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About The American Chamber of Commerce PRC








The American Chamber of Commerce in the People's Republic of China (AmCham-China) represents U.S. companies and individuals doing business in China. AmCham-China's membership comprises more than 2,100 individuals from more than 900 companies. It has 35 industry- and issue-specific forums and committees, offers unique services such as the Business Visa Program, holds a wide range of networking and informational events, and meets with US and Chinese officials to discuss challenges facing US firms doing business in China.

AmCham-China’s mission is to provide a forum for Americans engaged in business in China and to work with Chinese and U.S. government authorities to help foster constructive commercial relations between the two countries. Publishing is an important part of this mission, and the Chamber has an extensive publishing program. They publish briefings on regulatory changes, business conditions, news events, coverage of AmCham-China forums, and a China Bulletin, a magazine.

The Chamber also produces occasional analytical policy papers on topical issues as well as two important annual series. The first annual series is the White Paper on American Business in China. This includes industry-by-industry analysis, as well as general analysis of markets, trade, regulatory issues, and business conditions. Second is the Business Climate Survey of member’s businesses, published in cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce – Shanghai. The Survey utilizes seven years of annual AmCham-China member survey data to shed light on medium-term business trends that have emerged in China. Both annual series are based on extensive research, and are the basis for briefings and working meetings with U.S. and China officials, and are heavily referred to in the media.

For further information, please visit the AmCham-China website.