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  Virginia Review of Asian Studies    


Virginia Review of Asian Studies 2019

Japanese History

Vietnam War

Contemporary Chinese Affairs and History

North Korean Affairs

India and Pakistan Commentary

Unpublished Essays by Margaret Mead from the 1960s

Book Review Essay

Book Reviews

  • Rebecca Suter, Holy Ghosts: The Christian Century in Modern Japanese Fiction

    James L. Huffman, Down and Out in Late Meiji Japan
    Levi McLaughlin, Soka Gakkai’s Human Revolution: The Rise of a Mimetic Nation in Modern Japan

    Elaine Zorbas, Banished & Embraced: The Chinese in Fiddletown and the Mother Lode

    Kazuo Yagami, The US-Japan Relation in Culture and Diplomacy: Japanese Perspective. Reviewed by Sofiia Shutko