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  Virginia Review of Asian Studies    


Virginia Review of Asian Studies 2009

      The New India

      A New Iraq

      Asia in American History

      Japanese Politics and History

      Indian Traditions

      Asian Sex Slavery

      Chinese-Japanese Language

      Contemporary China

      From The Editors Desk

  • Short essays on Asian Affairs by Daniel A. Métraux

  • The Powerful Beauty of Jack London's "Beauty Ranch" with Commentary on the Author's Writing on Asia

  • Visiting Angel Island's Sad Immigration Station

  • The Critical Role of the Chinese-American Relationship

  • Henry Adams' 1886 Sojourn to Japan in Search of Nirvana

  • Asia: The New Powerhouse of Baseball


      Book Reviews

  • Richard J. Samuels, Securing Japan: Tokyo's Grand Strategy and the Future of East Asia
    Reviewed by Daniel A. Métraux Takeshi Matsuda' Soft Power and Its Perils: U.S. Cultural Policy in Early Postwar Japan and Permanent Dependency
    Reviewed by Daniel A. Métraux Madeleine Yue Dong. _Republican Beijing: The City and its Histories
    Reviewed By: Yuxin Ma Perry Garfinkel, Buddha or Bust: In Search of Truth, Meaning Happiness and the Man Who Found Them All
    Reviewed by Rachel Evans Miche Hockx. Questions of Style: Literary Societies and Literary Journals in Modern China, 1911-1937.
    Reviewed by Yuxin Ma J. Charles Schencking, Making Waves: Politics, Propaganda, and the Emergence of the Japanese Navy 1868-1922.
    Reviewed by Daniel A. Métraux