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About The Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies






The Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies (EJCJS) is an academic, double-blind peer reviewed e-journal in the social sciences that publishes research and scholarly writing on all issues related to contemporary Japan. The extensive Editorial Board is composed of scholars from major universities and institutions in Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia.

The journal adopts a multi-disciplinary stance in the hope that it will contribute to a deeper understanding of Japan and Japanese people and that it will, consequently, enrich our understanding of the totality of human experience. Papers are offered in all areas of academic endeavour that have contemporary Japan as their focus but that also relate Japan to broader developments elsewhere.

EJCJS publishes other works as well that are in Asia-Studies Full-text:

Peer-reviewed Articles: These are full length journal articles on contemporary Japanese society, economy, politics and culture. These have been reviewed and passed for publication by at least two anonymous expert scholars.

Book Reviews of academic and non-fiction books on contemporary Japan. These are not peer reviewed.

Japanese Films and Documentary Reviews are also not peer reviewed.

Discussion Papers is a forum for contributors to air ideas and work in progress, and to engage in scholarly dialogue with readers. Papers posted here have not been subject to blind peer review.

Groups of Papers that were originally oral presentations at academic conferences and seminars. These are not peer reviewed.

EJCJS is updated on a rolling basis. Contributions are posted as they are received, reviewed, and edited. Asia-Studies carries all the above series back to when the journal was begun in 2001.

For further information, please visit the Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies website.