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  Virginia Review of Asian Studies    


Virginia Review of Asian Studies 2007

      China Today

      Korean History

      Religion and Politics

      Ramifications of the Pacific War

      Women and Islam

      Philippines and the Environment

      Art and National Language and Literature

      Scholarly Notes

      Book Reviews

  • Margaret MacMillan, Nixon and Mao: The Week that Changed the World.

  • James Kynge, China Shakes the World: A Titan's Rise and Troubled Future and the Challenge for America.

  • Yuji Ichioka, Before Internment: Essays in Prewar Japanese American History.

  • Xiaolu, Village of Stone.

  • Diana L. Ahmad, The Opium Debate and Chinese Exclusion Laws in the Nineteenth-Century American West.

  • Peter Pagnamento and Momoko Williams, Sword and Blossom: A British Officer's Enduring Love for a Japanese Woman.

  • Fred Bergsten, Bates Gill, Nicholas R. Lardy, and Derek J. Mitchell, China, the Balance Sheet: What the World Needs to Know About the Emerging Superpower.

  • Edward Friedman and Bruce Gilley, eds., Asia's Giants: Comparing China and India