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IPS Working Papers





The IPS Working Papers series is published in-house by the Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore (IPS) for early dissemination of work in progress at the Institute.  This may be research carried out by IPS researchers, work commissioned by the Institute or work submitted to the Institute for publication.
Ref. No. Title
40 The Covid-19 Pandemic in Singapore, One Year On: Population Attitudes And Sentiments, April 2021
39 Towards a Unified Framework for Digital Literacy in Singapore, April 2021
38 Public Debt and Intergenerational Equity in Singapore, February 2021
37 Faultlines in Singapore: Public Opinion on their Realities, Management & Consequences, October 2019
36 Survey on the Perceptions of Singapore's Built Heritage and Landmarks, August 2019
35 IPS-OnePeople.Sg Indicators of Racial and Religious Harmony: Comparing Results from 2018 and 2013, July 2019
34 Religion, Morality and Conservatism in Singapore, May 2019
33 Religion in Singapore: The Private and Public Spheres, March 2019
32 Fiscal Management of Reserves in Singapore: An Intergenerational Equity Perspective, September 2018
31 Fake News, False Information and More: Countering Human Biases, September 2018
30 Community Relations Amidst the Threat of Terror, September 2018
29 Makan Index 2017: An Indicator for Cost of Eating Out in Singapore, May 2018
Goh Zhang Hao, Leong Chan Hoong and Varian Lim Aik Meng
28 CNA-IPS Survey on Ethnic Identity in Singapore, November 2017
Mathew Mathews, Leonard Lim, S. Shanthini and Nicole Cheung
27 Parents' Perceptions of the Singapore Primary School System, July 2017
Mathew Mathews, Leonard Lim and Teng Siao See
26 Decoding the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE), May 2017
Tan Tai Loong Alex and Chew Si Jun Petrina
25 SG50 and Beyond: Protecting the Public Space in the New Era of Singaporean Pluralism, August 2016
Johannis Bin Abdul, Gillian Koh, Mathew Mathews and Tan Min-Wei
24 The Investment Risks In Singapore’s Retirement Financing System, December 2014
Christopher Gee, Peter Ryan-Kane, Mark Whatley, Will Rainey
23 The Politics of Sustaining Inclusive Growth and Social Inclusion, October 2014
Valerie Koh, Gillian Koh, Donald Low, Tan Min-Wei
22 Results From The Perception and Attitudes Towards Ageing and Seniors Survey (2013/2014), October 2014
Mathew Mathews, Paulin Tay Straughan
21 Religiosity and the Management of Religious Harmony: Responses From the IPS Survey on Race, Religion and Language, June 2014
Mathew Mathews, Mohammad Khamsya Bin Khidzer and Teo Kay Key
20 The Educational 'Arms Race': All For One, Loss For All, September 2012
Christopher Gee
19 A Study on Emigration Attitudes of Young Singaporeans (2010), March 2011
Leong Chan-Hoong and Debbie Soon
18 Singapore Information Sector: A Study Using Input-Output Tables, September 2010
Toh Mun Heng and Shandre M Thangavelu
17 Singapore: The Art Of Building A Global City, January 2007
Sanjeev Sanyal
16 Exchange Rate Arrangements For East Asia Post-Crisis: Examining The Case For Open Economy Inflation Targeting, November 2003
Tony Cavoli and Ramkishen Rajan
15 Examining The Case For Reserve Pooling In East Asia: Empirical Analysis, November 2003
Ramkishen Rajan, Reza Siregar and Graham Bird
14 Implications of The Economic Rise of The PRC For Asean and India: Trade and Foreign Direct Investment, November 2003
Sadhana Srivastava and Ramkishen Rajan
13 The Japan-Singapore "New Age" Economic Partnership Agreement: Background, Motivation And Implications, April 2002
Ramkishen S. Rajan and Rahul Sen
12 Choice Of Exchange Rate Regime: Currency Board (Hong Kong) Or Monitoring Band (Singapore)? March 2002
Ramkishen S. Rajan and Reza Siregar
11 Hong Kong, Singapore And The East Asian Crisis: A First Look At The Importance Of Trade Spillovers, December 2001
Ramkishen S. Rajan and Rahul Sen
10 b The Evolution of Singapore Business: A Case Study Approach, Volume 2, October 2001
Anisha Sabhlok
10 a The Evolution of Singapore Business: A Case Study Approach, Volume 1, October 2001
Anisha Sabhlok
9 Social Capital and State-Civil Society Relations in Singapore, September 2001
Tan Tay Keong
8 Regional Responses To The Southeast Asian Economic Crisis: A Case Of Self-Help Or No Help? June 1999
Chang Li Lin and Ramkishen S. Rajan
7 Sand in the Wheels of International Finance: Revisiting the Debate in Light of the East Asian Mayhem, April 1999
Ramkishen Rajan
6 The Economics of the European Monetary Union and some Implications for Asia, December 1998
Ramkishen Rajan
5 Survey Of State-Society Relations Social Indicators Research Project Executive Summary Report, October 1998
Ooi Giok-Ling, Tan Ern-Ser and Gillian Koh
4 European Views on Asia and Europe-Asian Relations, August 1998
Venil Ramaiah
3 Restraints on Capital Flows: What are They? September 1998
Ramkishen Rajan
2 The Japanese Economy and Economic Policy in Light of the East Asian Financial Crisis, August 1998
Ramkishen Rajan
1 The Currency and Financial Crisis in Southeast Asia: A Case of 'Sudden Death' or Death Foretold'? August 1998
Ramkishen Rajan

Source: Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore