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  Virginia Review of Asian Studies    


Virginia Review of Asian Studies 2004

      Contemporary China

      Politics and Religion in South and Southeast Asia

      Essay on Buddhism and Buddhist History

      The Middle East, Islam and Judaism

      Book Reviews

  • John Nathan, Japan Unbound: A Volatile Nation's Quest for Pride and Purpose.

  • Andrew Marshall, The Trouser People: A Story of Burma in the Shadow of the Empire.

  • James L. Huffman, A Yankee in Meiji Japan: The Crusading Journalist Edward H. House.

  • Takkatho Nay Win, Biographical Sketches of General Aung San.


Special Issue of The Virginia Review Of Asian Studies 2004: Burma's Modern Tragedy

      History: The Evolution of Military Rule

      Buddhism and Politics

      Politics and the Economy

      Foreign Affairs

      Educating Young Burmese for the Nation's Future

      Book Reviews

  • Christina Fink: Living Silence & Shelby Tucker: Burma: The Curse of Independence

  • Aung Sang Suu Kyi: Aung San of Burma: A Biographical Portrait by his Daughter & Win Naing Oo, Hidden Records of Atrocities in Burma's Prisons