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About China Media Research







(ISSN 1556-889X)


China Media Research (CMR) is an official joint publication of the American Chinese Media Research Association and Communication Studies Institute of Zhejiang University. The journal seeks to provide a platform for Chinese media research, as well as to serve as a bridge between media research done in China and in other parts of the global community. In reciprocal fashion, the journal seeks to acquaint scholars within China with media research done outside of China.

This is a peer reviewed journal with an editorial board of senior scholars from major universities in China, Great Britain, Hong Kong, and The United States. Zhejiang University is one of the large key research universities in China.

China Media Research is the first international English-language journal in its field. The journal includes papers directly related to all the fields of Chinese media research as well as also thoughtful, pioneering media research papers from any sectors of the world, useful for media scholars within China. The journal includes articles, book reviews, news items, letters, interviews, and other works containing information or commentary on matters relevant to the journalís mission.

For further information, please visit the CMR website.