGOs in ASEAN, August 1999

2(1998): M. Thien Do, Charity and Charisma: The Dual Path of the Tinh Dô Cu Si, a Popular Buddhist Group in Southern Vietnam, September 1998

1(1998): Patricia Lim, Myth and Reality: Researching the Huang Genealogies, June 1998

1(1996): Federico V. Magdalena, Ethnicity, Identity and Conflict: The Case of the Philippine Moros, April 1996

Source: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore