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ISEAS Working Papers on Int'l Politics and Security Issues





ISEAS Working Papers on International Politics and Security Issues

2(2011) Bernhard Platzdasch, Religious Freedom In Indonesia: The Case of the Ahmadiyah, 2011

1(2011) Amitav Acharya, Asia Is Not One: Regionalism and the Ideas of Asia, 2011

1(2004): Graham Gerard Ong, 'Ships Can Be Dangerous Too': Coupling Piracy and Maritime Terrorism in Southeast Asia's Maritime Security Framework, 2004

1(2003): Sheng Lijun, China-ASEAN Fee Trade Area: Origins, Developments and Strategic Motivations, 2003

3(2001): Derek da Cunha, Renewed Military Buildups Post-Asian Crisis: The Effect on Two Key Southeast Asian Bilateral Military Balances, 2001

2(2001): Sheng Lijun, One Year of the Chen Shui-Bian Government: Ice Across the Taiwan Strait, 2001

1(2001): Anthony L. Smith, Indonesia: One State, Many States, Chaotic State? 2001

4(1999): Derek da Cunha, Southeast Asia’s Security Dynamics: A Multiplicity of Approaches Amidst Changing Geopolitical Circumstances, July 1999

3(1999): Jürgen Haacke, ‘Flexible Engagement’: On the Significance, Origins and Prospects of a Spurned Policy Proposal, February 1999

2(1999): Sheng Li Jun, China and the United States as Strategic Partners into the Next Century, February 1999

1(1999): Sorpong Peou, The ASEAN Regional Forum and Post-Cold War IR Theories: A Case for Constructive Realism?, January 1999

1(1997): Simon J. Hay, ASEAN’s Regional Security Dialogue Process: From Expectation to Reality?, March 1997

1(1996): Derek da Cunha, The Need for Weapons Upgrading in Southeast Asia: Present and Future, March 1996

Source: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore