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About The Graduate Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies







The Graduate Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies is based at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. It draws its Advisory Board members from faculty at the New Zealand and international universities.

GJAPS is a peer-reviewed electronic journal that showcases the original work of graduate students. Taking advantage of online publishing, GJAPS aims to be at once dynamic, interdisciplinary and innovative. GJAPS will publish thought-provoking interdisciplinary articles, reviews, commentary and visual works that engage critical issues, themes and debates related to the Asia-Pacific region and its peoples.

GJAPS is published twice a year, with each volume organised around a theme that reflects the journal's interdisciplinary approach and that provides a critical focus for the featured articles and reviews. Proposed themes for upcoming volumes may be consulted in the Call for Papers page, although contributions on other topics will also be considered. GJAPS welcomes the submission of articles and reviews from a wide range of disciplines. These include, but are not restricted to: anthropology, art history, cultural studies, diasporic studies, film and media, gender studies, geography, history, linguistics, literature, political studies, popular culture, psychology, queer theory and sociology. For the purposes of the journal, the region is broadly defined to include East, South-East, and Northeast Asia, Australasia, the Pacific Islands and the American West Coast.

Along with scholarly articles, the journal also feature’s visual texts and a review section which, in addition to coverage of new scholarship in books and journals, also engages with popular culture forms such as film, websites and manga. The electronic format predisposes interactivity, and GJAPS welcomes contributions that use the medium's potential in innovative ways. Similarly, the commentary section is designed as an interactive forum where readers are invited to comment on featured articles and reviews.

For further information, please visit the GJAPS website.